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Oct. 23, 2012

Does Creative Commons work for you?
Norton Rose Public Law Report
The Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department has released the Australian Government Intellectual Property Law Manual, which acts as a guide for government agencies in their management of intellectual property assets. Of particular interest is a renewed focus on the use of the Creative Commons system of licensing. More

Computer software exclusion barred coverage for wrongful death claim arising out of failure to update GPS software
Wiley Rein LLP
Applying Florida law, a federal district court has held that a policy's "computer software exclusion" applied to bar coverage for a lawsuit alleging bodily injury as a result of the insured's purported failure to update its global positioning systems. Md. Cas. Co. v . Smartcop, Inc., 2012 WL 4344571 (S.D. Fla. Sept. 21, 2012).More

New privacy law created in New Zealand
Baldwin Son & Carey
The recent High Court decision in C v Holland [2012] NZHC 2155 (24 August 2012) has created a new law in New Zealand protecting individuals against an invasion of solitude or seclusion. In 2005, the Court of Appeal affirmed that there is a breach of privacy where the publication of private facts would be considered highly offensive (Hosking v Runting [2005] 1 NZLR 1 (CA)). More

The new cartographers: OpenStreetMap's world takeover
TPM Idea Lab
OpenStreetMap, a free crowdsourced online world map started eight years ago, has seen its ranks swell to over 800,000 volunteer mapmakers around the world — 300,000 in the last year alone — rapidly becoming the go-to source of map data for successful tech brands including Apple, Foursquare and Wikipedia, as well as for government agencies like the National Parks Service, all of whom are wary of Google's decision to begin charging for heavy use of its Maps API starting in January 2012. More

National geologic map database gets a face lift
Sensors & Systems
The U.S. Geological Survey and the Association of American State Geologists partner to launch a redesigned database of standardized geoscience information, the National Geologic Map Database. In concert with the inaugural, multi-agency Geologic Map Day, the USGS and AASG are pleased to release a significantly updated infrastructure and a new "look" to the NGMDB. More

Esri's Geoloqi acquisition: Why?
Directions Magazine
AudioBrief Last week, Esri announced at its European User Conference that it had acquired LBS firm Geoloqi. Directions Magazine's editors look at why Esri might be interested in the firm and the new market areas it might open.More

Indoor location tests ahead, mapping under scrutiny
GPS World
October was a month of shows, rumors and announcements. Testing of competing indoor location positioning technologies is being planned by the FCC; prospects for some companies will ride on the public results. Apple may be turning to TomTom to save it from its mapping inaccuracy issues, dubbed Mapplegate. This month's CTIA show was flat; attendees were wondering if it was the last chapter of the fall show. More

The smartphone is revolutionizing our world
From Todd Danielson: A news release that "crossed my desk" caught my attention. It announced that global smartphone usage topped 1 billion users for the first time ever. Not surprisingly, iPhones and Android-platform smartphones are the market leaders. The effect of the smartphone on the world can't be overstated. It has changed so many things in so many ways. More

Smart grid VC funding inches up (and reveals home energy trend)
Smart Grid News
We've told you about the slow, gradual uptick in the home energy management market in recent stories about OG&E's successful smart grid program, why Reliant Energy is piloting in-home displays and why Tendril may be positioned for growth. Now a report from Mercom Capital reveals one trend — an increase in VC investments into smart grid — that also shows another. More

GNSS augmentations
Inside GNSS
Contrary to a widely held public impression, the elimination of GPS Selective Availability in 2000 did not take care of the needs that many users have for enhanced GNSS capabilities. Indeed, various "augmentations" have been developed to meet the requirements of some applications for better accuracy, availability, or integrity (the assurance of the quality of a signal) than are available from GNSS signals in space. More

Improving your web SEO and Twitter reach with hashtags
GIS User
Hashtags are a quick, convenient, and useful way to make your important keywords stand out. Made popular by Twitter as a way of search enabling and categorizing your short posts, hashtags are much more useful than you might think. Delimiting a tweet with a couple of hashtags can greatly improve your visibility and findability, and there are also many other ways to use a hashtag that you may not consider.More

GeoEye CEO sees entrepreneurship as his next act
Upstart Business Journal
Just as Northern Virginia loses one headquarters, it could gain another if Matt O'Connell has his way. The chief executive of Herndon, Va.-based GeoEye, Inc. plans to kick off a new technology venture in the region as soon as his company sells to a core competitor. O'Connell won't be able to do anything in satellite mapping after Longmont, Colo.-based DigitalGlobe, Inc. closes on its $900 million purchase of GeoEye during the first part of 2013.More