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Oct. 28, 2014

GITA launches fall membership drive!
Greetings! As the current Chair of GITA's Membership Services Committee, I am honored to announce the start of GITA's fall membership drive. In recognition that professionals in our discipline will require command of an ever increasing body of knowledge as the future unfolds, GITA is moving decisively to deliver on that need. Consequently, our fall campaign is titled: "The Geospatial Association for YOUR Future."More

GAO upholds geospatial intelligence award to Harris
Space News
The U.S. Government Accountability Office has rejected a protest by Boeing Intelligence Systems Group of Springfield, Virginia, of an approximately $160 million contract awarded to Harris Corp. to help develop one of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's top priorities. NGA has been developing what it calls the "Map of the World," an integrated collection of data, including geospatial data, from sources throughout the intelligence community. More

Data mashups can help answer the world's biggest questions
Directions Magazine
As the world wakes up to the power of data, we need to start working out how to join up all this information. We need to turn it into meaningful findings that will help us to make changes to the way we live. A new technique is emerging as part of this quest — the data mashup. This approach to linking data could help us shed light on phenomena such as the health impacts of climate change. More

HERE maps for Android (beta)
GIS User
From HERE ... HERE offers fast, accurate maps that are always ready to use, with or without an internet connection. Search for places, find routes and get turn-by-turn voice guidance wherever you are. Underground, on holiday, or even in the middle of nowhere: HERE just works, always.More

New home (or not) for Galileo in European Commission
Inside GNSS
The European Parliament voted to accept President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker's "last-chance" leadership for the European Commission. But the 11th-hour reshuffling of posts appears to leave Galileo without a clear-cut leader, at least at the political level. The Commission operates as a cabinet government, with 28 commissioners, one per EU country. More

NGA supports Ebola relief efforts, provides data to public
Directions Magazine
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency made available Oct. 23 a public-facing website to assist U.S. and international relief efforts to combat the spread of the Ebola virus disease, providing unprecedented online access to its unclassified geospatial intelligence in support of lead federal agencies and partners. More

FOSS4G PDX Conference: Geospatial technological innovation and diversity are thriving
Directions Magazine
The Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference came to Portland, Oregon, from Sept. 9-12. For me, this conference serves as a bellwether for the overall health of technological diversity in the geospatial industry. As an industry with an extremely strong No. 1, it can be difficult to ascertain how well numbers 2, 3 and 4 may be doing. More

Southeast Asia to be the next hot spot for smart grid investment
Smart Grid News
Over the next 10 years, emerging nations will account for $13.6 billion in smart grid infrastructure investment as they roll out massive electric grid modernization programs to meet growing demand. "Smart grid investment over the next decade will shift from North America and Europe to emerging market nations," said Ben Gardner, Northeast Group president.More