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Oct. 30, 2012

Advertisers launch $1 million campaign to combat privacy concerns
The Hill (blog)
An online advertising trade group has launched a campaign to fight back against accusations its tactics invade consumers' privacy. The Direct Marketing Association announced the campaign, the Data-Driven Marketing Institute, at its annual conference in Las Vegas. DMA Acting CEO Linda Woolley said the program will "set the record straight about the countless ways that data-driven marketing creates value for consumers — and is an engine of economic growth."More

Who owns wiki content?
Vogel IT Law Blog
Virtually all Internet users rely on some wiki since they are so prevalent, but did you ever wonder who owns the content? As a matter of fact, as of October 2012, Wikipedia claims to have 23 million articles contributed by individuals around the world in 285 languages, and an "estimated 2.7 billion monthly page views in the U.S. alone."More

Should I replace my GPS with my cell phone?
U.S. EPA (blog)
From Casey J. McLaughlin: Walking around Washington D.C. recently, I thought to myself, this is just like walking in the woods! No really, I made the connection because I was trying to use GPS navigation and not having great luck (it could be my service, but I am also illustrating a point). Cities and forests contain tall objects that obscure those magical satellites. Now my phone IS smart and does not rely solely on GPS satellites but also calculates my location using cell towers and Wi-Fi base stations.More

Why Sandy makes the smart grid more important than ever
Smart Grid News
It would be unfair to send utility workers out in the storm without raingear and tools. It is increasingly unfair to send them out without the protection and assistance of automation. Here are five examples of ways that utilities are getting more resilient through the application of smart grid technologies. More

LightSquared hires former senator to lobby for network
The Hill (blog)
Former Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., is lobbying for wireless venture LightSquared, according to disclosure forms. Coleman, who narrowly lost his 2008 bid for reelection against Democrat Al Franken, now works as a lobbyist at the firm Hogan Lovells. According to the disclosure forms, Coleman will lobby to "expand access to broadband technology by supporting efforts of LightSquared."More

Google has a strong start on the indoor location frontier
Sensors & Systems
Google has been very busy mapping the world for the past decade, which is something that has become more apparent every time they add a new Google Maps feature. Chief among the latest advancements is their effort to map interiors as well as to facilitate indoor navigation once you're inside. Informed Infrastructure editor Matt Ball spoke with Ed Parsons, geographer in residence at Google, about the technologies the company has deployed as well as the overall promise of the indoor location market.More

GIS web mapping enables self service — and savings
Directions Magazine
Local governments have been quite successful in capitalizing on the applications of geospatial technology to improve citizen services and recognize savings, and businesses across industries can benefit from following their lead. This article is a quick look at how web mapping is helping government improve communications and services. More

Apple awarded patent rights for original iOS Maps app GUI
Apple Insider
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent for the graphical user interface used in all versions of the iOS Maps app since the software was first introduced in iPhone OS 2.0 and the iPhone 3G in 2008. Apple's U.S. Patent No. 8,302,033 for a "Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for providing maps, directions, and location-based information," which described the backbone UI for the Maps app that continues to be used in the latest iOS 6. More

Open-source web GIS development leads to new paths
Open-source software and the Internet go together "like bread and butter" might be true in the private world, but in public agencies, proprietary software is the dominant player. Web GISs in most public agencies, if they exist, typically are built on the backbone of enterprise database management systems such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority developed a Web GIS based on a PostgreSQL open-source relational DBMS as the backend. More

Interactive map offers illustration of college-readiness disparities
Gotham Schools
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Annenberg Institute for School Reform is betting that an interactive map is worth about 5,000. The institute released a 10-page report arguing that demography is still destiny for New York City schoolchildren, at least in terms of whether they are prepared for college. Accompanying the report is a new data tool that lets users handicap students' chances of graduating from high school ready for college by neighborhood. More