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Dec. 2, 2014

What defense agencies can do with 'big geospatial data'
Defense Systems
In the era of "big data," geospatial data is a major contributor to the rapidly growing information stockpile. The United Nations initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management estimates that of the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated every day, "a significant amount" is location-aware.More

Funding at risk as work on UAV standards falls behind
Inside GNSS
Efforts to set aviation standards for larger unmanned aerial vehicles have fallen behind schedule, threatening essential funding for related tests and possibly complicating an Air Force program that needs the standards to make technology choices. The schedule is slipping because initial estimates of the work involved in setting the standards for detect-and-avoid technology did not fully capture the complexity and extent of the effort necessary. More

'Tis the season ... to cut energy efficiency programs?
Smart Grid News
Florida's Public Service Commission rolled back state energy efficiency programs by over 90 percent last week, agreeing to proposals from Florida Power & Light, Tampa Electric and Duke Energy Florida. Regulators also voted to stop the state's solar rebate program by the end of next year. The utilities had argued that both programs were not cost-effective because it is less expensive for them to produce electricity than it is to conserve it.More

The value of time-stamped and real-time geodata
Directions Magazine
Our look at the temporal aspects of spatial and location data raise some questions: How do we visualize them? Do we need quick turnaround high definition video from space or is it a solution in search of a problem? What is PlanetIQ's business model for its weather and climate data?More

QGIS compared: GIS analysis
Directions Magazine
As mentioned in my other posts on visualization, cartography, QGIS is easy-to-install,integrates with OpenGeo Suite, and has reliable support offerings, making it a viable alternative to proprietary desktop GIS software such as Esri ArcGIS for Desktop. I showed that it works very well for visualizing most formats of spatial data and creating beautiful maps, but how well does it perform GIS analysis?More

GLONASS-K1 satellite launched Nov. 30
GPS World
The second of two GLONASS-K1 satellites was launched from the snowy Plesetsk Cosmodrome on Nov. 30 at 21:52 UTC. It joins the first GLONASS-K1 satellite launched on Feb. 26, 2011. According to the Roscosmos Information-Analytical Centre, the satellite, with serial number 12, is to be known by its in-orbit name of GLONASS 702. It is destined for orbital slot 9 in Plane 2.More

Directions 2015: BeiDou belongs to China, and to the world
GPS World
By adhering to the principles of independence, openness, compatibility, and gradualness, China is steadily accelerating the construction and development of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. The BeiDou System already provides continuous and reliable Full Operational Services to most parts of the Asia-Pacific region. Its positioning, navigation, and timing performance keeps improving, while the deployment for a global constellation is also making progress. More

Australia and New Zealand 2014 Spatial Salary Survey
Spatial Source via Directions Magazine
The 2014 Spatial Salary Survey [27 page pdf] was conducted online during July and August 2014 by SIBA on behalf of the Spatial Industry Statistics Program participants. A total of 1489 valid responses were included in this analysis. This is the third year the survey has been conducted. More