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Dec. 17, 2013

Please join GITA's annual business meeting Wednesday, Dec. 18, 4 p.m. CST
GITA's Annual Business Meeting of the Association will be conducted online. Use this link to save to calendar and participate. Open to all members of the Association.More

Join GITA's upcoming FREE webinar Dec. 19
Join the GITA's next webinar "Well Status and Classification" Thursday, Dec. 19 at 1 p.m. Central Time featuring Trudy Curtis, CEO, PPDM Association. More InformationMore

EnerGIS 2013 presentations online
View presentations from the GITA's highly sucessful EnerGIS event. Presentations are available through GITA's YouTube page.More

Russians consider IGS as Congress moves to limit GLONASS, foreign GNSS monitoring stations on U.S. soil
Inside GNSS
Lawmakers are poised to sharply limit the ability of foreign nations to own or control satellite system monitoring stations on U.S. territory, a rare show of congressional cooperation triggered by a Russian request to place stations supporting its satellite navigation system on American soil. The House and Senate have agreed on language to require the president to obtain certification from the secretary of defense and the director of national intelligence before authorizing construction in the U.S. of a GNSS monitoring station that would be controlled by a foreign government. More

The smart grid 2014 and beyond
Smart Grid News
The 2013 Chinese Year of the Snake (i.e., smart people who use others to achieve their goals) saw disappointing results from an industry smart grid strategy of convincing customers to change their behavior to mitigate inadequacies of the existing grid.More

Experts: US needs to improve science and math education
Star Gazette
The U.S. needs more scientists with expertise in satellite and geospatial imaging technology but isn't making significant progress educating high school students in basic sciences. That's the conclusion of experts who attended two separate events in Washington.More

Why utilities are terrible at GIS
Smart Grid News
By Jesse Berst: Consultant Geoff Zeiss just put out a lengthy, thoughtful blog that encapsulates the geospatial problems faced by utilities all over the world. Geoff is more polite than me, so he emphasizes the challenges without harping on the fact that most utilities are failing miserably to meet them. More

The top 10 GIS stories of 2013
Directions Magazine
Each year Executive Editor Adena Schutzberg picks out 10 events, ideas, themes, products, etc. that stood out over the preceding 12 months.More

Predictions for the geospatial marketplace 2014
Directions Magazine
AudioBriefThis week our editors score themselves on how well they did with last year's predictions in the geospatial marketplace in 2013. Then, they step up to plate and make predictions for 2014.More

10 predictions for 2014
Sensors & Systems
Much time is spent this time of year looking forward. Sensors & Systems did some reflecting on emerging issues, innovative approaches and technology trends to come up with the following predictions for 2014. On the list are platform and services advancements, policy initiatives and the continued evolution of model-based design. More

UAV challenges, pluses and minuses — and your questions
GPS World
In recent years, we've seen explosive growth in the Unmanned Air Vehicle market segment, with most on-board navigation systems relying on GNSS or GNSS with inertial aiding. As military budgets decline, interest in civilian commercial applications is growing rapidly. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration recently awarded special type certification to two UAVs for commercial Arctic operations and released a Roadmap for UAV certification. More

Foursquare on iOS gets slim with a sleek new design
GIS User
Looks like Foursquare has gotten a little leaner and meaner in order to support the sleek, slim iPhone 5 and the loyal user base of fans. Foursquare has been completely redesigned for iOS 7 and there's a lot to see. I'’s smarter, faster, and has a whole new look. Some of the new functionality includes ...More