GWA News Clippings
Jan. 4, 2012

Apple to launch new self-publishing program
Good E-Reader
Apple is going to be holding an exclusive event in New York City to possibly launch a new program for their iBooks and Publishing platform. Sources close to the matter said they intend on launching a new digital self-publishing platform to get peoples content into the iBookstore. This is a huge step forward for Apple to compete with Amazon and Barnes and Noble.More

Region I meeting deadline approaches
Early registration discounts for the Region I meeting at New England Grows ends Jan. 13. Final registration deadline ends Jan. 20. Join us for Mary-Kate Mackey's step-by-step workshop on how to move from an abstract idea to a marketable presentation. This interactive seminar includes exercises that give you a specific method and the thinking tools you need for every pitch. Bring your inspirations into focus with this three-hour workshop. More

Indies battle Amazon — by becoming publishers
Mitchell Kaplan published "Blue Christmas." More precisely, his new imprint, B&B Press, released the book. It thus represents a heartening trend in the brave new world of publishing. Rather than trimming their sails, a number of independent booksellers are taking a page from Amazon by producing titles themselves.More

GWAF awards $7,000 in student scholarship grants
The GWAF Scholarship Committee awarded $6,500 in general student grants and a $500 grant from the Kathleen Fisher Memorial Scholarship in December for the spring 2012 academic year. Look for information on grant recipients in the February Q&T.More

Books that are never done being written
The Wall Street Journal
An e-book is far different from an old-fashioned printed one. The words in the latter stay put. In the former, the words can keep changing, at the whim of the author or anyone else with access to the source file. The endless malleability of digital writing promises to overturn a whole lot of our assumptions about publishing.More

GWA Foundation Board Meeting on Jan. 10
The next meeting of the GWA Foundation Board of Directors will be Jan. 10. Any members with proposals you wish the Board to consider should contact Executive Director Bob LaGasse at

5 things we learned about publishing in 2011
O'Reilly Radar (blog)
Many of publishing's big developments from 2011 will continue to shape the industry in 2012. So with that in mind, here's a look at five of the most important lessons from last 12 months. No. 1: Amazon is, indeed, a disruptive publishing competitor.More

GWA Board to meet Jan. 21
The Garden Writers Association Board of Directors will meet Jan. 21-22. Any members with topics they wish GWA to consider should contact their National Director by Jan. 10.More

Will someone besides Amazon release the next Kindle tablet?
Amazon sold millions of Kindles this holiday season, led by the company's first-ever tablet, the Kindle Fire, leaving some analysts wondering if other Android tablets might soon be flavored with Amazon's secret sauce. After a full year of dozens of Android tablets from numerous manufacturers, none — excepting the discontinued and momentarily deeply discounted HP TouchPad — made more than the slightest dent in the iPad's dominance in the slate market.More

2012 publishing predictions
Dear Author (blog)
The following are some bold and not so bold predictions for publishing in 2012. The boldest prediction will be that Amazon will buy Goodreads in 2012. The most unlikely to happen prediction is Number 10. What are your predictions for 2012?More

Spoiler alert! What makes a great ending?
The endings of novels are, in their own way, as crucial as the endings of years, but they are much less discussed. Any bibliophile can rattle off at least a handful of famous first lines ("It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ... ;" "It is a truth universally acknowledged ... ;" "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen," and so on), but ask someone to quote a memorable closer and the task is much tougher.More

Hachette reports a 'blockbuster' Christmas for e-book sales
The Book Seller
Hachette has reported a "blockbuster Christmas for e-books," selling more than 100,000 e-books in the U.K. on Christmas Day, and "many more" in international markets. The figure echoes that of HarperCollins, which reported selling more than 100,000 e-books in the U.K. as well as international territories such as Australia and New Zealand.More

Mapping giant reed infestations along Texas-Mexico portion of Rio Grande
Weed Science Society of America
Giant reed is an invasive weed throughout the southern half of the United States, with the densest stands growing along the coastal rivers of southern California and the Rio Grande in Texas. The objective of this study was to use aerial photography to map giant reed infestations and to estimate infested areas along the Texas–Mexico portion of the Rio Grande.More

Planting pride, promoting prosperity
Green Profit
For 10 years, independent garden retailers have been revitalizing their markets by planting America in Bloom in their towns. Sandi McDonald, owner of Hillermann Nursery & Florist, had been thinking about this national beautification program for five years, but needed the right champion in local government to get Washington, Mo., involved. More