GWA News Clippings
Feb. 5, 2015

How to find details that make a powerful story
By Butch Ward: I was 11 years old on the November Friday when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Does anyone else remember what Jackie Kennedy was wearing that day? A pink suit. Not an important detail at first glance, except that this designer suit bore the bloodstains left behind after the wounded president collapsed into his wife's lap.More

Feb. 6: Early registration for YGP in Portland, Oregon, ends
Join Region VI when they link up with like-minded groups in the horticulture industry and create the chance for better communication between the groups and more opportunities to promote the entire industry, fulfilling a desire by the GWA Board. Early registration ends Feb. 6.More

Feb. 13: GWA Honors nominations due
Members can recognize the achievements of their peers with a 2015 Honors nomination. To honor individuals who have made a significant contribution to the GWA objectives, please complete an official nomination form.More

Feb. 18: GWA Connect event in Ontario
Garden Writer Get-Together at Barbara Phillips-Conroy's place on Feb. 18 from noon–2:30 p.m. "It's too darn cold! Let's do a Soup & Sandwich Lunch Connection."More

March 2: GWA regional meeting in Toronto
It's nearly time for the annual regional meeting at Canada Blooms. The registration deadline is March 2 ... but this meeting always fills up quickly, so don't delay.More

March 14: GWA regional meeting at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show
The roots of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show can be traced back to 1847! The Show, held each March at Chicago's Navy Pier (March 14-22, 2015), is an experience for the senses, invoking memories of spring after a typically long, cold Chicago winter. Join Region III as they enjoy the inspiring featured gardens; roses are back for the first time in more than 10 years! In Chicago! In March! They will be stunning. Early registration ends Feb. 13.More

Member announcement: For sale:
Domain used by a writer for garden centers and began to switch it to a site of writing about garden centers. Would like to sell it to someone who can use it effectively. More

Do free books give away authors' value?
Thought Catalog
For those following the industry! the industry! in its digital melodrama, tossing books to the crowd free is not new. But the question of whether today's plethora of free offers may devalue books and/or authors in readers' minds is not going away as easily as some folks wish it would.More

Bring the bees: How to draw those essential pollinators to your garden
Columbus Monthly
When you pull into the gravel drive at Latshaw Apiaries in Alexandria, Ohio, the first thing you see is an attractive farmhouse and a modest storage building. The property's surrounded by a large expanse of natural grasses with crimson and white clover and plenty of trees off in the distance. It's a perfect place for bees. More

How to win sales and influence algorithms
Let's Get Digital
Traditionally published authors may have to compete with each other in ways that may not be relevant/important to self-publishers — like agents, deals, grants, prizes, or co-op. But self-publishers have nothing to fear from cooperating with authors they are nominally competing with, and everything to gain.More

Is this sky garden the workplace of the future?
Fast Company
The way we work is changing. Most people don't need to show up for work at a stodgy office building at 9 a.m. anymore. We work in coffee shops. We work from home at odd hours. We stand up while we work. And if interior designers Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson have their way, we'll grow our own food at work, too.More

Noguchi show is planned for Brooklyn Botanic Garden
The New York Times
Gardens have been formative playgrounds for great artists at least since Michelangelo spent his teenage years poring over antiquities in the Medici gardens in Florence. But few artists have made gardens as central to their work as Isamu Noguchi, whose museum and sculpture garden in Long Island City, Queens, turns 30 this year.More

Instagram is hiring journalists
FishBowl NY
Can you find the hidden meaning in a photo of a hedgehog? Do you long to tell the story of Jen Selter's latest gym selfie? Maybe you simply must tackle the complexities of closeup shots of food. If any of this sounds like you, you're in luck. Instagram is hiring journalists to cover its "most interesting users."More

Study: Facebook can cause depression
Tech Crunch
Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have found that being envious of your Facebook friends can lead to depression, a finding that should give some of us pause. Based on a survey of 700 students, the study found that users who engage in "surveillance use" — "brows(ing) the website to see how their friends are doing compared with their own lives" — versus simply using the site to contact friends and family can experience symptoms of depression.More

Your garden eats carbon (so please feed it well!)
Over at Cleantechnica, Sandy Dechert just posted about an encouraging study suggesting land use changes could halve the CO2 gap. And that's something we should all be paying close attention to. From the dramatic regreening of Ethiopia to encouraging farming methods that sequester more carbon, there is a huge potential for large-scale land management changes to help curb the worst effects of global climate change.More

Independent authors? How to get your books on our shelves
Dulwich Books
So yo'’ve written your novel. After weeks, months, years of writing, it's finally finished, you have your novel printed and you're ready to share it with readers. But how do you get your independently published novel onto the shelves of Dulwich Books? Or any bookshop for that matter? Well, to make this process easier we have created a quick guide to help you on your way.More