GWA News Clippings
Feb. 13, 2014

The February Quill & Trowel is now available for viewing at the GWA website
The Quill & Trowel newsletter is now a downloadable PDF document in full color and with active links to Internet content, providing more information resources than ever.More

Feb. 15 deadline — GWA Media Awards 'early bird' rate
Don't miss out on the discounted rate for this year's Media Awards! All new online entry only takes a few minutes. All entries must be submitted by March 15.More

Feb. 15 'early bird' deadline — GWA meeting at Portland YGP Show
Reinventing Yourself: Thriving in a Climate of Change — Join a panel of experts who will share their insights into the new world of writing, editing and photography on Friday, Feb. 28 at the Yard, Garden & Patio Show at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Final registration deadline is Feb. 24.More

Feb. 28 'early bird' deadline — Chicago Flower & Garden Show!
The roots of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show can be traced as far back as 1847! The Show, held each March at Chicago's Navy Pier (March 15-23), is an experience for the senses, invoking memories of spring after a typically long and cold Chicago winter. Join Region III in Chicago for networking, presentations, breakfast & lunch and early access to the show! Final registration deadline is March 7.More

March 1 deadline — Toronto GWA meeting at Canada Blooms
It's time for Region VII's annual winter meeting on March 15! This year they have more Business of Garden Writing sessions — helping you make your garden writing a paying habit. The registration deadline is March 1 ... but this meeting always fills up quickly, so don't delay.More

Pittsburgh hotel block now open for the 2014 GWA Symposium
The Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh immerses you in the heart of the city, making travel convenient for guests. The Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh is the only Pittsburgh hotel directly connected to the David L. Lawrence Pittsburgh Convention Center by skywalk. A special block of rooms has been set aside for GWA meeting participants. The deadline for discounted room rates and guaranteed space availability is: July 16.More

5 steps to avoiding the dangers of unlicensed photos
Have you ever made an innocent mistake, a bad choice ... but you didn't know it was a bad choice until a year later? If you're randomly selecting images from the internet and posting them on your blog, you may get to experience this unpleasant feeling.More

Howey launches Author Earnings analysis site
The Bookseller
Author Hugh Howey has launched a genre e-book sales analysis venture, Author Earnings. The project's stated goal is "to gather and share information so that writers can make informed decisions," with Howey calling for "better pay and fairer terms in all contracts." The Author Earnings site offers an extensive interpretation of sales-ranking data from some 7,000 top-selling genre digital titles on Amazon.More

People-powered publishing is changing all the rules
After a long day at work as a personal assistant, 28-year-old Nikki Kelly was commuting home on the London Underground's Central Line when she received an eagerly anticipated email. "I'm not going to read it on the train in case it's a 'no,'" she thought. She was expecting a rejection. Kelly got off the train two stops early. On the platform, she looked at her iPad and tentatively read the first couple of lines of the message. More

10 self-limiting habits successful writers don't have
The Web Writer Spotlight
Each one of us is capable of achieving far more than we typically give ourselves credit for. However, many times we are our own enemies. We sabotage our own potential and capabilities through self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. We procrastinate, miss deadlines, botch up simple assignments and even go to meetings with potential clients and are uncharacteristically subdued and uninspiring.More

Bookstore sales fell 1.6 percent in 2013
Publishers Weekly
With sales dipping 0.5 percent in December, bookstore sales in 2013 fell 1.6 percent, to $13.19 billion, according to preliminary estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Bookstore sales in December were $1.48 billion compared to $1.49 billion in December 2012. Sales for the entire retail segment were up 4.0 percent for 2013.More

Amazon is good for customers. But is it good for books?
The New Yorker
Amazon is a global superstore, like Walmart. It's also a hardware manufacturer, like Apple, and a utility, like Con Edison, and a video distributor, like Netflix, and a book publisher, like Random House, and a production studio, like Paramount, and a literary magazine, like The Paris Review, and a grocery deliverer, like FreshDirect, and someday it might be a package service, like UPS. Its founder and chief executive, Jeff Bezos, also owns a major newspaper, the Washington Post. More

Is the literary world elitist?
"The machine of consumerism is designed to encourage us all to believe that our preferences are significant and self-revealing; that a taste for Coke over Pepsi, or for KFC over McDonald's, means something about us; that our tastes comprise, in sum, a kind of aggregate expression of our unique selfhood." Eleanor Catton's essay about elitism in literature would be indelible for that one beautifully articulated observation alone, but the rest of it is pretty brilliant, too.More

Used bookstores: A lifelong love affair
Book Riot
By Amanda Nelson: Keep your Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble battles, your paltry 20 percent off discounts that spawn countless internet think pieces about the fate of the publishing industry: I'm a used bookstore type. OK, that's overstating — I have a solid case of bookish polyamory. There's room in my heart for free shipping and big box bookstores and tiny local indies and library book sales and Nook downloads. More

The 25 best websites for literature lovers
It's an interesting relationship that book lovers have with the Internet: most would rather read a physical book than something on an iPad or Kindle, and even though an Amazon purchase is just two or three clicks away, dedicated readers would rather take a trip to their local indie bookstore. Yet the literary world occupies a decent-sized space on the web. Readers, writers, publishers, editors and everybody in between are tweeting, Tumbling, blogging and probably even Vine-ing about their favorite books. More