GWA News Clippings
Apr. 18, 2012

Lawsuit against Apple: Writers wary of action by Dept. of Justice
Los Angeles Times
When the Department of Justice and state officials announced their lawsuits against Apple and five major publishers, it sent a ripple of anxiety through the talent at the industry's heart. "I'm in a bit of an awkward position because this has pitted my publisher against the retailer that far and away sells more of my books than any other," says Michael Connelly, the bestselling mystery novelist. "I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me, and both of these hands feed me."More

GWA Long-Range Plan posted online
If you missed it in the April Q&T, the GWA Long-Range Plan for 2012-2015 is posted in the members area online.More

Has Kindle killed the book cover?
The Atlantic
Daylight Saving came out in the U.K. in February, and in the months leading up to its release, the publisher used a novel strategy to generate interest in the teen novel: It placed a ticker at the bottom of the digital cover, counting down to the launch date. In addition to the digital jacket's embedded clock, an underwater design ripples with the drag of a cursor, as if your finger could make waves through the screen. More

PAR Media Advisories
GWA promotes gardening and green space nationally through Plant A Row for the Hungry and partnerships like the GRO1000 campaign. See our media advisories on coming events.More

Amazon's knock-off problem
Perhaps it should be called Spamazon. Until recently, if you had typed "Steve Jobs Isaac" into the online retailer's search box, the first choice that popped up wasn't the best selling book by Walter Isaacson, but instead one with the same name and a similarly sounding author, Isaac Worthington. The book appears to be selling, even though Amazon's one reviewer gives the book a single star and calls it a "poorly produced pamphlet." More

Video: Evaluating Garden Products In The Organic Market Place
VideoBriefThis presentation from the Organic Materials Review Institute explores the criteria used to evaluate garden products. An overview of the National Organics Standards Board structure and petition process, as well as the relationship between OMRI and the organic certification process, will be covered by Peggy Miars, Executive Director/CEO of Organic Materials Review Institute.More

The biggest problem facing book publishing
The Domino Project (blog)
... has nothing to do with the Justice Department or agency pricing. No, the challenge the big book publishers are facing is that a perfect industry is being replaced by one filled with chaos and opportunity. Perfect? Limited shelf space plus limited competitors plus well-understood cost of creation and production meant that stability reigned. The industry was polished and understood.More

US sues over price fixing on e-books
The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. hit Apple Inc. and five of the nation's largest publishers with an antitrust lawsuit over the fast-growing e-book market, alleging they conspired to raise prices and block Inc. from selling e-books at $9.99.More

Speculation abounds that Amazon triggered e-book lawsuit
The Seattle Times
While is neither a defendant nor a plaintiff in the Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit against Apple and major book publishers, the Seattle company figures prominently throughout the government's 36-page complaint. So prominently, in fact, that whether or not Amazon instigated the lawsuit has become a matter of much speculation among publishers and booksellers.More

The 10-year journey of a garden memoir
Debra Prinzing (blog)
Many garden writers have privately shared their disappointment that our genre isn't seriously viewed as a literary subject. Every 12 months, we witness the publication of an anthology titled something like "The Best American Sports Writing, 2011″ or "The Best Food Writing, 2010." Sadly, garden writing rarely receives credit for its importance as an art form. And yet, there is wonderful work in our circles by the late Clyde Phillip "Skip" Wachsberger, an award-winning artist twice honored by Garden Writers Association.More

Analyst: Hardbacks' dimes-for-dollars gap is three years big
Paid Content
Sales of e-books may have already overtaken those of hardback in 2011 by volume, but it will take until 2014 for actual sales revenue to catch up, according to one forecaster. U.K. e-book sales revenue will overtake hardbacks in 2014 and close in on paperbacks by 2016, an Oliver & Ohlbaum forecast presented to London Book Fair's Digital Minds conference showed.More

How to build an online community
Writer's Digest
If you want to build a following, especially online, the key is to position yourself as someone who is worth following. The best way to attract a large group is by becoming an object of interest, which means the ability to draw people to you by dent of your expertise or charismatic personality. For instance, celebrities are considered objects of interest because people are fascinated by their glamorous lifestyle, eccentric behavior or award-winning achievements. More

Death to Microsoft Word
Writer Tom Scocca says he gets a feeling of dread when he opens an email to see a Microsoft Word document attached. Time and effort are about to be wasted cleaning up someone's archaic habits. A Word file is the story-fax of the early 21st century: cumbersome, inefficient and a relic of obsolete assumptions about technology. It's time to give up on Word.More

Keeping the 'Noraholics' happy
The Wall Street Journal
Romance writer Nora Roberts didn't bother to celebrate when she finished her 200th book, "The Witness." "I don't really count," says Roberts, a 61-year-old grandmother with red hair and a gravelly smoker's voice. She took a couple of days off to catch up on chores and gardening. Then she launched into her 201st, "Celebrity in Death," the next installment of a futuristic romantic suspense series that she writes under the pen name J.D. Robb. More

ScottsMiracle-Gro issues global sustainability goals
Scotts Miracle-Gro
The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company released its 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report, its first following the transparent Global Reporting Initiative G3 framework. The 2011 report provides a detailed look at the company's sustainability priorities, goals, challenges and achievements, as well as its product innovation and community-based initiatives.More

March breaks records for many garden centers
Today's Garden Center
Retailers from across the country report strong March sales, strong enough to break sales records in many cases. Bucks Country Gardens in Doylestown, Pa., was more than $100,000 above its strongest March on record and nearly double its 2011 March sales. In March 2012, sales reached $442,000, whereas 2011 sales were $289,000. It's previous record was a few years ago at $311,000. More