GWA News Clippings
May. 2, 2012

Can Microsoft rescue Barnes & Noble now, like it did Apple in 1997?
Back in 1997, Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple when its back was against the wall. Now, Microsoft has announced it will invest twice that amount in Barnes & Noble to make a Windows 8 version of its Nook e-book reader. Before analyzing Microsoft's latest investment, it's worth remembering why it took a piece of Apple 15 years ago. More

Region III meeting deadline May 14
Join Region III members for the May 24 tour of Taltree's award-winning Railway Garden, Hitz Family Rose Garden, Meyer Memorial Pavilion Garden and Native Plant Garden. Hear Carol Michel share what she's learned writing one of the longest-running garden blogs around. She'll let us in on the who, what, why and how of becoming a great garden blogger. Stay at the Valparaiso Marriott Courtyard.More

The disruptive business model that could change the tablet market
PC Magazine
In the very near future, there probably will be two very different business models that will drive tablets into the broader consumer market. The first model, the one Apple uses today, is very traditional. In this case, Apple makes the iPad and then sells it through its retail stores, its online store and various third-party resellers like Best Buy and Target. A second business model, called subsidization, is also unfolding.More

GWAF releases Spring gardening trends report
As a sign of the economic times, planned consumer garden spending is expected to average a projected $470/household for 2012; that is about the same as last year but significantly less than the reported $615/household in 2009. At the same time, the early spring plant purchase market is expected to favor independent garden centers over DIY stores.More

Amazon vs. publishers: The book battle continues
Bloomberg Businessweek
There's a glaring anachronism at the center of most fulfillment centers: aisle after aisle of old-fashioned books. Amazon stocks these volumes for the many customers who still favor the tangible pleasures of reading on paper. Yet the company is relentless about increasing efficiency and has at the ready an easy way to remove some of those bookshelves: on-demand printing. More

Columbia Gateway green space event big success
The I-126/Greystone Boulevard Interchange will be transformed into an enhanced green space today as part of the GRO1000 Garden & Green Space partnership that includes the Garden Writers Association, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, The U.S. Conference of Mayors and a host of philanthropic partners. The City of Columbia will dedicate the new greenscape as a primary gateway and environmental education site for the City.More

How to become an e-book sensation. Seriously.
The Globe and Mail
This is a story about the end of the gatekeeper. About the movement spreading throughout media, from which book publishing is hardly exempt, as readers of Harry Potter, Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey have made all too clear. It's about the reading public — the great unwashed, the hoi polloi — no longer letting tastemakers decide what's worth reading. It's about the masses seizing the means of publication. More

VIDEO: Let's Talk Plants from the 2011 GWA Symposium
Join Melinda and Nicholas as they interview a series of guests about new plant introductions. This lively presentation will be quick-paced in order to showcase as many plants as possible. Learn about the hottest new plants you'll be able to write about this season. The guests will discuss regional appropriateness, best attributes and commercial viability of each plant. You'll love this marathon of exciting new plants.More

6 tips on writing from John Steinbeck
Brain Pickings (blog)
If this is indeed the year of reading more and writing better, we've been right on course with David Ogilvy's 10 tips, Henry Miller's 11 commandments and various invaluable advice from other great writers. Now comes John Steinbeck — Pulitzer Prize winner, Nobel laureate, love guru — with six tips on writing, culled from his altogether excellent interview it the Fall 1975 issue of The Paris Review.More

MEDIA ADVISORY: Corpus Christi PAR Garden dedication May 7
Dedication and garden installation activities at The EDGE Garden at Lindale Park. Join the GWA, PAR and a host of other organizations working with the City of Corpus Christi and ScottsMiracle-Gro's GRO1000 grant program. City officials, youth and community volunteers will fill and plant 20 raised edible gardening beds. More

Digital 8 percent of 2011 book sales value in UK
The Bookseller
Consumer e-book sales in the U.K. increased by 366 percent to £92m in 2011, with sales across all digital formats accounting for 8 percent of the value of sales of all books, according to the Publishers Association's Statistics Yearbook 2011. PA chief executive Richard Mollet said the "story of the year is a decline in physical sales almost being compensated for by a strong performance in digital."More

Barnes & Noble chops e-reader prices for Mother's Day
Barnes & Noble is on the offensive again, chopping $20 off its Nook Simple Touch e-ink e-reader and the Nook Color tablet for Mother's Day. You can now pick up the Nook Simple Touch for $79 and the Nook Color for $149. The sale runs until May 12 and Barnes & Noble will also throw in a free Nook gift bag with purchases of those devices (while supplies last). More

The window is closing
The basic shapes of the markets of the publishing world online are being settled; the DoJ action in the U.S.; Google's decision to drop the provision of e-book sales for small bookshops as part of its e-book program; the arrival of serious indie-published bestsellers; the creation of an indie Alliance of Independent Authors; the removal of DRM from Tor e-books; and the beginning of e-book lending.More

Gardening tools, for sowing or reaping
The New York Times
Mark K. Morrison, a landscape architect with homes in upstate New York and Connecticut, has surrounded himself with 10,000 gardening implements. Dating back to the 1500s, they range from unwieldy scythes and beet hoes to fragile glass sheaths for forcing cucumbers to grow straight. When he scans his racks of 150 trowels and 350 watering cans, he is reminded of rural subsistence farmers over the centuries and their backbreaking labor and hungry families.More

Florida judge blocks H-2B rule change
Green Industry Pros
Judge M. Casey Rodgers of the U.S. District Court Northern District of Florida Pensacola Division has issued a preliminary injunction preventing the Department of Labor from implementing H-2B rule changes that would drive up costs for landscape companies that use the program. The Professional Landcare Network, together with other interested parties, had initiated two lawsuits in the Northern District of Florida against the new H-2B wage rule and the H-2B program rule last fall.More