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May 4, 2011

5 valuable online communities for freelancers
Many people are exploring the option of freelancing in today's marketplace, whether it's for extra money or more flexible hours. Whatever the motivation, becoming a part-time or full-time freelancer isn't as easy as it seems. More

A little 'insight' into Facebook's new feature
Green Profit
Facebook recently unveiled new features in Insights, its analytics program for page administrators. In addition to expanding measurement options for interactions on Facebook, users are now able to track actions on connected websites. This is a huge step forward for small business owners trying to understand the impact of their social media marketing strategy.More

Journalism tops list of most useless college degrees
FishbowlNY (blog)
The Daily Beast has compiled a list of the 20 most useless college degrees, and right at the top is Journalism. Well, if you're going to be useless, we say, might as well be the best at it.More

Rise of e-book readers to result in decline of book publishing business
Global SMT & Packaging
Marking a major inflection point, the book publishing industry has entered a period of long-term decline because of the rising sales of e-book readers, new IHS iSuppli research indicates. Book revenue for U.S. publishers, including both e-books and paper books, will decrease at a compound annual growth rate of 3 percent from 2010 to 2014. More

Twitter does not need an editor, just time to evolve
Are tragic movie deaths considered newsworthy? What about Twitter users' penchant to Rise and Grind? Social media has blurred the boundaries of traditional news organizations by allowing journalists and taste-makers to patch into a daily conversation around trends.More

Ask the pro: Literary agent Daniel Lazar
Writer's Digest
Agent Daniel Lazar, who represents fiction, nonfiction and children's writers, has been with Writers House for more than eight years. He has a particular interest in graphic novels and memoirs, and loves historical fiction of all kinds. As the oldest child of six who has changed many, many diapers in his life, he is equally intrigued by books with unique views on parenting and family life.More

Byliner: A new model for narrative nonfiction
Publishing Trends
After "60 Minutes" broke the news that Three Cups of Tea bestselling author Greg Mortenson had fabricated large parts of his memoirs and was using donations to his charity to fund his book tours, the best place for interested parties to get more information was Byliner — a brand-new website that exclusively published Jon Krakauer's expose, "Three Cups of Deceit," in conjunction with the "60 Minutes" episode.More

Internet traffic down 10 percent on royal wedding day
Paid Content
Internet traffic was down by about 10 percent on the day of the Royal Wedding, according to network monitor Sandvine: "Quite simply, the billions of people tuning into television coverage meant that a huge number of subscribers who would normally be active online were, instead, glued to their televisions."More