GWA News Clippings
May. 23, 2012

The changing politics of the self-publishing stigma
Huffington Post
Bookselling This Week just reported that brick and mortar booksellers are making it easier for self-published authors to garner coveted shelf space in their stores. With indies crossing into this and other territory usually staked out by the traditionally published, the battle between self-published and traditionally published authors has heated up. Rumor has it, one big-name author even resorted to rallying fans, fuming about the deleterious effect e-books have had on her income. More

Preview the 2012 Symposium Speakers
Get ready for an incredible educational event this October in Tucson, Ariz. Take a look at our wide array of excellent speakers.More

Why the iPad works for writing
Read Write Web
When the first iPad launched in 2010, critics were quick to lampoon the device for being geared too heavily toward content consumption. The criticisms weren't entirely without merit, especially considering that the first-generation iPad didn't even have a camera, and external media slots are still nowhere to be found. Over time, the iPad has evolved into something that's much more creation-friendly. More

PAR travels to Cleveland for Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone dedication
Join Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, the Garden Writers Association, Plant A Row for the Hungry, ScottsMiracle-Gro and its national partners for the dedication of the new gateway park, which will serve as the main entranceway to Cleveland's Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone this Friday, May 25.More

Rumor: Amazon readying 10-inch Kindle Fire
PC Mag
While rumors have been circulating for months about Apple releasing a smaller version of the iPad, rival tablet maker Amazon might be looking to do just the opposite, according to a new report. DigiTimes reported that "market rumors" indicate that Amazon is planning to launch a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire in the third quarter of the year. The Kindle Fire currently has a 7-inch screen.More

Show your membership support
Use of the GWA Member logo to show unity among professional garden communicators is important and encouraged. Download a copy for your website, stationery or business cards.More

Kobo's new web app is good for Kobo, but not for readers
Kobo's new web app, released last week, is a great first move at breaking free from Apple's App Store extortion. Good for Kobo. Unfortunately, it keeps the same design and user experience as the official Kobo app, which means it's designed to be a storefront first, and a reading app second. Unless you're stuck with Kobo, there are better options out there.More

10 crucial proofreading tips
Working Writers
Proofreading is not just about understanding grammar rules; it's about developing a focused routine. From blog entries to novels, these 10 crucial proofreading tips will help render each piece error-free. … Proofreading is difficult only for those who lack discipline. Developing a routine helps ensure your success on each project.More

GWA Region V to meet at IGC in Chicago
SAVE THE DATE for the GWA Region V meeting in conjunction with the Independent Garden Center Show at the Chicago Navy Pier on Tuesday, Aug. 21. Look for details coming soon. For information on the IGC ...More

Pricing books and e-books
A Newbie's Guide to Publishing (blog)
Some authors still seem to be confused about Agency pricing, what it means, and how does it compare to wholesale pricing on e-books and paper books. They somehow think Amazon is a bad guy for trying to lower e-book prices. Here's a deeper explanation.More

GWA Region I heads to Maine — Aug. 10
CL Fornari is developing a Region I meeting at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden in Boothbay, Maine, on Friday, Aug. 10. Look for details soon on the GWA website.More

Foreign e-book sales increase 333 percent for US publishers in 2011
Digital Book World
Foreign e-book sales for U.S. publishers turned a corner in 2011, according to a new report. Sales of e-books by U.S. publishers to readers in other countries increased to $21.5 million in 2011 from $4.9 million in 2010, a 333 percent increase, according to a report released by the Association of American Publishers. At the same time, print sales by U.S. publishers for foreign readers increased by 2.3 percent percent to $335.9 million. More

7 tips for turning your blog into a book
Writer's Digest
As the blog-to-book trend continues on its upward curve, more and more bloggers see their blogs as gold mines filled with nuggets of content waiting to be extracted, refined and cast into books (and, if they are doing it right, they've followed the rules on how to write a blog). Writers, on the other hand, historically have balked at becoming bloggers. More

UK bookstore chain Waterstones to sell Kindles
Shelf Awareness
Waterstones, the last major independent bookstore chain in the U.K., will begin selling Amazon Kindles and e-books in its nearly 300 stores this fall, the companies announced. Although Kindles are sold in a variety of brick-and-mortar retailers, this is the first time that the e-readers are available in traditional bookstores. The deal is all the more striking because there were long-running rumors that Barnes & Noble was seeking to make a deal with Waterstones.More

How Texas is growing tomatoes in the middle of the desert
Next time you buy a Texas tomato, check where it was grown. The answer might surprise you. That's because 90 percent of the state's tomatoes come from a few greenhouses in the arid deserts of Far West Texas. The latest addition to that group is a massive glass facility in Monahans, outside of Odessa. It officially opened for business earlier this month.More

Growing new gardeners
Greenhouse Grower
What you do matters, even if it seems insignificant at the time. There has been a great deal of talk in the greenhouse industry about how to get younger generations involved in gardening. We have talked about it, too. Appealing to new gardeners is a focus of two of the priorities of Greenhouse Grower's Grow Initiative — Cultivate New Customers and Invest in the Industry. Sometimes it is just one tiny thing that flips the switch for someone.More