GWA News Clippings
May 25, 2011

Amazon looks to build full-fledged publishing house
Laurence Kirshbaum, the former CEO of Time Warner's book division and most recently the founder of a well-respected, 40-client literary agency, has been named publisher of Amazon's New York publishing office. The move follows the launch of Amazon's fifth imprint — this one for the mysteries and thrillers genre — last week, as well as the hiring of editors to man each of its imprints in recent months.More

GWA's Classroom Podcast, episode No. 3: Garden2Blog event
In this episode of GWA's Classroom Podcast, Ellen Wells interviews Jean Ann Van Krevelen about her participation in the Garden2Blog event, hosted by P Allen Smith and Co. for 20 bloggers. GWA member Dee Nash is interviewed about her experience at G2B, a two-day tour of local gardens and Allen's farm.More

Twitpic changes reveal conflict among users, journalists, photo sharing services
The popular photo-sharing service Twitpic this month took more control over the photos that millions of Twitter users upload to its site each month. Although it provoked an outcry from people who said Twitpic was infringing on users' copyright, the changes highlight conflicts between users, professional journalists and online sharing services in a muddled system of online news and information.More

GWA Symposium program schedule
The 2011 GWA Symposium will be held Aug. 25-30 at the Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis. For the latest information on the GWA Annual Symposium or to register online, visit the website. More

Readers more likely to skim articles on iPad than in newspaper
Editor & Publisher
Miratech's study analyzes the differences between iPad and newspaper reading patterns. We asked a representative sample of participants to read similar information from a printed newspaper and from its iPad version. Half the participants were asked to read the iPad first, and the other half were asked to read the newspaper first.More

Why call to action matters in social media
Before starting a Facebook Fan Page, YouTube Channel or Twitter feed for your business, first answer a quick question: Why should people follow you, read your updates, add you as a Fan or Friend, or care at all about your existence online?More

Bringing e-books to stores
Publishers Weekly
Booksellers attending the Canadian Booksellers Association's National Conference in Toronto on May 13–15 were introduced to innovations from two Canadian companies designed to help bricks-and-mortar stores sell e-books. More

Should you write a novel or short story?
Writers Digest
When the urge to write fiction sets upon you — when you get that sudden spark, that thunderclap of Oh, my gosh, maybe I could write this! — it's natural to try your hand at a short story. But there comes a day when you're considering an idea, and you realize you've been kicking it around for quite a while. You realize you're not just interested in the story — you're passionate about it. And the question surfaces: Do I have a short story here, or — gulp — a novel?More

7 things I've learned so far
Guide to Literary Agents (blog)
This is a recurring column where writers at any stage of their career can talk about seven things they've learned along their writing journey that they wish they knew at the beginning. This installment is from writer Rebecca Serle.More

ANLA defends current and future labor source
The American Nursery and Landscape Association has taken action in response to the U.S. Department of Labor's recently proposed changes to the H-2B program. Widely used by landscape installation and maintenance professionals and other seasonal employers seeking a legal workforce, these proposed changes would increase filing requirements and advertising timelines for employers seeking to fill positions. More