GWA News Clippings
July 27, 2011

Self publishing: Friend or foe?
Book Business Magazine
As the self-publishing phenomenon has grown and matured, traditional book publishers have passed through something like the five stages of grief: denial ("It's just vanity publishing."); anger ("It's an affront to quality!"); bargaining ("Don't you see how fruitless this is?"); depression ("Amanda Hocking "); and, finally, acceptance of the fact that the self-publishing market is big, influential and here to stay—and maybe not such a bad thing after all.More

Apple forces Kindle, Nook, Kobo to yank in-app bookstores
Paid Content
See ya, Kindle app store: Apple has begun enforcing in-app purchasing restrictions for e-reading apps, with the Kindle, Kobo, and Nook and Nook Kids apps falling into line by removing bookstores from their iOS apps. Apple announced in February that any content available through apps must also be sold via the iTunes store — where it would be subject to Apple’s 30/70 revenue split — and that external purchase links must be removed. More

GWA's Classroom Podcast:, Episode 8: OFA and the future of garden centers
In this episode of GWA's Classroom Podcast, Jean Ann Van Krevelen and Ellen Wells talk about the OFA tradeshow. Tune in to learn about industry trends, as well as thoughts about the future of garden centers.More

31 ways to find inspiration for your writing
Write to Done
No matter how much you love writing, there will always be days when you need inspiration from one muse or another. In fact, I would argue that inspiration is not just a desirable thing, it's an integral part of the writing process. Every writer needs inspiration to produce inspired writing. And sometimes, it can come from the unlikeliest sources.More

Publicize your work at the 2011 GWA Symposium
The GWA book fair is an opportunity for members to display their works to other members for book and product reviews. Each participating author who registers is entitled to one-half of a 3-foot by 6-foot table space to display his/her work. The registration fee is only $25* to cover the table setup. More

Johnston Community College in national competition to win fruit orchard
You can help feed the homeless in North Carolina's Johnston County with the click of a mouse. Edy’s is running a national online competition to win a fruit orchard. And the arboretum at Johnston Community College is trying to win it to grow food for the homeless. JCC is at No. 7 in the nationwide competition. To vote for the JCC project, go here. More

New social media marketing training guide posted on GWA website
Welcome to the GWA training guide resources. We have plans for a series of helpful, how-to instruction guides to assist members in expanding their online skills utilizing various electronic media channels.More

The 7 deadly sins of writing
Writers Digest
In a thought-provoking ThrillerFest panel, four popular authors shared what they believe to be the deadly sins of the writing craft. Here are seven of their offerings. Have you committed any of them?More

Council unveils compost use program
U.S. Composting Council
The U.S. Composting Council is pleased to announce that it will formally launch its Consumer Compost Use Program at the 2011 Garden Writer's Association conference on Aug. 26-27 in Indianapolis. The Consumer Compost Use Program will require compost producers that participate in the STA Program to link the analytical data to three compost use classifications. They are: Trees and Shrubs, Flower and Vegetable Gardens, and Lawn.More

How does a writer get discovered online?
Write to Publish (blog)
Step No. 1: Find a place to call home. Before going into techniques to help your "online discovery," let's make sure we have our ducks in a row. To that end, let's talk a bit about some of the basics for those just starting out.More

Advertising your book on Facebook or Goodreads
The Passive Voice
Many authors have received pitches from Facebook or Goodreads about buying advertisements and wondered how well those work. The most common type of ad FB or GR offers is called a Cost-per-Click ad or CPC. Your ad appears all over the place, but you don't pay unless someone clicks on your ad and is connected to wherever you decide to send them to learn more about (and hopefully buy) your book.More

Literally the most misused word
The Boston Globe
"Literally" is a word that has been misused by everyone from fashion stylist Rachel Zoe to President Obama, and linguists predict that it will continue to be led astray from its meaning. There is a good chance the incorrect use of the word eventually will eclipse its original definition.More

Suit filed over herbicide
The New York Times
A Pennsylvania homeowner and an Indiana golf course company have filed a class-action lawsuit against DuPont charging that the company was negligent or reckless in putting a new weed killer on the market. The suit, filed in federal court, asserts that the herbicide, Imprelis, is killing trees, shrubs and ornamental plants across the country. More

The new climate normals: Gardeners expect warmer nights
Climate Watch Magazine
When several grand sugar maples at the famous Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania succumbed to disease recently, grounds manager Shawn Kister wondered if warm winters were to blame. A few hundred miles south, Charlotte, N.C.-based TV meteorologist John Ahrens noticed that area rainfall had remained lower than normal for several years. What was going on?More

How to integrate Google Plus into a WordPress site
This month's hot topic has been, without a doubt, Google Plus. Whether the new social service from the world's largest search company will be a "Facebook killer" remains to be seen, but one thing's for certain: This is one social network you don't want to ignore. When it comes to getting found, Google Plus is fast becoming a great asset for bloggers and content producers thanks to its ever-expanding user base and simple sharing tools.More