GWA News Clippings
Oct. 17, 2014

Step inside the world's most dangerous garden (if you dare)
The Alnwick Garden is one of north England's most beautiful attractions, where acres of colorful plants invite visitors to wander through rows of fragrant roses, manicured topiaries and cascading fountains. But within Alnwick's boundaries, kept behind black iron gates, is a place where visitors are explicitly told not to stop and smell the flowers: the Poison Garden, home to 100 infamous killers.More

Frankfurt Book Fair 2014: Author tells publishers: 'Don't be greedy'
Publishers Weekly
At a standing room only session at the Frankfurt Book Fair, bestselling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho had a message for publishers: Embrace change. And, lower your e-book prices. At the packed event, Coelho and fair director Jeurgen Boos talked about the future of the book business, with Coelho telling the audience that change could not be stopped. "It is a lost case," Coelho said. More

Amazon and its missing books
The New York Times
The writer Ursula K. Le Guin recently weighed in on Amazon's dispute with the publisher Hachette over e-book pricing. Referring to how Amazon is making Hachette books harder to buy on its site, she said, "We're talking about censorship: deliberately making a book hard or impossible to get, 'disappearing' an author."More

Are writers crazy?
Cristian Mihai blog
One of my favorite definition of insanity goes like this: "Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results." What do writers do, over and over again? We procrastinate ... uhm ... write. Yes, that's the answer. And painters paint, musicians play their instruments, sculptors sculpt. And we do so over and over again.More

5 best U.S. gardens to visit this fall
Travel Pulse
When fall arrives, it makes an artistic statement that we just can't ignore. The turning of the leaves eases us into another harsh winter by making a splash of bold colors on the canvas of so many U.S. destinations. So if you are a diehard leaf-peeper then you'll want to pay a special visit to these fall foliage playgrounds that offer a magical ride on their color-coated carpets.More

No, you can't track the growth of self-publishing by counting ISBNs
The Digital Reader
The most accurate statement I can make about the growth rate of the indie/author segment of the publishing industry is that it is nebulous at best. This part of the industry is so fuzzy that it can’t be counted, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying.More

From YouTube stars to literary lions
The Wall Street Journal
Publishers seeking the next hit author have a new hunting ground: YouTube. A wave of titles written by YouTube personalities is hitting the shelves this month as book publishers bet on the power of online media. They made a similar bet several years ago on books by popular food bloggers, such as Ree Drummond and Julie Powell. More