GWA News Clippings
Oct. 18, 2013

Oct. 21 — Solopreneur workshop final deadline
If you wish you could be a full-time Writer, Photographer, or Speaker, this high-energy, highly interactive workshop is for you! This program is designed for independent workers who want to take charge of expanding their careers using targeted business planning. The deadline to register for this program is Oct. 21; so, take action today! More

GWA Foundation invites grant applications
GWAF has provided over $80,000 in student scholarship grants over the years. The grant submission period for Spring 2014 scholarships runs from now to Dec. 2. If you have a link to a local college or trade school, please let them know about the GWAF scholarships available. Details.More

Call for Pittsburgh presentations
Only 21-24 presentation slots are available on the GWA annual symposium program, and we typically receive many more program requests than we can accommodate; so, act early before the program sessions are filled. The GWA Symposium Program Committee is accepting presentation proposals from speakers for the 2014 symposium to be held Aug. 8-11 in Pittsburgh. There is particular interest in proposals that address core competency topics developed by the GWA Education Committee. All online applications must be received no later than Dec. 16. Details.More

Quebec symposium recordings now available
If you missed a session at the 2013 symposium or simply want to refresh your memory of any presentations, audio recordings of most program sessions are now available on the GWA website. Each downloadable MP3 file is only $5; so, take a look at the latest information available to you. Details.More

Nov. 2 — Region V Connect photo shoot
Region V welcomes all members to its first GWA Connect meeting! Meet at 9 a.m. on Nov. 2 for a GWA Connect photo shoot at the 25th annual Fall Festival of Roses at the Antique Rose Emporium near Brenham, Texas. Details.More

Morton Arboretum seeks writer
Check the GWA Job page: The Morton Arboretum seeks a Campaign Communications Writer to write and edit communications to support philanthropic initiatives, especially fundraising campaign efforts, at The Morton Arboretum. Details.More

Indie authors launch petition reacting to retailers' censorship
Publishers Weekly
In the wake of a mounting controversy over a number of retailers removing titles from their Web sites because of inappropriate material, a group of authors have generated a petition asking retailers to "leave our erotica and self-published Indie authors alone." The authors name Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble as the offending retailers, and the petition is directed at the CEOs of those three companies.More

Prominent attorney named as monitor in Apple e-books case
Michael Bromwich, a high-profile attorney who recently served as the top U.S. offshore drilling watchdog, has been appointed to monitor Apple Inc's antitrust compliance following a court ruling that the world's largest technology company had conspired to fix e-book prices. Bromwich will oversee Apple's antitrust policies and procedures for two years under the order issued by U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan. More

10 words to cut from your writing
As Mark Twain famously wrote, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." His point? Strong writing is lean writing. When you want to make your writing more powerful, cut out words you don't need — such as the 10 included in this post. More

How publishing escaped the cruel fate of other culture industries
New Republic
You hardly have to wait in line at Barnes & Noble anymore. The cashiers stare into the middle distance, while on the sales floor, space for books steadily erodes. Instead: toys, magnifying glasses, doodads for the desk. Also: Nook devices, which are supposed to represent the future. Except the Nook division is actually doing worse than the stores themselves. Independent booksellers still have not recovered from the last decade's brutality.More

Google's new site is a one-stop-shop for journalists, newsrooms
Google Media Tools, a new site from the search giant, is a resource for everyone in the newsroom: journalists, researchers, social media managers, publishers and developers. The site combines all of Google's tools that could be of use to a news organization, providing a central hub for media outlets. More

New ebook markets, battles and pricing strategies
No matter what country they're in, book publishers worldwide share some of the same challenges. They're grappling with the digital transition — which, depending on where you live, has either already arrived or is about to come knocking. They're battling for readers' eyeballs, trying to make books stand out in a sea of other forms of entertainment. And they're figuring out how to price their digital content.More

3 Simple Censorship Rules Can Safeguard Self-Published Ebooks
Digital Book World
It all seemed so sweet; anybody can get their book published on Kobo or Amazon without having to endure a zillion rejections from picky publishers, and what's more they can pocket the lion's share of the sale. What could be more liberating? But like everything on the net, there is always a dark side. More

12 things we learned at the 2013 Writer's Digest Conference West
Wise Ink
This year, Writer's Digest had two conferences. The first happened in spring and was in Manhattan. The second one was in the heart of downtown L.A. Wise Ink, was a sponsor, exhibitor, and on a panel discussing the future of publishing. Friday, the first official day of the second conference, was the day dedicated to self-publishing. Saturday and Sunday were filled with talks on writing, pitching, marketing and the publishing landscape. More