GWA News Clippings
Nov. 14, 2012

Self-publishing industry explodes, brings rewards, challenges
Miami Herald
The publishing world is being upended, and reinvented, by people like Hugh Howey, Ily Goyanes and Kristy Montee. They are part of a movement using the power of e-books and the Internet to lead publishing into a new frontier, and through the biggest upheaval of the industry since Guttenberg's press. "It's the Wild West," Montee said. "It is literally changing at the speed of light."More

GWA Region V meeting at National Green Centre Show in St. Louis
Breakfast with Dr. Michel Dirr, hort heartthrobs on the runway and a green industry trade show with more than 100 vendors from coast to coast (Could they be potential clients for the enterprising garden writer?) highlight the GWA Region V meeting on Sunday, Jan. 6. Your GWA meeting registration includes both days, Jan. 6-7, of The National Green Centre trade show sponsored by the Western Nurserymen's Assn., and all its educational programming. More

Book publishing crisis: Capitalism kills culture
Around the same time a devastating hurricane smashed and flooded its way up the East Coast, leaving millions homeless or without power, another storm collided into a professional subculture based in New York City. While the second storm is only metaphoric, the transformation of publishing could have far-reaching consequences not only for those who work on Union Square, but for readers and writers across the English-speaking world.More

Internet writing workshop in St. Louis on Jan. 4
This is a mid-level course. Do people find you when they search for you, or your products and services, on Google? Do you encourage your customers and associates to promote your business to their friends? Do you know what your customers say about your business online? Learn how to use the Internet to build your reputation and your business. This workshop takes you in depth to build your authority through social media. We'll discuss tools, tips and techniques you can put to work immediately. More

You bought it, you own it, but can a library lend it?
Copyright & Technology
From Bill Rosenblatt: I've been writing regularly about the battle that libraries are fighting over e-book lending — a battle whose outcome doesn't look good for libraries right now. Libraries can only lend e-books at the pleasure of publishers and not through any legal right. I have said that libraries' best shot at changing their fortunes as the reading world transitions to digital is to try to get e-lending rights enshrined in the law.More

SAVE THE DATE: Feb. 23 Speakers' Workshop
Selling the Excitement: Developing and Delivering Vibrant Presentations

This GWA workshop in Allentown, Pa., will show you many tricks of the professional speaking trade that will guarantee repeat bookings and rave reviews. Learn how to perfect your presentations and better market yourself to broader audiences. Find out how to craft stories that make your points "sticky," add original humor, improve visuals, and refine your body language. Discover how to make all your topics resonate with any audience. More

How to write a novel in 21 slow and easy steps
Los Angeles Times
From Hector Tobar: It's National Novel Writing Month. Across the U.S., people are writing books, posting their work on the NaNoWriMo website, each trying to reach the goal of 50,000 words. It just so happens I have my own manuscript in progress, for my fourth book. Earlier this week, I hit 51,125 words — but it's taken me a year to write that much. Trying to write 50,000 words in a month strikes me as both an insane and wonderful thing to do.More

Survey reveals a third of e-readers only used once
Publishing Perspectives
Survey data published by showed that 35 percent of e-reader owners used their devices only once. polled just under 2,000 U.S. e-reader owners and asked about their e-reading habits. The aforementioned 35 percent of responders said they had only used their devices once, while 17 percent stated that they used their devices at least once per week, and 29 percent indicated that they used their e-readers every day.More

A new era for books: Random House-Penguin merger just the start
The Atlantic
The merger of Random House and Penguin unquestionably represents an enormous change in the scale of publishing companies. It is a direct response to the power of the digital marketplace, but shifting ownership in the publishing industry is nothing new. It is worth rolling back time to consider how these two leading publishing companies came into being. More

A publisher's year: Rebooting the book
National Post
Publishers around the world are still learning how to navigate the digital space. Books are available in a variety of formats, from print to e-book to app, and in the time it takes you to tie your shoelaces to walk to your neighborhood bookstore — if it still exists — you can download enough reading to last a year. But how to harness this? That's something publishers are still figuring out. More

Authors Guild appeals loss in book scanning case
Publishers Weekly
The Authors Guild has notified the court that it will appeal Judge Harold Baer's landmark ruling in the Authors Guild vs. Hathitrust case. Although few details were available, it isn't hard to imagine on what parts of the decision the Guild appeal might hinge: at the time of the decision, the Authors Guild said they "disagree with nearly every aspect of the court's ruling."More