GWA News Clippings
Nov. 22, 2011

Amazon lending library and the future of digital publishing
The Washington Post Inc. is at it again. To the consternation of much of the book industry, the online giant is again offering digital titles for less than major publishers think books are worth. And this time, the price is zero. If you own an Amazon Kindle and belong to the company's $79-a-year Amazon Prime service, you can now "borrow" one digital book a month from the new Amazon Lending Library for free.More

GWA Training Guide #6: Book Marketing on Mobile Devices
Jean Ann Van Krevelen of White Willow Media explains there is a multitude of ways to promote books on mobile devices. Some of the options we'll discuss include digital publishing platforms, app development, audio books and third party app utilization. However, there are many more ways to reach your readers than those that are listed here. With a bit of creativity, there's no limit to the innovative methods you can find to market your books.More

What not to miss when drafting, negotiating a book publishing contract
Copy Law
Drafting and negotiating contracts is viewed by some publishers as wasteful and time consuming. "It gets in the way of the fun stuff." "Attorneys cost money." "Most books don't earn back their advance." These are three common (and potentially devastating) justifications that owners of publishing companies give for not paying attention to their boilerplate contacts.More

2012 Symposium call for presentations in Tucson
The GWA Symposium Program Committee is accepting presentation proposals from speakers for the 2012 symposium to be held Oct. 12–15, 2012, in Tucson, Ariz. There is particular interest in proposals that address core competency topics developed by the GWA Education Committee. All online applications must be received no later than Dec. 21.More

A Kindle swipes fine, but still hooked on a Nook
The Wall Street Journal
Despite the advantages of full-featured touch screen tablets like the iPad, plenty of people opt for e-readers like Amazon's Kindle, finding them more comfortable in the hand and easier on the eyes. The new Kindle Touch includes several features that Kindle fans have been waiting for, particularly better navigation.More

GWAF Scholarship deadline Dec. 1
The GWA Foundation has committed funding to provide financial assistance to deserving journalism/horticulture students for the SPRING TERM 2012. Students must be enrolled in either of two categories.More

Self-publishing and the 9.99 boycott
Phantomimic's Website
If you are considering publishing your book on the Amazon Kindle you may want to be aware of the 9.99 Boycott. This is a movement within the community of Kindle readers that, not only refuses to buy e-books priced above $9.99, but also will assign negative tags to your books with titles such as "outrageous Kindle price," "too expensive for Kindle," "greedy publisher" or "9.99 boycott." More

Think you're anonymous? Google Analytics may prove different
Read Write Web
It's no exaggeration to say that, sometimes, anonymity is a matter of life and death. Which is why it's important to know just how trivial it is to track down an "anonymous" blogger using Google Analytics. Andy Baio, who runs the popular linkblog, posted recently about using simple tools like eWhois and Statsie to unmask several bloggers.More

In the year of the e-book, 5 lessons from — and for — news organizations
Mark 2011 as the year news organizations discovered e-books. Sure, Time Magazine tried one back in 2010, but this year at least 10 other newspapers, magazines or news websites have published at least 17 electronic-only books seeking bigger audiences and longer lives for their greatest stories. Many more are coming.More

Survey: 11 percent of magazine exposures are digital-only
Paid Content
Eleven percent of U.S. adults' exposures to magazines are exclusively via digital platforms, new data from GfK MRI says. But with newsstands available on more devices, that number should increase. More

Online publishing: Know your metrics, know your audience
Editor & Publisher
With digital publishing, you can have far more precise, specific ways of measuring what your readers do than you have available in print or broadcast. But there's a risk of losing sight of what matters by focusing on the wrong metrics, or whatever metric is trendy at the moment.More

The state of the nursery business
Today's Garden Center
Growers have experienced the worst of times over the past couple of years. If you visited any nurseries this past growing season, you've probably seen more weeds than ever before. Where once there was nursery stock, you now see bare ground, weeds or other crops like corn, beans or even zinnias as a you-cut crop.More