GWA News Clippings
Dec. 14, 2011

Report: Barnes & Noble has shipped 1 million Nook tablets
Tech Crunch
With all the hype around the Kindle Fire, it's easy to forget about the Nook Tablet. The other budget Android tablet is zipping along nicely according to industry watchdog Digitimes. The outlet, citing upstream component suppliers, is reporting that B&N has shipped (note: not sold) 1 million units since the Nook Tablet's mid-November launch.More

December Quill & Trowel available
The December issue of the Quill & Trowel newsletter is now available in the GWA archives.More

How I became a best-selling author
The Wall Street Journal
This summer, Darcie Chan's debut novel became an unexpected hit. It has sold more than 400,000 copies and landed on the best-seller lists alongside brand-name authors like Michael Connelly, James Patterson and Kathryn Stockett. It's been a success by any measure, save one. Chan still hasn't found a publisher.More

Join Region V at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show
Chicago's Navy Pier will transform into a runway for the bold and beautiful Hort Couture-themed Chicago Flower & Garden Show in March. An estimated 60,000 visitors will attend, and GWA attendees can tour the show floor — pristine and uncongested — before it opens to the public.More

Paying authors more might be the best economics for publishers in the long run
The Shatzkin Files (blog)
If you imagine the publisher's business as one that divides most of the consumer's dollar between two core stakeholders in the supply chain — the retailer and the author — you'd have a pretty accurate picture. The publishers, at least theoretically, decide what the retailer's "working margin" will be with their discounts and agency agreements. And they decide what the author's share of the proceeds will be.More

Time to update your member listings
Check your member record profile in preparation for the 2012 Member Referral Directory. Be sure to click the distribution box if you only want an electronic copy for next year.More

Give the gift of knowledge
2011 symposium presentation audio files are available. Send one to a friend you think would benefit for the holiday season.More

Amazon Kindle Fire criticized for lack of parental controls
PC World
Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is an inexpensive competitor to Apple's iPad that allows users to browse and buy digital content, but there's something missing that has some consumers up in arms: parental controls. The popular device doesn't include enough parental controls that can block access to pornography, adult content or allow unattended children to rack up charges on their parents' account.More

4 ways to convert Facebook fans into super fans
For most of us, football season means it's time to grab our jerseys and clear our Sunday afternoons. We're the weekend warriors. But super fans are another breed entirely. They're the ones who purchase season tickets, paint their face with team colors and endure below-zero weather to catch every game. Their loyalty is absolute.More

Newspaper digital audience is younger, wealthier, better educated
Editor & Publisher
The assumption has been that the newspaper's digital audience is younger, more affluent and better educated than print. Now, a recent Pulse Research national survey shows just how distinct and compelling newspaper's digital audience is.More

Boxwood blight found in Connecticut
UMass Amherst
In October, boxwood blight (Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum) was positively identified in Connecticut. This is the first confirmed incidence of boxwood blight in the United States. According to USDA APHIS, the disease was almost simultaneously identified in North Carolina and Virginia as well.More

Rose torture: Texas heat yields better varieties for research
AgriLife Today
At least one person admits that the extreme heat in Texas this year was beneficial. But all the same, he'd opt next time for a handmade torture chamber. "Some people will complain about the heat, but from my viewpoint as a breeder, I love stress," said Dr. David Byrne, Texas AgriLife Research rose breeder.More