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Jan. 29, 2014

IACET West Coast Regional Symposium
Save the Date! IACET will be hosting a West Coast Regional Symposium on April 30 in San Diego, Calif. Sponsorship opportunities are available!More

Higher education changes for adult students. Or does it?
The Huffington Post
Higher education was often a front-and-center news topic in 2013, featuring stories about jaw-dropping levels of student debt and efforts by Congress to rein in college loan rates. The impact that higher education changes had on working-age adults did not get as much attention as it did for those in the 18-22 age bracket, but it was more than it has received in the past. More

What legacy will you leave?
Kirkpatrick Partners
When I developed the four levels in the 1950s, I had no idea that they would turn into my legacy. I simply needed a way to determine if the programs I had developed for managers and supervisors were successful in helping them perform better on the job. No models available at that time quite fit the bill, so I created something that I thought was useful, implemented it, and wrote my dissertation about it.More

More than $164 billion spent on training and development by US firms
U.S. organizations spent $164.2 billion on employee learning and development in 2012, according to recently released findings of ASTD's 2013 State of the Industry report. The report's findings demonstrate that despite a continuously changing economic environment, organizations remain committed to training and development. Among key findings: * 61 percent of expenditures were on internal expenses ($100.2 billion). *Per-employee spending remained stable in 2012, at an average $1,195 per employee ($1,182 in 2011). *11 percent of expenditures went to tuition reimbursement ($18 billion).More

Florida governor proposes $30 million for jobs training
Florida Times-Union
Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced a proposed new initiative that would pump $30 million in state funds into workforce training and would earmark about $1.5 million for trade and export assistance. "It's to help our families get more jobs," Scott said at a news conference in Jacksonville. "We want to make sure this is an opportunity economy where you can be whatever you want to be."More

Indiana gives $9.7 million for STEM teacher recruitment, training
Indianapolis Star
Indiana is doling out $9.7 million in grants to boost STEM teacher recruitment and training, the governor announced. Teach for America, the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship Program and Independent Colleges of Indiana are among the 10 grant recipients. "This is great news for STEM education," said Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.More

Professional services as business training
The Huffington Post
Excerpted from "Smart People Should Build Things" by Andrew Yang: "As we've seen, one of the most frequently pursued paths for achievement-minded college seniors is to spend several years advancing professionally and getting trained and paid by an investment bank, consulting firm, or law firm. Then, the thought process goes, they can set out to do something else with some exposure and experience under their belts. People are generally not making lifelong commitments to the field in their own minds. They're 'getting some skills' and making some connections before figuring out what they really want to do."More

Do you make these 10 employee training mistakes?
Most of the money and time companies spend on training is wasted, says John Tschohl, president of Service Quality Institute. That's because the majority of companies use outdated training ideas and boring training methods.More

Business must help young people find jobs
Imagine a country where no one can find a job and everyone is younger than 25. This country, which exists as a diaspora, threatens the economic vitality, social fabric and long-term stability of much of the world. It is a country of lost potential.More