The CET Connection
Mar. 25, 2015

Register today for IACET's AP Workshop in New York, NY on May 1
The IACET Authorized Provider Workshop is the combination of three (3) 1-hour self-paced e-Learning modules combined with a 6 hour hands-on workshop designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the IACET Authorized Provider application process.More

IACET Blog — Chutes and Ladders: Using Gamification to Teach Leadership
Let's play a game. In this game, your job is to lead me to a destination. First, before we play the games, just a few rules for the road. 1) You select the destination 2) You can't force me to do anything that I don't want to do; this includes agreeing to go on the journey in the first place. 3) I can only bring on the journey whatever I already possess (and am willing to contribute) and whatever you decide to provide to me. 4) You can ask whoever you want to go on the journey with me; just remember, you can't force me to play nice with them. That's it! Four simple rules!More

Learning in organizations community
Elearning! (commentary)
Catherine Upton, a contributor for Elearning!, writes: "Two years ago I set up a Google Group on Learning. Last night I wrote the members: You’re one of 1,797 members of the Learning in Organizations Community on Google Plus. Since its founding two years ago, our community has morphed into a place to post wisdom, schlock, and self-boosterism. Some days you get lucky and discover a gem in the flow; other days you don't find anything worth your time."More

The ROI of e-Learning
Training Zone
Today, e-Learning is an integral component for training delivery in organizations worldwide, and measuring its ROI is essential. This article outlines how ROI can be computed, and more specifically, how it can be increased.More

How to keep your staff engaged in workplace training
In a previous post, Administrate looked at how you can make workplace training more fun for your staff. While having fun training sessions is all well and good, if your staff can't see the point of training, or can't see how it will relate to their normal working day, pretty soon they'll switch off. While having fun elements to your training sessions is obviously important, to make sure your staff don't get bored it's also critical to make sure that your training is engaging. Your staff need to be fully invested and recognize that training is important for their development, and a good use of their time.More

Showing your training value
Association for Talent Development
In tough economic times, training budgets are one of the first items to be reduced or cut altogether. Because of that, training must constantly reinvent itself and transcend the classroom to earn its budget and maintain its existence. Creating an effective training evaluation plan will show the organizational value of your work. An effective plan will ensure that your valuable, limited resources are dedicated to the programs that will create the most impact. More

Online learning revolution pushes further into corporate training
Business Because
The developers of MOOCs — massive open online courses — have been reaping havoc on traditional education models everywhere. Now, they are pushing further into the lucrative field of executive education. Educational technology companies Coursera, Udemy and Alison are all disrupting the buoyant corporate training market, worth $70 billion in the US alone, according to Deloitte research. As technology improves and online learning gains credibility, they are signing up big businesses including AT&T, Accenture and Microsoft.More