The CET Connection
Aug. 28, 2013

Winning the heads and hearts of leaders
Kirkpatrick Partners
The ultimate goal of training is to contribute to the execution of strategic initiatives. But how do you do this? This case study looks at how an extensive leadership program at an open cast mine in New Zealand is contributing to strategic execution by applying the Kirkpatrick Model to create and demonstrate value.More

Call for 2014 Connection Webinar Presentations
IACET would like to invite you to submit a presentation proposal for our monthly Connection webinars. IACET's Connection webinars are available free of charge to Authorized Providers and individual members, and covers topics ranging from learning outcomes to best practices in continuing education and training. Submission Deadline is Monday, Sept. 30! More

2013 Top Workforce Development Providers is pleased to announce our first annual Top Workforce Development Providers list. continuously reviews companies and community colleges that provide customized corporate training services and conducts an annual assessment to determine suppliers' experience and capabilities.More

Don't call it a MOOC
Inside Higher Ed
Two University of Texas at Austin psychology professors will take the stage for the fall semester's first session of Introduction to Psychology. Their audience will consist of a production crew and their equipment. In their years of working together, the professors' research has shown their students benefit from computer-based learning to the point where they don't even need to be physically present in the classroom. Just don't call it a MOOC. The university styles the class as the world's first synchronous massive online course, or SMOC (pronounced "smock"), where the professors broadcast their lectures live to the about 1,500 students enrolled.More

Why are leaders failing?
Mark’s company’s stock price had fallen 65 percent in six months. As the president of their largest division, he knew that turning things around would be hard — but he felt up to the challenge. So, what was the problem? Everyone in the organization hated him. This wasn't a mild dislike — it was pure abhorrence. Mark was as smart as they come, but as long as he created a horrible environment for his team, the "trail of dead bodies" he was leaving was untenable. How could he have risen so far in his organization, but had no idea about the impact of his behavior? How could Mark not know he was failing?More

Considering new learning technology?
If you are considering a new LMS, you are seeking technology which will facilitate your creation of effective online learning initiatives, not constrain it! The key to effective selection is identification of your organization's functional requirements. But if you start this process by downloading a model Request for Proposal from the internet, too often what you get is a collection of other people's priorities, which frequently focus on administrative trivia rather than on enabling excellent learning design.More

Continuing education benefits go beyond learning
Houston Chronicle
It is said learning is a lifelong process. For senior adults, learning is more than simply gaining knowledge. Lifelong learning keeps the mind engaged, the body active and the heart happy. Many adult education programs exist all over the greater Houston area to aid senior adults in their pursuit of knowledge and experience, whether it be to gain valuable skills, continue their education, or seek new and exciting experiences.More

Job search strategy: Invest in continuing education
Times Herald-Record
There may come a time in your career when you are at the crossroads of what I call educational discovery. There are many who graduated from college or at least high school and never considered formal education again. Given how fast almost every career field changes and evolves, it's amazing so many people never think that a regular educational refreshing or even an overhaul is necessary. Why let more decades go by before you realize that your next job search is going to be made that much harder? If you're well into your career, the reality is that you'll be competing with those who have taken the time and care to invest in education. And it is an investment.More

Sequestration effects: 59 percent of districts cut professional development
Education Week
Perhaps the cuts weren't quite as bad as U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan predicted, but sequestration is still hitting classrooms as districts begin the 2013-2014 school year. According to a new survey from the American Association of School Administrators, districts are dealing with automatic, across-the-board trigger cuts of federal education funding by slicing professional development (59 percent of districts), eliminating personnel (53 percent), increasing class size (48 percent), and deferring technology purchases (46 percent). The data come from 541 survey respondents from 48 states, questioned by AASA earlier this summer.More

Learning should just never stop
Santa Maria Times
Sometimes it seems a person has only two real choices in life — either sit and do nothing, or go out and do something. That seems painfully simplistic, and it is, but it's a concept that occurs somewhere toward the middle to latter stages of the human aging process. After all, the guiding principle of retirement is that you no longer must adhere to a 9-to-5 routine. You're free to do nothing, if that's what makes you happy. But, there is a problem, and it becomes fairly obvious to anyone who has worked a lifetime, retires and then decides to do nothing — most humans aren't really wired that way. We are, if nothing else, programmed to get up and go. If that weren't true, there wouldn't be nearly so many cars on the highways on weekends, or jetliners in the air, criss-crossing the continent, full of people headed off to do something.More

5 biggest misconceptions about adult students
The Evollution
The common denominator across these misconceptions is administrators do not have enough confidence in non-traditional, adult students. hey also do not give these students enough credit for how much they can bring over from successfully navigating life in both the personal and professional sectors that would translate into them working as amazing students. If they continue to fail to recognize that life is often harder than education, they will never recognize the full potential adult students bring to their institutions. It is so important to know one has students who will push the class’s boundaries as well as their own.More