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Sept. 1, 2010

You're Invited to the Inaugural IACET Symposium
IACET would like to cordially invite you to the 2010 Symposium on the Future of Continuing Education and Training. This inaugural event will take place on Thursday, Sept. 23, from 1 – 6 p.m. at the Liaison Hotel Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The Symposium will gather key thought leaders in education, business and government to discuss the future of continuing education and training and its value in the marketplace.More

7 jobs companies are desperate to fill
Investopedia via Yahoo!
With unemployment nearing double digits, it's hard to imagine there are jobs, ready for the taking but it's true. Many companies are hiring, and can't fill their slots fast enough. Here are seven jobs companies are desperate to fill, and how you can qualify.More

IACET summer discounts available
IACET wants to help you save some extra money on the application fee when you submit your renewal application by the following dates:

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- Sept. 30, 2010 - $100 off


The US Department of Health and Human Services announces $159.1 million to support health care workforce training
US Department of Health & Human Services
Earlier in August, HHS announced grant awards to support health care workforce training. The grants will target three types of programs: nursing workforce development programs; interdisciplinary geriatric education and training programs; and Centers of Excellence programs for underrepresented minority students.More

Simulator training flaws tied to airline crashes
USA Today
Flaws in flight simulator training helped trigger some of the worst airline accidents in the past decade, according to a USA Today analysis of federal accident records. More than half of the 522 fatalities in U.S. airline accidents since 2000 have been linked to problems with simulators, devices that are used nearly universally to train the nation's airline pilots, the records show.More

Community college training for managing green jobs
The New York Times
Beyond "green-collar" jobs, like retrofitting a home to conserve energy or helping build a wind farm, an energy-conscious economy will need a new generation of environmentally smart managers, and that's where community colleges are stepping up with new courses and degree programs.More

TaskStream offers evidencing learning for continuing education and training
TaskStream, a corporate sponsor of IACET, is the leading provider of Web-based technology for facilitating outcomes-based learning and assessment. To learn more, visit or e-mail

Understanding Classroom diversity in adult education
There is nothing more pertinent to describe the classrooms nowadays than diversity. In order to be in a good teacher-student relationship, it is essential for teachers to understand the motivation of each student that comes to class and what drives each of them to learn to finish their studies: some older students see in school an opportunity to get a better-paid job, others want to keep the job they already have, but for which, nowadays, they need their college diploma.More

IACET AP, Grand Rapids Community College seeks students for green job training
Michigan Live
Grand Rapids Community College is preparing to launch its composite technician training class Sept. 13, but is having difficulty filling the 40 slots available for students, reports the Holland Sentinel. The 80-hour, four-week class, which involves training on fiberglass and other laminate composite manufacturing, prepares students for entry-level sustainable energy manufacturing jobs that pay an average starting wage of $12.50 an hour.More