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May. 14, 2015

IAEM Annual Conference registration now open!
Registration is now open for the 63rd IAEM-USA Annual Conference & EMEX in Clark County, Nevada, Nov. 13-18, 2015. View our online program and register today. This is the premiere emergency management event of the year! "The IAEM Annual Conference provides an opportunity for all levels of emergency managers to learn, to grow and to meet colleagues from around the world," said Richard Serino, 8th FEMA deputy administrator and Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health, National Preparedness Leadership Initiative. "IAEM offers a wide range of stimulating programs that will enlighten, from students to 30-year veterans of emergency management. While attending the IAEM Annual Conference, I have always found new ideas to help me grow both personally and professionally."More

Two weeks to submit your EMvision Talk & enter to win a free IAEM 2016 Annual Conference registration
The deadline to submit your talk for the IAEM presents EMvision Talks is Friday, May 30 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The Talks are modeled on the well-known TED™ Talk format and are limited to five minutes. To submit your talk, you must copy and paste the link to the high-quality recording of the unlisted YouTube video of your proposed talk. View the Speaker Guidance for more information. This is your chance to present a story you are passionate about in the field of emergency management live on the plenary session stage for the IAEM presents EMvision Talks at the Annual Conference in Clark County, Nevada, on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015. The top five to seven selected speakers will be part of a live contest, where the audience will vote for the top speaker who will win a complimentary registration to the IAEM 64th Annual Conference & EMEX in Savannah, Georgia, Oct. 14-19, 2016. More

IAEM student members can register for USA-Annual Conference registration fee stipend
IAEM Headquarters is maintaining a list of IAEM members who have a current student membership and wish to be considered for a student registration fee stipend in the amount of $300 (early bird rate) for the conference registration fee to attend the IAEM-USA 2015 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Students who wish to be considered for the registration stipend lottery should email their name, complete contact information, and the name of the university they are attending to IAEM Membership Manager Sharon Kelly, info@iaem.com, no later than Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. Notifications will be sent via email by late September 2015.More

Feds ease up on conference restrictions for government employees
Successful Meetings
The U.S. government, including both the Obama Administration and Congress, has spent the last several years talking about how to restrict federal employees' participation in meetings and events. A new policy, however, indicates that the feds might be loosening their grip. In a memo published last week, Director Katherine Archuleta announced that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management would end its longtime practice of reviewing requests submitted by federal agencies seeking approval to attend conferences and tradeMore

IAEM-Asia is helping in Nepal
Download an IAEM-Asia action brief on what IAEM-Asia members are doing to support relief efforts in Nepal following the Apr. 25, 2015 earthquake. In addition to the photos in the IAEM-Asia slide show, additional photos are included in the action brief. The IAEM EOC Nepal team has more than 40 active members, volunteers and resource personnel, and is partnering with other relief organizations to maximize the impact of their funds and volunteer services.More

Noul hits, but Philippines learns the lessons of Haiyan*
Powerful Typhoon Noul swept through the far northern Philippines, killing two people, but officials and aid agencies said a greater impact had been averted because people had learnt to heed warnings in the wake of the Haiyan disaster. Bringing sustained winds of up to 160 kilometers per hour and gusts up to 195 kph, there had been fears that Noul would cause a greater loss of life, as well as do widespread damage to property and agricultural land.More

New this year! IAEM-Canada announces call for entries for IAEM-Canada EM Volunteer Awards
IAEM-Canada has announced the call for entries for its new Canada-only award for emergency management volunteers. The purpose of the award is to recognize an EM volunteer who has made significant contributions throughout the previous calendar year to promote and improve the emergency management profession in Canada. Award winners must have made a significant volunteer contribution to emergency management in Canada during the previous calendar year (January-December 2014). The official entry form and details on how to enter are available here. There will be a maximum of two awards per year in this award category, as determined by the IAEM-Canada Awards Committee. Submit your nomination form and supporting documentation via email to Sherry Hiriart no later than Friday, May 29, 2015, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.More

IAEM-Canada Professional Development Committee publishes guide to EM further education in Canada
The IAEM-Canada Professional Development Committee has published a resource web page on Emergency Management Further Education in Canada. This compilation of resources, developed by the committee, is an attempt to consolidate and capture all emergency management further education that is offered by educational institutes within Canada. It includes information and links to certificate level courses, diploma level courses, undergraduate degree programs, and postgraduate degree programs.More

Quebec forest fire risk highest it's been in a decade*
The annual number of forest fires this year is the highest it's been in a decade, according to the province's forest fire prevention agency. In Quebec, 192 fires burned more than two million square meters of forest since the start of 2015. In the month of May alone, five forest fires popped up in eastern Quebec, three of them in the Côte-Nord region. More

Turkey's disaster aid agency joins EU's Civil Protection Mechanism*
Hürriyet Daily News
Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority has joined the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, in a move to bolster cooperation with the Brussels-based organization. The membership treaty allowing Turkey to join the mechanism was signed at the European Civil Protection Forum 2015 in Brussels. The EU's Civil Protection Mechanism was established in 2011 to promote cooperation between national civil protection authorities across the continent.More

Europeans show strong support for EU civil protection policy*
Europeans also believe that countries should be able to seek help from others when a disaster strikes, according to European Commission. Nearly nine in ten EU citizens support the EU-wide civil protection policy because of the cross-border nature of many disasters. Nearly the same number are supportive of the EU helping any country in the world affected by a disaster. An overwhelming majority also says that they would expect help from other EU countries if a disaster was about to happen in their country.More

Debate of experience vs. education is theme of IAEM-Global Student Council's 2015 Student Essay Contest
In emergency management, the age-old debate of experience versus education is particularly important, given that the profession and study of emergency management grew from the practitioner side and the newness of academic programs in this area. Choosing to pursue specialized knowledge and hands-on experience through practical experience or seeking academic knowledge through a university program is sometimes difficult to decide for a person entering the profession. There has even been a term coined, "pracademic," for those who choose to pursue both the practical and academic paths. In an effort to raise awareness of the choices that new emergency managers must make when choosing their career paths and to better understand those choices, the IAEM-Global Student Council is launching its 2015 Student Essay Contest to assess the understanding that students have of this issue. A panel of academics, practitioners, and a member of the IAEM-Global Student Council will select both an undergraduate and graduate winner. Each winner will be provided with a complimentary conference registration and hotel costs for the IAEM 63rd Annual Conference & EMEX, Nov. 13-18, 2015, Clark County, Nevada. Additionally, both winning submissions will be published in the IAEM Bulletin. Complete information, guidelines, and details are available here. Submissions must be emailed to iaemgsc@gmail.com no later than July 1, 2015, 16:59 hours UTC.More

Severe heat costs the Australian economy $6.2 billion a year*
New Scientist
Heat stress costs the Australian economy a whopping $6.2 billion a year — a finding that shows what other countries might be facing in areas where global warming will make extremely hot days more common. Kerstin Zander from Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Australia, and colleagues surveyed 1726 employed people to map the impact of hot weather on the economy.More

EMAP requests comments on Draft 2016 Emergency Management Standard; IAEM coordinating comments
EMAP has released the Draft 2015 Emergency Management Standard that has been revised by the EMAP Technical Committee and is requesting public comments by May 29, 2015. All comments will be adjudicated by the EMAP Standards Subcommittee in Dec. 2015 and formally voted on by the EMAP Technical Committee in 2016. The IAEM-USA Standards and Practices Committee is preparing IAEM's official comments. Member input may be sent to Chair Elysa Jones.More

National Planning Frameworks released; Comments due by June 3, 2015
The National Planning Frameworks, which are part of the National Preparedness System, set the strategy and doctrine for building, sustaining, and delivering the core capabilities identified in the National Preparedness Goal. They describe the coordinating structures and alignment of key roles and responsibilities for the whole community and are integrated to ensure interoperability across all mission areas. As part of a National Engagement Period, drafts of the National Planning Frameworks containing proposed updates are posted online for review and feedback. This update of the National Planning Frameworks focuses on discrete, critical content revisions, and confirming edits as a result of comments received on the National Preparedness Goal. Additional changes in the attached draft are the result of the lessons learned from implementing the Frameworks and recent events, as well as the findings of the National Preparedness Report. To ensure all feedback is properly handled, reviewers should use the provided feedback submission form to submit feedback and recommendations. Please provide any comments and recommendations, using the submission form, to PPD8-Engagement@fema.dhs.gov by June 3, 2015, 5:00 p.m. EDT.More

IAEM-USA members are asked to comment on National Address Database plans
Following the Apr. 8-9 National Address Database (NAD) Summit, IAEM-USA members have been asked to provide comments on the preliminary findings and options for moving forward, which are available via a May 7 summary webinar posted here. The webinar content includes a summary of the discussions and breakout groups, points of general agreement, and a detailed outline of the project report to be finalized in June 2015. The presentation slides also are posted on the project website. Member insights, ideas or feedback are welcomed as the report writing phase of the project begins. Please email your comments by May 30, 2015, to Bruce Lockwood, CEM, IAEM-USA Immediate Past President.More

Sea rise threatens Florida coast, but no statewide plan*
The Associated Press via Yahoo News
America's oldest city is slowly drowning. St. Augustine's centuries-old Spanish fortress and other national landmarks sit feet from the encroaching Atlantic, whose waters already flood the city's narrow, brick-paved streets about 10 times a year — a problem worsening as sea levels rise. The city has long relied on tourism, but visitors to the fortress and Ponce de Leon's mythical Fountain of Youth might someday have to wear waders at high tide.More

IAEM Awards Competition ends May 29, 2015
Time is running out! The 2015 IAEM Awards Competition ends on Friday, May 29, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You must submit your entry, including all supporting material and entry forms (where applicable) to Karen Thompson at Thompson@iaem.com. There will be no extensions to the entry deadline. There is still time to enter your outstanding project or nominate the person of your choice in one of our award categories. Everything that you will need to enter the IAEM Awards Competition is posted at www.iaem.com/Awards. Read about the various 2015 award categories, and take the time to review the posted entries of last year's winners. You may be inspired to enter your innovative project, which in turn may provide the perfect solution to a challenge facing some of your EM professional colleagues. Whether you are submitting an entry for the Public Awareness Award, Technology & Innovation Award, or Partners in Preparedness Award — or whether you are nominating someone for the Clayton R. Christopher Award or a Uniformed Services or Student Award — the IAEM Judges welcome your entries. More

IAEM 2015 scholarship application deadline is June 1, 2015, 12:00 a.m. (midnight) EDT
IAEM is now accepting applications for the 2015 IAEM Scholarships. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2015, 12:00 a.m. (midnight) EDT. The 2015 Scholarship Application forms are available for download here, with separate forms for undergraduate and graduate students. IAEM scholarships are awarded through a competitive process to full-time students pursuing an associate or diploma baccalaureate, or graduate degree in emergency management, disaster management, or a closely related field. The IAEM Scholarship Program was established to nurture, promote and develop disaster preparedness and resistance by furthering the education of students studying the field of emergency management, disaster management or a related program. The purpose of the program is to assist the profession by identifying and developing students with the intellect and technical skills to advance emergency management. More

Emergency Manager's Weekly Report becomes contributor to the IAEM Dispatch
The Emergency Manager's Weekly Report has recently become a contributor to the IAEM Dispatch, contributing news and information to this weekly publication. IAEM members Chantell Mazo and Steve Detwiler produce the Emergency Manager's Weekly Report. The Weekly Report shares news and resources to emergency managers, civil protection professionals and humanitarians around the world on a daily basis. The social media pages and publications strive to provide: news and announcements on new technologies, programs, or initiatives; situation reports on emergency incidents around the world; and announcements of upcoming webinars and conferences. To get the Weekly Report or follow its social media pages, learn more on the report website.More

'Substantial' El Nino event predicted
BBC News
The El Nino effect, which can drive droughts and flooding, is under way in the tropical Pacific, say scientists. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology predicted that it could become a "substantial" event later in the year. The phenomenon arises from variations in ocean temperatures. The El Nino is still in its early stages, but has the potential to cause extreme weather around the world, according to forecasters. More

Recertification fees for non-members to increase on June 1, 2015
Last month the IAEM-USA Board adopted the CEM® Program budget for 2015-2016 maintaining most program fees at current levels. However, in order to balance the budget and also take into account that member dues support in-part the CEM® program infrastructure, the recertification fee for non-IAEM members was adjusted. As of June 1, 2015, the recertification fee will increase to $325 for non-IAEM members. It will remain $250 for IAEM-members. You can learn more about the benefits of becoming an IAEM member on the IAEM website.More

How 'crisis mapping' is shaping disaster relief in Nepal*
National Geographic
It took just 48 hours after the earthquake hit Nepal for a global network of volunteer geeks to fill in big gaps in the nation's map for relief workers on the ground. In a country known for its poor roads, which are still passable? Which patches of land can serve as helipads, or, lacking space, drop zones? Where are the landslides? And how many structurally sound buildings will aid workers fine once they arrive?More

World's biggest hurricane simulator aims to improve forecasts*
The world's largest hurricane simulator is now complete and experts hope it will improve forecasters' ability to predict how strong a storm will get, which has been a key weak spot for science until now. The $15 million wind and wave machine at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science resembles a giant aquarium tank, without the fish. When lead scientist Brian Haus switches on the 1,700 horsepower engine, a roaring sound fills the $47 million building that houses the tank, known formally as SUSTAIN (SUrge-STructure-Atmosphere INteraction Facility). More

Domestic Preparedness invites IAEM members to participate in survey on public-private sector communication
Domestic Preparedness is seeking respondents to a survey addressing communication between the public and private sectors to better build business continuity. It is widely believed that the private sector owns as much as 85% of the critical infrastructure in the United States. As such, securing these critical assets requires effective partnerships, communication, and collaboration among and between the public and private sectors. Your response will help identify ways to better engage the private sector and close gaps that may hinder community preparedness and resilience. The survey will be available online until May 22, 2015.More

Annual Berkeley College National Security Forum takes place in Hackensack, New Jersey, on May 29
The 2nd Annual Berkeley College National Security Forum, co-sponsored by Hackensack University Medical Center, will take place May 29, 2015, at the Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, New Jersey. The topic is "Critical to our National Security: a Forum on Information Sharing for Public Health and Healthcare Sector Preparedness & Response," and the agenda is posted here. Following the local impact of recent health emergencies, presenters will discuss the importance of coordination and sharing of public health crisis information at all levels. The significance of public and private partnerships in sharing the lessons learned will be emphasized. The target audience is: public and private healthcare providers; public health officials; industry representatives; emergency preparedness leadership; and anyone interested in improving health sector coordination and information sharing. The forum is free to attend, but seating is limited. Register online by Friday, May 15, 2015.More

Latest Nepal earthquake: Thousands sleep outdoors amid fears of further disaster
The Guardian
Thousands of fearful people spent the night outdoors after a new earthquake killed dozens of people and spread more misery in Nepal, which is still reeling from a devastating quake that killed more than 8,000. A U.S. Marine Corps helicopter carrying six Marines and two Nepalese soldiers was reported missing while delivering disaster aid in north-east Nepal, U.S. officials said, although there have been no indications the aircraft crashed.More

6.8-magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Japan
NBC News
A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck 21 miles southeast of Ofunato, Japan, but there is no threat of a tsunami, authorities said. The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was detected on the northeastern coast of Japan. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there is no threat of a tsunami, and the Tohuku Electric Company, which operates the Onagawa nuclear power plant, told Japanese broadcaster NHK there have been no reports of irregularities.More

Kenya floods: Deadly mosque wall collapse in Nairobi
BBC News
At least nine people have died after a wall surrounding a mosque collapsed, amid heavy rains in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, according to authorities. Many people are feared to be trapped beneath the rubble after the wall fell on shanty homes in the Mukuru slum area of the city. More

At least 6 killed, dozens injured as Amtrak train derails in Philadelphia
The Associated Press via Time
An Amtrak train bound for New York City derailed in Philadelphia, leaving at least six people dead and more than a hundred injured, officials said. The train appeared to go off the tracks while going into a turn, according to The Associated Press, one of whose own staff members happened to be on board. "The front of the train is really mangled,” AP employee Paul Cheung said. "It's a complete wreck. The whole thing is like a pile of metal."More

5 dead, dozens injured after tornadoes blast central US
At least five people are dead and dozens injured after severe storms tore across the middle of the United States. More than 70 tornadoes were reported in the Midwest and Plains states.More