IAEM Dispatch
Jun. 19, 2014

Obama climate change: President announces $1 billion climate 'resilience' fund to help communities prepare for natural disasters
International Business Times
President Barack Obama's climate change proposal goes beyond the standard federal aid that flows to communities clobbered by flood, drought, tornadoes or hurricanes. Instead of waiting for catastrophe to hit, the Obama administration says it will dole out nearly $1 billion in federal aid to push states and cities to prepare ahead of time for the impact of climate change.More

EMI is accepting applications for the National Emergency Management Executive Academy
The Executive Academy is the topmost academy of the Emergency Management Professional Program offered at the Emergency Management Institute. EMI is accepting application packages into the program through Aug. 15. The Executive Academy is designed for emergency management senior executives in federal, state, regional, tribal, territorial and major urban area governments; non-governmental organizations; academia; private sector entities; and citizen preparedness organizations. Because this training is designed to be at the graduate level, a bachelor's degree is required (no exceptions) and advanced academic degrees will strengthen the candidacy of the applicant. The program consists of a total of four resident sessions, periodic webinars, readings and projects. Those who successfully complete the program will receive a National Emergency Management Executive Academy Certificate of Completion. Learn more.More

Emergency Services Coalition issues chemical protection challenge
The Emergency Services Coalition for Medical Preparedness is hosting a challenge to design the next generation operational capacity to protect the protectors from chemical and nerve agents. $5,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to the best ideas. The deadline to submit is July 10, 2014. The entry form and further details are on the Coalition's website. More

Earthquake insurance becomes boom industry in Oklahoma
Just a few years ago, earthquake insurance wasn't something many thought much about in Oklahoma. That's changed with the outbreak of tremors that has rattled the state in recent years, which many blame on increased oil and gas drilling activity.More

Los Angeles will identify the city's most earthquake-vulnerable apartment buildings
Emergency Management
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed off on the city's most aggressive action on earthquake safety in nearly three decades, instructing building officials this week to comb the city and identify thousands of apartment buildings vulnerable to collapse in a major temblor. The survey will focus on wood-frame buildings similar to the Northridge Meadows apartment complex that collapsed and killed 16 people in the magnitude 6.7 earthquake in 1994. Building officials estimate there are at least 5,800 buildings of that type in the city, and an additional 11,690 buildings will need to be inspected to determine whether they should be included on the list. More

Alaska Volcano Observatory is having busiest volcano year to date
Scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory are paying extra close attention lately due to high seismic activity at five volcanoes running all along the Aleutian Chain. Many of the volcanoes have recently sprung back to life, and others have just continued their normal eruptions. John Power is the Scientist-in-charge at AVO. He says a few recent explosions and heightened unrest have led to the busiest time since the inception of the state's observatory.More

New online master of emergency and disaster management course offered at Charles Darwin University
Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, recently announced that a new online Master of Emergency & Disaster Management course will be offered, starting July 21, 2014. The course aims to enhance the capacity of current and future practitioners in the humanitarian aid, emergency and disaster management field. It will provide students with a postgraduate qualification designed and delivered in close collaboration with industry partners, with more than 20 guest lecturers from across the globe. Covering all phases of the disaster cycle and emergency management while exploring the practical applications of working in this sector, this course will examine both the national and international field with a focus on the Asian-Pacific region and Australian Indigenous communities. Learn more.More

Spend more on prevention to cut losses from disasters
With the costs from natural disasters quadrupling over the last three decades, Asian government are urged to invest more in disaster preparedness to lessen damage from calamities. In a conference of the Asia-Europe Meeting in Manila focusing on disaster mitigation, Kristalina Georgieva, European Union commissioner for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, and Margareta Wahlström, head of the U.N. Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, were one in saying that more needs to be done if Asia is to overcome the challenges posed by natural calamities.More

IAEM Bulletin call for articles on professional development in emergency management
The IAEM Editorial Work Group seeks articles for its fourth special focus issue of 2014, "Professional Development in Emergency Management." Possible articles might include: promoting individual growth within an emergency management department through incorporating higher education and other activities; how individual emergency managers are applying professional development activities in their departments to make their efforts more effective; or how your emergency management program has improved or how your community has benefited through the application of what you learned in professional development activities. Please read the IAEM Bulletin Author's Guidelines at www.iaem.com/Bulletin. Note that we are now accepting feature articles of 750 to 1,500 words. Email article submissions to Thompson@iaem.com by July 10, 2014.More

New this year: IAEM Friend/Spouse Program
Don't come alone to the IAEM-USA 2014 Annual Conference & EMEX. Bring your friend or spouse to join you in San Antonio. There are many tourist attractions. Plus, new this year we are offering a Friend/Spouse Program for those not involved in emergency management who are traveling with IAEM Annual Conference attendees. This program highlights many of the activities your friend or spouse can enjoy while you are in training during the conference.More

Hurricane danger zone: The 10 places most at risk
USA Today
People living in 10 largely rural counties in the Deep South and near the Gulf Coast are those most vulnerable to hurricanes, according to recent research by Direct Relief, a California-based nonprofit organization. Not strictly focused on where hurricanes hit land, the group looked at the relationship between the frequency and intensity of hurricanes relative to social vulnerability — with factors such as poverty, access to social services, an aging population and higher mobility problems — being taken into account.More

Certified Emergency Manager program builds template to partner with academic institutions — Adelphi University is the first to partner
The IAEM Global Board approved a partnership agreement template encouraging collaboration between the IAEM CEM® Program and colleges, universities and academies worldwide. The purpose is to establish working relationships between both partners to encourage students and faculty of bodies of higher learning that offer degree work in some aspect of domestic or international emergency management or related program to seek professional certification through the CEM®/AEM℠ process. Adelphi University (Garden City, New York) is the first educational institution to sign the partnership agreement. Adelphi offers a bachelor of science in emergency services administration, a graduate certificate in emergency management and a master's of science in emergency management. IAEM encourages other institutions to develop a partnership with the Certified Emergency Manager program today. Learn more.More

CEM®/AEM℠ online application system goes live on July 1
We are excited to announce that CEM®, AEM℠ and Lifetime CEM® applications will be available through the online system starting July 1, 2014. CEM®/AEM℠ candidates submitting first-time applications may submit through the online system or by using the paper application until Aug. 15, 2014. After Aug. 15, all applications must be submitted through the online system.More

Next CEM Commission Review scheduled for September — application submission deadline is Aug. 15
The next CEM® Commission review will take place Sept.11-14, 2014. This will be the last review of the year. The deadline to submit applications to IAEM Headquarters to be included in the September review is Aug. 15. The published deadline date is for first-time CEM®/AEM℠ applications. First-time candidates who already have started their "one-year clock" by passing the exam are reminded to adhere to the date published in the exam notification letters. Resubmission candidates are reminded that their deadline date is 90 days from the date of the incomplete letter. Supplemental documentation must be received in hard copy form at IAEM Headquarters within the 90-day deadline.More

FEMA Releases FY 2014 Continuing Training Grant funding totaling $11 million to increase preparedness
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced the FY 2014 Continuing Training Grant (CTG) program funding opportunity totaling $11 million. The CTG helps strengthen national preparedness and provides specialized training to assist first responders, homeland security/emergency management officials, and citizens to prepare them for all types of disasters. The CTC program grants will be awarded to state and local (including rural) communities, tribes, non-profit national associations and organizations, and non-profit higher education institutions. Multi-state and multi-jurisdictional applicants are strongly encouraged to collaborate and apply with states and jurisdictions that have similar homeland security strategies and approaches. The FY 2014 CTG program focuses on the following six areas: Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction, Cybersecurity, Countering Violent Extremism, Maturing Public-Private Partnerships, Medical Readiness/Immediate Victim Care at Mass Casualty Events, and Rural Training. Applications for the program are available at www.grants.gov. Applications must be completed and submitted through FEMA's Non-Disaster Grants system located at http://portal.fema.gov by July 16, 2014.More

Mike Fagel, Ph.D, CEM, receives first ASIS International 2013 Security Book of the Year Award
Long-time IAEM member, Michael J. Fagel, Ph.D., CEM, has been named the first recipient of the new ASIS International 2013 Security Book of the Year Award for his book titled "Crisis Management & Emergency Planning." Fagel is Homeland Security Analyst for Argonne National Laboratory, Sugar Grove, Illinois. An active IAEM member, he is a former CEM® commissioner, a past IAEM-USA regional officer, and currently serves as IAEM-USA liaison to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, National Center for Security & Preparedness, University of Albany's National Domestic Preparedness Consortium, and the National Safety Council's Emergency Communications Panel. Please join us in congratulating Mike for this award!More

Deadly tornado all but wipes Nebraska village off the map
Hundreds of residents driven from a Nebraska village leveled by a deadly tornado were expected to be allowed back into their community to salvage the remains of their belongings. Just several blocks wide and home to roughly 350 people, Pilger took a direct hit from one of an estimated four tornadoes that the U.S. National Weather Service tracked across northeastern Nebraska.More

West Coast firefighters wrestle with wildfires
U.S. News & World Report
Evacuation orders on nearly 1,000 California homes were lifted as firefighters pushed back a wildfire that destroyed three houses and damaged another. Even as residents returned to their homes, a larger inferno threatened hundreds near the New Mexico-Arizona border.More

Hurricane season off to record start in the Eastern Pacific
The Weather Channel
The 2014 Eastern Pacific hurricane season is off to a record start, according to an index that measures the total energy of tropical storms and hurricanes. Both Hurricane Amanda and Hurricane Cristina reached Category 4 status, and this is by far the earliest in any recent hurricane season that two Category 4 hurricanes have been observed in the Eastern Pacific.More

Swarm of earthquakes in Alaska puzzles scientists
The Associated Press via ABC News
A moderate earthquake shook northwest Alaska, the fifth temblor of the same magnitude since April in an area with otherwise little activity, seismologists said. Before the swarm that began April 18, the last known quake of similar size in the area was a magnitude-5.5 quake that occurred in 1981, earthquake center seismologist Natasha Ruppert said. More

Largest active volcano 'waking up'
Yahoo News
Mauna Loa, Hawaii, is the world's biggest active volcano and scientists have reason to believe it's awaking from its 30-year slumber. While there are no sings of an impending eruption, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory has recorded an increased level of seismic activity on the flanks and summit of Mauna Loa over the past 13 months.More

Mt. Etna eruption disrupts tourist flights to Sicily
The Telegraph
Flights into and out of the Italian city of Catania have been disrupted by the eruption of Mt. Etna, Europe's most active volcano. Catania airport remained open but two air space corridors were temporarily closed, resulting in delays and disruptions for tourists trying to reach Sicily. The volcano, which looms over Catania, put on an impressive pyrotechnics display, belching molten lava and sending plumes of ash into the sky.More

2 earthquakes hit Japanese coast near Fukushima as giant ice wall hits a snag
The Sydney Morning Herald
Two moderate earthquakes have struck off Japan's eastern coast near Fukushima, as the operator of the nuclear plant said the company's efforts to freeze radioactive water in the facility had hit a glitch and may take longer than expected. Officials said there was no immediate risk to the stricken power plant after the quakes. More

WHO update: Death toll from West Africa Ebola hits 337
Reuters via Chicago Tribune
The death toll from an outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has hit 337 since February, according to the latest figures from the U.N. World Health Organization issued on Wednesday. The update said 47 new cases and 14 new deaths were reported across the region over the last week, a further sign that the weak local health systems are failing to stamp out the disease despite international experts being dispatched to help out.More