IAEM Dispatch
Jul. 11, 2013

Be part of the IAEM Pavilion at the Third Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo, a proven success
The IAEM Pavilion will be featured at the Third Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo (ERE), set for Sept. 16-18, 2013, and expected to draw 100 exhibitors and more than 4,000 government leaders and officials in emergency management and disaster response. Observations from Chinese officials about business opportunities at ERE tell the story. "Considering the frequent reoccurrences of disasters and emergent cases in recent years, I support organizing such a show event to deal with the disaster relief and emergency management," said Yan Zhi Zhuang, Ministry of Civil Affairs in China. "It is the need of society and the need of industry." "The exhibits are quite unique with a relatively high degree of specialization," noted Shan Chunchang, counselor of the State Council, National Emergency management Expert Group leader, about previous ERE events. "Some of the products even bring new inspiration about how to approach and handle the cases in the entire emergency rescue." Anyone interested in joining IAEM at this key show in China's capitol city can learn more about the 2013 Beijing International Emergency Expo by visiting the event website. To learn about the IAEM Pavilion and exhibiting at China ERE, contact Mike Rosenberg at 301-493-5500 or via email.More

IAEM Bulletin Update: where to obtain the tribal public awareness video
In the July 2013 IAEM Bulletin, the Page 1 feature article, "Educating Elected Tribal Officials about Emergency Response on Tribal Lands," needs an update. A FEMA contact was named at the end of the article for those who want to obtain a copy of the video. The DVD is not a FEMA publication, and therefore FEMA is not a distributor. FEMA had been distributing the video to students in their Tribal Curriculum courses; however, they are not the contact for other requests for the DVD. Requests for copies from Tribal leaders may be made through the University of Minnesota School of Public Health website. On this site you can also find the video and companion materials. The video is recommended to IAEM members, and it received a Public Awareness certification of recognition in the recent IAEM Awards Competition.More

UCR3 offers scholarships to IAEM members for upcoming courses
The University of Canterbury's Centre for Risk, Resilience & Renewal (UCR3) is pleased to offer professional scholarships to IAEM members for its upcoming Advanced Strategic Crisis Management and Advanced Exercise Management Courses being held in Christchurch, New Zealand. Interested participants who are not currently IAEM members can join online, and with proof of IAEM membership, be eligible for the professional scholarship. For more details, contact Steve Glassey, CEM, associate director, UCR3, or visit the centre's website. More

IAEM Student Members must sign up now to be considered for an Annual Conference registration fee stipend
IAEM Headquarters is maintaining a list of IAEM student members who wish to be considered for a student registration fee stipend in the amount of $235 for the basic registration fee to attend the IAEM 2013 Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada. Students should email their interest to be considered for the registration fee stipend lottery to IAEM Membership Manager Sharon Kelly no later than Friday, Aug. 23, 2013, along with the following information: your name, your complete contact information, and the university you are attending. Notifications will be sent via email by mid-September.More

FEMA's Annual Risk Awareness Survey now active for local officials — FEMA asks U.S. emergency managers to complete survey
Since 2010, FEMA has annually conducted a nationwide survey on risk awareness of U.S. local officials. Survey results track trends and inform federal agencies and state and local communities how to most effectively engage and support communities toward advancing mitigation actions to reduce vulnerabilities to natural hazards. It is now time to take the 2013 local official survey! If you are currently a U.S. local official, please click here to take this 15-minute survey. The deadline to respond is July 31. Survey responses will only be collected during this limited time, so please don’t delay! Your individual responses will be kept confidential and anonymous. More

Register today for upcoming CEM®/AEM℠ Prep Courses and Exams
If you've been thinking about going for the Certified Emergency Manager or the Associate Emergency Manager designation, now is the perfect time to commit! We're offering the following prep courses and group exam offerings for your convenience. Please note that a minimum of 10 registrations is required for each prep course offering to proceed. Register today.

Are you interested in having a CEM®/AEM℠ Prep Course and/or exam scheduled in your area? Email Kate Walker to discuss possibilities.More

FEMA EMI Higher Ed Program offers virtual symposium, 'Getting Ready for the New Semester' — July 25
On July 25, 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. ET, the FEMA Emergency Management Institute Higher Education Program is hosting Virtual Symposium Session 1: "Getting Ready for the New Semester." There will be two sessions in the program:

Contact Dr. Houston Polson, director, FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Program with questions. Register here. More

US Emergency Alert System has 'critical' vulnerability
The U.S. Emergency Alert System, which interrupts TV and radio programming with pressing information about national emergencies, is a service the country has long trusted. But now a major vulnerability has been discovered that could allow hackers to break into the system and broadcast fake messages to the United States. According to a new report conducted by security firm IOActive, a hacker who gains control over one or more of the system's servers could "disrupt these stations' ability to transmit and could disseminate false emergency information over a large geographic area."More

When disaster strikes, tweets point to ground zero
People around the world have live-tweeted natural disasters, elections and revolutions. New work from researchers at Harvard Medical School show that a glut of tweets might help paramedics respond to health emergencies like those after the Boston Marathon bombings. "Twitter gave an incredible characterization of this event in just two stem words," Chris Cassa, a co-author on the study and a researcher at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital.More

Death toll from Quebec train derailment feared to be in the dozens
The Associated Press via The Huffington Post
Canadian authorities have opened a criminal investigation into the fiery wreck of a runaway oil train in this small town as the death toll climbed to 15, with dozens more bodies feared buried in the burned-out ruins. Quebec police Inspector Michel Forget that investigators have "discovered elements" that have led to a criminal probe. He gave no details but ruled out terrorism and said police are more likely exploring the possibility of criminal negligence. Provincial police spokesman said no arrests have been made.More

Toronto storm causes chaos
The Associated Press via USA Today
A severe thunderstorm caused flash flooding in Toronto, cutting power to at least 300,000 in Canada's largest city, shutting down subways, and leaving about 1,400 passengers stranded for hours on a commuter train filled with gushing water. Toronto's flash flooding comes only two weeks after extensive flooding in Calgary turned parts of the western Canadian city into a lake and forced up to 100,000 Albertans from their homes. More

4 reasons so many people survived the Asiana plane crash
Bloomberg Businessweek
Given the charred and mangled state of the Asiana 777 after its crash landing in San Francisco, it's hard to believe that the accident, which killed two passengers, didn't result in more fatalities. Enormous advances in materials and crew training — and the lessons of past tragedies — have dramatically increased the odds of survival in airline disasters. “We took a very safe industry and we made it even safer,” says Robert Mann, an aviation consultant in Port Washington, N.Y. Here are some of the industry changes that likely helped so many passengers on Asiana Flight 214 walk away from the scene.More

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus
World Health Organization
The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has announced one additional laboratory-confirmed case and two deaths in previously confirmed cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in Saudi Arabia. Globally, from September 2012 to date, WHO has been informed of a total of 80 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with MERS-CoV, including 44 deaths.More

Insurer: Total damage from European floods over $16 billion, costliest disaster in 1st half
The Associated Press via Fox News
Munich Re AG, a leading insurance company, says the recent flooding in central Europe caused damage totaling more than $16 billion, about a quarter of it insured — making it costliest natural disaster in 2013 so far. Munich Re AG put insured losses from the flooding in Germany and several other countries at $3.9 billion. Both figures were similar to the damage caused by floods in 2002 that hit some of the same areas. More

Saudi Arabia reports 2 more MERS-CoV deaths
Saudi Arabia has reported two additional laboratory-confirmed cases and two deaths in previously confirmed cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection in the country, according to the World Health Organization. WHO said the two new cases of MERS-CoV infections were that of two males aged 66 and 69 reported from capital Riyadh.More