IAEM Dispatch
Jul. 16, 2015

IAEM seeks member input to decide which Annual Conference sessions will be included in a digital pass
For the first time, the IAEM-USA Digital Engagement Committee and IAEM-USA Conference Committee will be offering a digital pass to the conference. The pass will include several live streams of the keynote and plenary sessions, as well as one recorded session in each spotlight and breakout session block. In addition, the EMvision Talks will be included as a recorded session. By completing the survey, IAEM members will select the sessions that will be recorded at the IAEM Annual Conference. The digital pass will provide live and recorded sessions at the IAEM 2015 Annual Conference. Paid registrants to the annual conference will receive a complimentary digital pass. Those not attending the conference will be able to purchase the digital pass for a nominal fee: $99 (IAEM members) or $197 (non-members). IAEM members, please click here to complete the survey. The survey will remain open until Monday, July 27.More

Behind-the-Scenes tour just added to the IAEM 2015 Annual Conference event schedule
Join other conference attendees for an exclusive private tour of one of MGM Resorts International Hotel properties on Saturday, Nov. 14, 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. The fabulous ARIA Hotel has opened their doors for IAEM attendees to go behind the scenes to their central communications infrastructure and gaming surveillance room. Don’t miss this look behind closed doors at one of the largest hotels in the entertainment capital of the world. Click here for more information about this tour. View the complete program and register today.More

Shop for IAEM gear in our online store
Tour the IAEM Store to view and purchase logowear online. Items will ship within 12 days directly to you. Browse available items to see an array of great styles and colors, in a full range of sizes for both men and women (some kidswear, as well). The IAEM logo — and the CEM®/AEM logos for qualified individuals — can be added to any of these items, including shirts, headwear, outerwear, bags, and accessories. The CEM® and AEM challenge coins are available for any individual to purchase. You also can order a CEM® or AEM plaque or pin once certified, or purchase an IAEM membership lapel pin. Suggestions for items to be added to the store may be emailed to Communications and Marketing Manager Dawn M. Shiley.More

DOT releases final report from 2015 National Address Database Summit
The U.S. Department of Transportation on July 9 released the final report from its 2015 National Address Database (NAD) Summit. IAEM-USA Immediate Past President Bruce Lockwood, CEM, represented IAEM at the summit, which provided a specialized forum for generating ideas and gathering input on the feasibility and format of a shared address database for the United States. Accurate and up-to-date addresses are critical to transportation safety and a vital part of Next Generation 9-1-1. To date, there has been no national database of address points in the public domain. The summit convened stakeholders from all levels of government and the private sector to identify the possible alternatives for developing a NAD, with the pros and cons of each alternative based on real case examples that are currently in place. Download a report summarizing the findings and recommendations from the summit.More

House Appropriations Committee approves FY 2016 DHS appropriations bill
On July 14, the full House Appropriations Committee considered and approved by a vote of 32-17 the FY 2016 appropriations bill for the Department of Homeland Security. No changes were made to the FEMA funding levels, as reported in the IAEM-USA July 8 memo to members. An updated memo with additional details will be posted on the IAEM website’s Government Affairs page. Details of committee concerns and directions were included in the committee draft report released July 13. Six amendments were approved to the draft bill and report. An amendment by Rep. Yoder (R-KS) prohibits grants from the FEMA State and Local account going to sanctuary cities. (Note: EMPG and Firefighter Assistance funds are not in this account.) Although funding was not added, Reps. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA), David Price (D-NC), and Nita Lowey (D-NY) made a case for adding funding to the PreDisaster Mitigation Grant Program and flood mapping. The Committee markup session is available on YouTube. Because of controversial immigration amendments, the bill is not expected to be considered on the House floor, and another stop gap bill (Continuing Resolution) is expected.More

Climate justice: Why vulnerable communities need resilience investments
Union of Concerned Scientists
The White House announced a series of actions targeted at building climate resilience among vulnerable communities, including low-income, tribal and some communities of color. This is a welcome step, and one that the environmental justice community has been asking for ever since President announced his Climate Action Plan two years ago.More

Lawmakers: DHS's focus on climate change distracts from other security threats
Homeland Security Today
At the Coast Guard Academy graduation in May, President Obama stated climate change is "an immediate risk to our national security." Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano also has stated climate change is one of the "greatest challenges of our time." In response to DHS focus on climate change as a top priority, the House Committee on Homeland Security's Subcommittee on Oversight and Management Efficiency held a hearing to examine DHS' rhetoric, role and budget regarding climate change.More

FirstNet holds initial consultation meetings with North Dakota and ICE
The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) held initial consultation meetings last week with the state of Dakota and with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), bringing the total to 38 state consultations meetings to date. These meetings involved more than 2,200 public safety representatives, and 14 additional initial state consultation meetings are scheduled for later this year. Additionally, FirstNet presentations were made at the FEMA Region 4 Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Working Group meeting, the Oregon City/County Management Association Summer Conference, and the National Association of Counties Annual Conference. More information on this and other FirstNet news can be found in the FirstNet weekly update.More

Report: Gaps remain in how federal government handles children in disasters
USA Today
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast and separated thousands of children from their families, the federal government is still ill-equipped to deal with children during large-scale disasters, according to a new report. Nearly 80 percent of the recommendations issued by the National Commission on Children and Disasters in 2010 remain unfulfilled, including improving pediatric transport during disasters and dedicating more federal disaster grants to children's needs, according to the report by Save the Children, a Connecticut-based advocacy group that helps children around the world. More

In North Idaho, wildfires last seen a century ago could be in the offing
Idaho Statesman
Idaho's fire season has been turned on its head this year. North Idaho, the wettest part of an otherwise dry state, is where the greatest threat of big fires exists. Conditions look hauntingly like those 105 years ago, when a million acres burned in two days across North Idaho and Montana.More

Lawmakers, emergency managers seek rail hazmat plans*
Lawmakers, emergency managers and citizen safety advocates called on rail carriers to divulge more about their hazardous material accident response planning. "The US Department of transportation predicts quite accurately that there will be 10 catastrophic oil train explosions per year in the United States, and there have been six," Rep. Frank Hornstein, a Minneapolis Democrat and ranking minority member on the House Transportation Committee, told reporters.More

IAEM-USA Region 4 Training Summit & Expo student member registration fee stipend available
IAEM Headquarters is maintaining a list of IAEM student members (i.e. enrolled full-time, or enrolled part-time studying emergency management or a related field and not working full-time) who are members in good standing and wish to be considered for a student conference registration fee stipend in the amount of $195 to attend the IAEM-USA 2015 Region 4 Training Summit and Expo, Sept. 21-23, 2015, in Asheville, North Carolina. Students should e-mail their interest to be considered for the registration fee stipend lottery to IAEM Membership Manager Sharon Kelly no later than Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015, along with: name; complete contact information; university. Please reference the meeting in the email. Notifications will be sent via email by late August. Learn more. More

New emergency management head selected*
Austin American-Statesman
A new Travis County emergency management coordinator was appointed July 1. Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt chose Stacy Moore-Guajardo as the new coordinator. Moore-Guajardo began working at the Travis County emergency management office in September 2004 as the assistant emergency management coordinator, she said.More

Share your knowledge and experience on 'Marketing Your EM Program' through the IAEM Bulletin; deadline for articles is July 24
Articles are sought on the theme of "Marketing your Emergency Management Program," for the third IAEM Bulletin special focus issue of 2015. Examples of articles could include, but are not limited to: how to reach out to businesses, schools and other groups who don't normally get involved in EM ideas and concepts; lessons learned: what marketing techniques worked for your program and what didn't work; how and with whom you coordinated your marketing program; and methods for integrating or collaborating with stakeholders. Please read the IAEM Bulletin Author's Guidelines prior to emailing your article of 750 to 1,500 words to Karen Thompson, editor, no later than Friday, July 24, 2015.More

Argentina launches new disability-aware DRR plan*
Argentina has rolled out a new plan to ensure that the interests of people with disabilities are part of its efforts to tackle disaster risk, an inclusive approach that reflects the goals of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. The "Inclusive Plan for Emergency and/or Disaster Situations," which covers the huge province of Buenos Aires, was drawn up by the authorities together with Inclusiva, an award-winning NGO for people with disabilities, the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization. More

Peru declares emergency in 14 regions on El Nino worries*
Peru has declared a 60-day state of emergency in towns in 14 regions to brace for possible damage from the climate pattern El Nino in the rainy season, state media reported. Peru has forecast a "moderate to strong" El Nino in the winter season and has not ruled out an extraordinary event in the summer, which begins in December in the southern hemisphere.More

Wildfire season spreading
The wildfire season globally has lengthened by almost 20 percent in 35 years as the average temperature has risen, a climate change study said. "Fire weather seasons have lengthened across 29.6 million square kilometers (11.4 million square miles) of the Earth's vegetated surface," said a paper in the journal Nature Communications. This resulted in a 18.7 percent increase in season length overall. "We have shown that combined surface weather changes over the last three-and-a-half decades have promoted global wildfire weather season lengthening," said a team of scientists in the United States and Australia — two countries particularly affected by wildfires.More

Death toll from sudden temperature swings may surpass AIDS
It’s no surprise that a sudden summer heat wave can kill the elderly; it's a serious public health hazard that will only grow as the world warms. But will more old folks survive milder winters, balancing out the loss of life in the summers? A new study suggests not. A rise of 1°C in mean summer temperatures killed 1 percent more people, whereas that same rise in mean winter temperatures saved a mere 0.6 percent, according to an analysis of death records for nearly 3 million people 65 years and older living in New England from 2000 to 2008. Not only that, but sudden swings in temperature — another phenomenon that could increase along with climate change in some regions — were found to be even worse killers, in either winter or summer.More

NOAA: Record 117-month major hurricane drought continues
It has been 117 months since a major hurricane, defined as a Category 3 or above, has made landfall in the continental United States, according to 2015 data from the Hurricane Research Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This is the longest span of time in which no major hurricane has struck the mainland U.S. in NOAA hurricane records going back to 1851.More

El Nino weather event is biggest since '97, may trigger soaking winter storms
Marin Independent Journal
Can’t wait for the drought to be over? The wait may not be too long. As Pacific Ocean temperatures continue to warm and trade winds shift, federal scientists now say that the El Niño weather event that's emerging could be one of the strongest on record. With California desperate for relief from its punishing four-year drought, the trend is significantly increasing the chances that storms will drench the state this winter, according to a report released by federal scientists. More

4 reasons the Atlantic hurricane season has been so quiet (and is likely to stay that way)
The Washington Post
When Tropical Storm Claudette formed Monday, it came well ahead of the average date of the third named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season — Aug. 14. That might seem surprising, because in every other way, this season has been fortuitously lackluster. More

Can WHO learn the lessons from Ebola?*
An independent panel described the response of the World Health Organization to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as "delayed" and "inadequate," so what systemic changes need to be made to ensure future crises are handled better? Barbara Stocking, who chaired the panel, called it a "defining moment," not just for WHO but also for member states, who have just pledged an additional $3.4 billion to boost recovery efforts in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone over the next two years.More

Hurricane forecasts get better, five more warning thanks to big data*
There are few problems more complex than accurately predicting the weather. Thankfully, big data makes the job a little easier. Scientists today have access to a wealth of detailed information to help them understand and model future weather patterns. But massive data sets and complex forecasting models don't come easy, and data gathering is only part of the equation. More

Tell IAEM impact certification has had on your career
Did the CEM® or AEM designation help get you a job or promotion? Do you have a short testimonial to share about why you feel the Certified Emergency Manager or Associate Emergency Manager designation is important? We're collecting quotes from current CEMs or AEMs on why they feel the certification is beneficial. We'll be posting new comments on the CEM testimonial page and in future marketing materials. Please email your comments to CEM Administrator Kate McClimans.More

This fire chief used his drone to help deliver a life vest to a stranded kid*
The Washington Post
Recently, the Auburn, Maine fire department responded to a call that two boys were stranded on a rock in the Little Androscoggin River in Mechanic Falls. The boys' tube had overturned in the rushing waters. Fire chief Frank Roma's crew was brought in because of its experience in swift water rescues. But Tuesday afternoon they added a new strategy to their operation, using a drone to help deliver a life vest to one of the stranded boys.More

Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 now available
Elysa Jones, chair, IAEM-USA Standards and Practices Committee, represented the organization at the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Mar. 14-18, 2015, in Japan. As chair of the IAEM committee, she identified areas where data standards are appropriate, where they are used, and where they are making a difference in the emergency management mission. Jones presented an overview of the OASIS EDXL (Emergency Data Exchange Language) family of standards at a side event sponsored by the UNISDR R!SE initiative. During the conference, Jones heard a presentation from secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization, Mr. Michel Jarraud, who mentioned the OASIS Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) in his opening remarks to the WMO symposium. The conference developed the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, 2015-2030, which is now available.More

Safe room resources CD now available
Now available from FEMA’s Building Science Branch is FEMA P-388-CD, "Safe Room Resources (2015)." The materials on the CD are intended to help communities mitigate damage or loss from tornadoes and other extreme-wind events, and provide public information resources for conveying the importance of safe room construction. This is part of FEMA’s ongoing mitigation effort to lessen the impact that disasters have on people and property. The CD contains several informative posters, maps, and other resources that can be downloaded in various formats, including high-resolution print quality and low-resolution screen quality for web use. FEMA grant programs have provided approximately $985 million in federal funds towards the design and construction of nearly 25,000 residential and 2,000 community safe rooms in 25 states, tribes, and territories. This investment aligns with FEMA's strategic goal to support disaster resilience and the ability of our local communities to withstand and recover rapidly from disasters. All safe rooms constructed with FEMA grant funds must adhere to the FEMA recommended criteria described in FEMA P-361, "Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes: Guidance for Community and Residential Safe Rooms," and the requirements as described in the most current edition of FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Unified Guidance.More

Get the wildfire safety toolkit
More and more people are making their homes in woodland settings — in or near forests, rural areas, or remote mountain sites. There, homeowners enjoy the beauty of the environment, but face the very real danger of wildfire. Every year across our nation, some homes survive — while many others do not — after a major wildfire. Those that survive almost always do so because their owners had prepared for the eventuality of fire, which is an inescapable force of nature in fire-prone wildland areas. Said in another way — if it's predictable, it's preventable. Learn how to prepare with the wildfire safety toolkit.More

NWS requests participation in the Hazards Simplification Survey
For the past several years, the National Weather Service (NWS) has been exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the Watch, Warning, and Advisory system used to convey expectations of hazardous weather. The system has been in place for decades, and it serves a critical need for the public and NWS partners for decision-making purposes. The NWS is considering whether the current system is the best to accomplish hazard messaging goals and promote a Weather-Ready Nation. The answer to this question rests, in part, with the needs and the experiences emergency managers and other users have using the present system. Please share your experiences by completing this survey. The survey asks you to consider a particular hazardous weather event where the messaging did (or did not) work well from your viewpoint, or from the viewpoint of your community or audience. You may also provide input on your general experience with specific types of hazardous weather situations rather than focusing on a particular event. The survey can be taken in about 20 minutes if you have information from an event (or your general experience) already in mind. You may also complete the survey in more than one session; your completed responses will be saved for up to one week. Submissions are due by August 15, 2015. Email any questions to hazsimp@noaa.gov.More

RFP announcement for multi-jurisdiction disaster debris management plan
RecycleSmart is a regional government (JPA) agency primarily responsible for solid waste and recycling service franchising and oversight. Our agency and members must plan for debris removal following a natural disaster. RecycleSmart is initiating a RFP process for a consultant to handle the development of a multi-jurisdictional plan that will allow RecycleSmart member agencies to manage the debris generated by a disaster event. Proposals must be submitted to RecycleSmart by Aug. 31, 2015. Interested parties may request a copy of the RFP by contacting Bart Carr, senior program manager. 

IAEM-USA Region 10 Meeting will take place Sept. 21 in conjunction with the OSEMA/WSEMA 2015 Joint Conference
Mark your calendars for the IAEM-USA Region 10 meeting, to be held on Sept. 21, 2015, 5:30-7:30 p.m. PST, in conjunction with the Oregon State Emergency Management Association/Washington State Emergency Management Association 2015 Joint Conference. Region 10 members are working on communications in order to facilitate remote participation for those who can't make it to the Region 10 meeting in person. Details will be posted soon. In the meantime, please email Region 10 President Chandra Fox at Chandra@ESCA1.com with any suggestions for agenda items. What would you like to hear about? What would you like to discuss? Make your wishes known! More

IPSA to host July 31 webinar on organized response to mass casualty/active shooter incidents
Offered by the International Public Safety Association (IPSA), this webinar will focus on organized response to mass casualty/active shooter incidents, specifically the Century Theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, and what was learned as a result about response to violent incidents. The presenter will be Fire Captain J. Scott Quirarte, Ventura County Fire Department, who will discuss program development and joint training opportunities instituted in Ventura County, as well as the tactics and skills that his department found most challenging in relation to different disciplines working together. Discussion includes incident command and communication problems encountered when operating at such multidisciplinary events. Register online.More

Webinar on public/private partnerships with Target during a crisis set for July 29
Target's Global Crisis Management team is hosting a webinar on July 29, 2015, 1:00-2:00 p.m. CDT, to enhance its external emergency management partnerships before, during and after disasters. Presenters will share information about Target, its crisis management team, its crisis response efforts, and how Target is actively working to develop, cultivate and leverage its partnerships with communities. Register online early, as space is limited. More

Mexico's Colima volcano triggers evacuations
BBC News
Hundreds of people have been evacuated from villages around a volcano in western Mexico amid fears of a major eruption. Ash from the Colima volcano is falling on local communities, and authorities have sealed off a 12km (7.5 miles) area. The local airport has also been closed. Mexico's interior ministry said the volcano was showing signs similar to a major eruption in 1913. More

Warm, dry weather sparks more wildfires in western Canada
The Associated Press via ABC News
Warm, dry weather over the weekend sparked more wildfires in Saskatchewan, while lightning ignited more fires in British Columbia, officials said. Thousands of people have been evacuated because of the hundreds of fires burning across Canada's western provinces and the thick smoke they produce. Air advisories have been issued across central and western Canada, as well as parts of the western U.S.More

Firefighters gain ground on Washington state wildfire
Firefighters gained more ground against a lightning-sparked wildfire raging for a fourth day in north-central Washington state that continued to threaten about two dozen homes, though officials said they hoped to lift evacuation orders later in the day. The so-called Douglas County Complex blaze has charred some 22,000 acres (90 square km) since erupting on Friday in grass- and brush-covered hills some 20 miles (32 km) east of Wenatchee, fire command spokesman Jeff Sevigney said.More

1 dead, 11 missing in Kentucky flash flood
At least one person is dead and 11 others, including children, are missing in Kentucky after a flash flood was triggered by strong storms. Rescue workers are continuing their search for the missing, most who live in the Flat Gap area of northeast Kentucky. One man died as he was trying to wade through high waters. Dozens of homes were evacuated and up to 32,000 customers were without power.More

Venice assesses damage after tornado strike
The Telegraph
The twister, packing wind speeds of up to 140kmh, narrowly missed Venice itself, but caused significant damage to several islands in the surrounding lagoon. It struck but the extent of the damage only emerged later, as emergency officials and the deputy mayor of Venice visited the affected area. Dozens of boats were overturned and a group of 15 sailing students were trapped inside a boat house after its entrance was blocked by a fallen tree.More

Weatherwatch: Chan-hom typhoon pelts east China and Korea
The Guardian
The east coast of China was hit by typhoon Chan-hom, affecting the Zhejiang province just south of Shanghai, which is one of China's most populous areas. The typhoon first formed as a tropical depression in the Pacific before strengthening to a category 4 storm. This was an unusually strong typhoon for this area, bringing winds of 135 mph and heavy rainfall, and it led to a million people being evacuated.More

Powerful Hurricane Dolores threatens Socorro Island
Dolores became a Category 4 hurricane. Swells from the large storm will continue to push outward from the center into the weekend. While western Mexico and southern Baja California will escape the worst of the storm with the system moving away from the mainland, residents and visitors cannot let their guard down. The storm is moving on a west-northwest path.More

Typhoon Nangka likely to strike Japan at an unusually dangerous angle
Typhoon Nangka is about four days away from landfall in Japan, where it will likely affect the heavily urbanized areas of Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima, based on recent track forecasts. The storm is intensifying, with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph. The forecast calls for the storm to reach Category 3 intensity before beginning to weaken as it nears Japan and encounters cooler ocean waters and stronger winds in the upper atmosphere, both of which are factors that tend to weaken tropical storms, hurricanes and typhoonsMore