IAEM Dispatch
Aug. 1, 2013

IAEM is a major sponsor of Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo — exhibit spaces still available
China has experienced three of five of the worst natural disasters in history. The upcoming Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo will address concerns about recent disasters in China and ways to improve planning, response and recovery. ERE is set for Sept. 16-18, 2013, in Beijing, and is expected to draw more than 100 exhibitors and 4,000 high level government officials from around China and the world. The Expo will showcase the latest technology, products, training and services for disaster, planning, response and recovery. A high level international Pan-Asian conference, presenting the all-hazards approach, will accompany the exhibition. IAEM, a major sponsor of ERE, will provide an overview on training about international assessment standards for Asian emergency management programs. IAEM also will hold its Annual IAEM-Asia Business Meeting during ERE, as well as organize a Pavilion for exhibitors seeking to expand and explore emergency management opportunities in China. To learn about the IAEM Pavilion and exhibiting at China ERE, contact Mike Rosenberg.More

IAEM Bulletin call for articles: 'Emergency Management in a Changing World'
The focus topic for the October 2013 issue of the IAEM Bulletin will match the IAEM 2013 Annual Conference theme of "Emergency Management in a Changing World." The Editorial Work Group would like to receive articles about what emergency management means to you in your part of the world. How is it changing? Please keep your article to no more than 750 words, and read the IAEM Bulletin Author's Guidelines before submitting your article to IAEM Bulletin Editor Karen Thompson. The deadline for article submissions is Sept. 10, 2013.More

Sign up today to participate in the IAEM Annual Conference as conference staff and receive discounts
With tight budgets and the Federal sequester impacting government budgets at all levels, many organizations that have paid for their staff to attend the IAEM Conference in previous years are unable to for the 2013 conference in Reno. If you are one of the many people wondering how to pay for your conference this year, the Conference Committee has a solution: join the conference staff! What you may not know is that working as conference staff is not volunteer work — you actually earn credit toward your conference fee. Staff members are needed to assist with the breakout and keynote sessions, as well as help check badges at doors, help with registration, execute the auction, and set up and staff the IAEM Bookstore. When you register online for the conference, select the "Conference Staff" option in your registration. Download the online guidebook that outlines exactly what you can expect from your experience as conference staff and what will be expected from you. There are many benefits to serving as conference staff. Not only will you receive credit for the time you work, you'll get to hear the presentations and meet professionals outside of your usual network. You may also get a chance to learn about IAEM groups and committees that you may not otherwise have had time to explore. For more information about conference staff opportunities, contact Ian Weston.More

IAEM conference mobile app available soon
IAEM2Go 2013 is the official mobile app of the IAEM 61st Annual Conference & EMEX, to be held Oct. 25-30, 2013, in Reno, Nev. You'll want to download the mobile app, as it will include: the conference program, EMEX exhibit guide, interactive site maps, and conference news updates. You'll be able to customize your schedule, take notes, find conference information, and rate sessions and speakers. Watch for information on how you can download IAEM2Go 2013, coming soon!More

Register today for upcoming CEM®/AEM℠ Prep Courses and Exams
If you've been thinking about going for the Certified Emergency Manager or the Associate Emergency Manager designation, now is the perfect time to commit! We're offering the following prep courses and group exam offerings for your convenience. Please note that a minimum of 10 registrations is required for each prep course offering to proceed. Register today.

Are you interested in having a CEM®/AEM℠ Prep Course and/or exam scheduled in your area? Email Kate Walker to discuss possibilities.More

IAEM-USA student members invited to enter the IAEM-USA Student Academic Research Paper Presentation Award Competition
IAEM-USA student members still have the opportunity to showcase their research, and have it judged by experts in the field of emergency management. The competition is open only to IAEM-USA student members, who will compete in one of two categories, undergraduate and postgraduate. Download the guidelines, and submit your entry no later than Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013, 5:00 p.m. EDT.More

Members of Congress back home for August recess
The U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate are scheduled to recess after Aug. 3, 2013, and will return to Washington on Sept. 9, 2013. This is an ideal time to make appointments to meet with legislators back home or to attend events such as town hall meetings. More

Passing of the Honorable Lindy Boggs, former U.S. Representative and Ambassador to the Vatican
On July 27, the emergency management community lost one of its greatest advocates when former U.S. Representative Lindy Biggs passed away. IAEM-USA Policy Advisor Martha Braddock noted, "All who had the honor to work with Mrs. Boggs have favorite stories of how she accomplished — with charm, a smile, deep understanding of issues, political sense, and steely determination — what others thought impossible. She kept emergency management funding alive against incredible odds in the 80's. Next to my mother, she is the woman I admired most."

As the representative of a New Orleans district from 1973 to 1990, the Honorable Lindy Boggs clearly understood the importance of improving preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. She was a tireless supporter of emergency management and the National Flood Insurance Program in her roles as a member of the Appropriations Subcommittee which had jurisdiction over FEMA and, earlier, the Committee on Banking and Currency of the U.S. House of Representatives. She spearheaded legislation on various issues, ranging from emergency management to flood insurance and flood control, from civil rights to women’s issues (notably access to mortgage credit in their own names and credit for women entrepreneurs) and to promotion of women in government service. She was respected as an expert on these issues by her colleagues in Congress. Among her many honors, she was inducted into the International Women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Hall of Fame in 2012, held in conjunction with the IAEM-USA 60th Annual Conference & EMEX. Learn more.More

IAEM-Canada invites Canadian emergency managers to participate in research project
IAEM Canada is sponsoring an original Canada-wide research project aimed at learning more about the people who comprise the field of emergency management in Canada. The project is a demographic survey of Canadian emergency management personnel, and the results will contribute to a benchmark profile of the profession in Canada. The project is titled "The Face of the Profession," and the researcher is a graduate student in the Disaster and Emergency Management program at Royal Roads University. If you are a Canadian who is engaged in emergency management, you are urged to participate in this important survey. The survey has 42 questions and takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, and the identities of the respondents will remain confidential. The deadline for participation is Sept. 6, 2013. Take the survey. If you have any questions about the survey, contact the researcher directly.More

DHS has posted first round of questions in the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR)
DHS posted its first round of questions for the QHSR last week, and hundreds of your colleagues have already signed up to provide their input and expertise. Participate in this survey-like review process at IdeaScale, a user-friendly crowdsourcing site where you can comment on ideas, agree or disagree with posted ideas, and also add ideas. At the DHS QHSR IdeaScale page, the discussion is currently focusing on a DHS study about securing and expediting the flows of people and goods across borders. DHS wants you to tell them about trends that will impact the legal and illegal flows of people and goods over the coming years. They also would like to hear about the opportunities and challenges those trends will present for three stakeholder groups: the private sector, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, and the federal government. If you haven't already signed up for IdeaScale, registration is easy. Simply visit the website to request an account. Access is immediate once you verify your e-mail address.More

Reps. McCaul and King release House GOP report on effectiveness of US fusion centers
GSN: Government Security News
Reps. Michael McCaul, R-Texas and Peter King, R-N.Y., the current and past chairmen of the House Homeland Security Committee, released a majority staff report entitled, The National Network of Fusion Centers, which details the Committee's findings and recommendations regarding fusions centers across the country. A national network of fusion centers was developed in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to close the gaps in information sharing between federal, state and local law enforcement and emergency responders, explained a news release issued by McCaul and King. Currently, the Network includes 78 fusion centers across 49 states, three territories and the District of Columbia.More

Measuring performance: A challenge for emergency managers
Emergency Management
One of the hallmarks of public administration is its emphasis on the use of performance measures. Performance measures are an attempt to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of a government program by monitoring program outputs. The concept originated in engineering and business, where such quantitative measurements could provide useful information on the status of a business or project.More

Australia guide: How to survive mass shootings
MSN News
Australian counterterrorism officials, citing deadly incidents such as the Boston Marathon bombings, have issued a guide for government and business to prevent, respond to and survive mass shootings. The guidelines issued by the Australia-New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee spell out plans to manage threats of mass casualties in gathering places such as sporting and entertainment venues, universities, shopping and business districts and transportation hubs, according to media reports.More

Natural Disasters and Seniors: How to Protect Older Adults
The Huffington Post Canada
The recent floods in Calgary caught people by surprise. The water came quickly, and although many Calgarians were on alert to leave, when the evacuation order was finally issued, speed was of the essence. One of the 26 Calgary communities that had to be evacuated was Bridgeland, near the Bow River. For over 50 years, the area has been home to lower-income Calgary seniors in affordable housing provided by Silvera for Seniors. When the evacuation order was issued for Bridgeland, it meant that almost 600 seniors needed to leave the area in a hurry.More

IAEM mourns the loss of Jane S. Long
The cultural community, as well as the emergency management community, mourns the loss of Jane S. Long, long-time champion of emergency preparedness at Heritage Preservation and, most recently, at the National Archives and Records Administration. Jane passed away in Arlington, Va., on July 25 from cancer. We have lost a dear colleague whose contributions continue to have a powerful impact both in the United States and abroad. Thanks to her vision and dedication, today's cultural institutions are better prepared to face disasters and respond to them when they occur. Her devoted husband, Richard W. Long, has honored Heritage Preservation by requesting the establishment of the Jane S. Long Memorial Fund for Emergency Programs to honor the life she lived with purpose and commitment. He is joined in this by their son, Christopher, his wife, Lisa, and their children, Marissa and Alex. Contributions will be used to fund Heritage Preservation's emergency preparedness and response initiatives, which Jane embraced and advanced so passionately.More

FEMA releases Hurricane Sandy After Action Report
FEMA on July 25 released its "Hurricane Sandy FEMA After Action Report," which reviews all aspects of the agency's preparations for, immediate response to, and initial recovery from the October 2012 storm. The response and recovery from Hurricane Sandy provided a significant test of FEMA's capabilities and those of its whole community partners. Today, FEMA continues to support state, local and tribal partners as they work to recover and rebuild impacted communities. The final AAR document identifies both strengths and areas for improvement and provides recommendations for future response and recovery efforts. Download report here.More

FEMA Releases Fiscal Year 2013 Continuing Training Grant funding totaling more than $7.8 Million to increase preparedness
The Federal Emergency Management Agency on July 24 released the FY 2013 Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the Continuing Training Grant (CTG) program totaling more than $7.8 million. The CTG will help strengthen national preparedness and provide specialized training to help first responders, homeland security/emergency management officials, and citizens to prepare them for all types of disasters. CTG program grants will be awarded to state, local (including rural communities), and tribal entities; nonprofit national associations and organizations; nonprofit higher education institutions; and nonprofits. Nonprofits can include community and faith-based organizations or entities with existing programs that develop high priority national homeland security training needs. Multi-state and multi-jurisdictional applicants are strongly encouraged to collaborate and apply with states and jurisdictions that have similar homeland security strategies and approaches. Applications and details about how to apply online for the FY 2013 CTG program FOA can be found at www.grants.gov. Applications must be completed by Aug. 16, 2013.More

Can Generation Y improve the response after snowstorms, tornadoes?
During January of 2011, Boston was blanketed in 38.3 inches of snow which is about three times the average snowfall amount for the month. As residents began the arduous task of shoveling their walkways, the fire hydrants adjacent to them remain untouched. Buried under mountains of snow, they would be of little use to firefighters who wouldn't even be able to determine their location if needed. These are the types of problems that face the U.S. government every day and can be solved by forward-thinking and innovation. The organization Code For America aims to solve these problems.More

Helikite balloons can hoist emergency LTE network after natural disaster
Google has the whole hot air balloon thing covered. But this idea is a bit different. It consists of a group of "helikites," or small load-bearing balloon-kite hybrids, which can quickly be launched to form a network of LTE or WLAN masts up to an altitude of 2.5 miles, providing data coverage following an earthquake or tsunami. A standalone rugged suitcase, or "Portable Land Rapid Deployment Unit," contains everything needed for activation in tough conditions.More

Spanish train driver charged in deadly crash
The driver of the train that derailed in northwestern Spain was charged Sunday with 79 counts of homicide by professional recklessness and an undetermined number of counts of causing injury by professional recklessness. At least 79 people died as a result of the recent crash. A court granted the driver, Francisco Jose Garzon, conditional release. His train driver's license was suspended for six months. He must report to court weekly, and his passport was surrendered.More

Flood waters from Las Vegas to Philadelphia; Hawaii next
Severely soggy weather soaked the East Coast to the West recently, stranding travelers, washing out roads and claiming two lives. And while the U.S. mainland cleared, Hawaii braced for Tropical Storm Flossie, as the weakening, but still potent system closed on the island chain. Life-threatening flash floods and mud slides are forecast as the storm threatens to dump up to 15 inches of rain, the National Hurricane Center said.More

Rio de Janeiro flood: 1 killed, 13 injured after water pipe bursts
The Epoch Times
A massive flood broke out in Rio de Janeiro after a water pipe burst, forcing the evacuation of about 200 homes. Some were able to return to their homes soon later in the day, but about 70 people remain homeless, according to Municipal Civil Defense officials. More

Climate change's nasty new natural disaster: 'Himalayan tsunamis'
Toronto Star
This summer's devastating "Himalayan tsunami" is a grim omen for the future of the millions of people living downstream from the majestic mountain range. The June floods wiped out the Hindu pilgrimage town of Kedarnath and may have killed as many as 6,000 people. But the scale of the disaster could be dwarfed by future flooding.More