IAEM Dispatch
Dec. 4, 2014

Deadline for holiday orders at IAEM Online Store is Dec. 5
Have you done all of your holiday shopping yet? You may find what you're looking for in the IAEM Store at www.iaemstore.com. The selection of IAEM logo gear includes t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, bags, accessories, and more — in lots of colors and sizes with styles for both women and men. And if you're a current CEM® or AEM℠, you also have the option of having the CEM® or AEM℠ seal put on your favorite items. There are even youth apparel selections for the kids.More

Inaugural IAEM 2014 Middle East Resilience Conference to be rescheduled
The inaugural IAEM 2014 Middle East Resilience Conference, scheduled for Dec. 10-11, 2014, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been postponed to a later date. Please watch this publication for an announcement of the new dates or sign up at the conference website for notifications when more information is available.More

Notice of IAEM-Oceania Annual General Meeting 2014
IAEM-Oceania members were notified on Nov. 24, 2014, that the IAEM-Oceania Annual General Meeting will take place Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014, at the Surf Rescue House, 18 Manning St, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia. The meeting will begin at 1730 hours QLD time. Teleconference details will be confirmed when available. Reports and confirmation of the process for attending electronically will be forwarded to all IAEM-Oceania members. This notice is Pursuant to the Model Rule 33(1)a - 'at least 21 days' notice of a general meeting if a special resolution is to be proposed at the meeting.' Download notice with details here.More

INSA, DHS, FBI, and ODNI Develop IC Analyst-Private Sector Partnership Program
The IC Analyst-Private Sector Partnership Program, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Intelligence and Analysis, on behalf of the Director of National Intelligence, facilitates collaborative partnerships between members of the private sector and teams of experienced Intelligence Community (IC) analysts. The areas of focus selected for this year's program, based on intelligence priorities, were: Energy Security, Money Laundering, Identifying and Countering Insider Threats, Air Domain Awareness, Identity Theft and Illicit Activity, Game Changing Biotechnology. One of the products of this effort is creation of the Insider Threat Resource Directory. This resource provides the essential elements required to initiate an insider threat program. To accomplish this, the group relied on several sources, including: personal experience in the public and private sectors, interviews with industry experts, overviews of insider threat programs, and discussions among team members. The 13 essential elements were developed to follow a timeline from the first step (Initial Planning) to the last (Feedback/Lessons Learned). In addition, more than 200 insider threat publications were reviewed and mapped to the 13 essential elements. Read a blog post that includes links to valuable documents here.More

Obama offers new standards on police gear in wake of Ferguson protests
The New York Times
President Barack Obama, grappling with how to respond to the racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and a wave of anger at law enforcement officials across the country, said that he would tighten standards on the provision of military-style equipment to local police departments and provide funds for police officers to wear cameras. More

US designates 35 hospitals as Ebola centers
USA Today
State health officials have designated 35 U.S. hospitals as Ebola treatment centers, a move that will at least triple the number of beds available to treat future patients. The hospitals are mostly clustered around the five airports where travelers from West Africa are being routed. About 80 percent of returning travelers from West Africa live within 200 miles of one of the hospitals, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.More

Willis Re unveils 1st Japan Tsunami Model
Willis Re, the reinsurance division of Willis Group Holdings, the global risk adviser, insurance and reinsurance broker, released a new Japan Tsunami Model to advance the industry's understanding of catastrophic tsunami losses. Developed in-house alongside the Willis Research Network, it is the first tsunami model with probabilistic and deterministic modeling function to be created by a broker.More

From Dallas to London to Sydney, the 35 new resilient cities — in pictures
The Guardian
The 100 Resilient Cities program has revealed a new set of cities it will help prepare for, and bounce back from, the shocks and stresses of modern urban existence. More

Will the US ban carry-on bags for Christmas travel?
Smarter Travel
Counterterrorism officials are talking about banning carry-on luggage on flights around Christmastime ahead of terrorism concerns, NPR reports. U.S. and U.K. officials worried about a terror plot aimed at commercial flights headed for Europe have discussed heightened security measures during the upcoming holiday, including a carry-on luggage ban or a ban on electronic devices in plane cabins. More

1,400 flood defense projects in England to receive funding
The Guardian
More than 1,400 flood defense projects are to receive funding to provide better protection from flooding for hundreds of thousands of homes. The Treasury is detailing projects that will receive a share of the £2.3 billion already earmarked for capital spending on flood defenses over the next six years to improve protection for 300,000 homes, as part of plans for range of infrastructure investments.More

Philippines hardest hit by extreme weather in 2013
Reuters via Scientific American
The Philippines, Cambodia and India were the countries hardest hit by extreme weather events in 2013, according to a study unveiled at U.N. talks in Lima on a global deal to limit climate change. The report by Germanwatch, a think-tank partly funded by the German government, said the Philippines suffered most because 6,300 people died when Typhoon Haiyan struck a year ago and caused $13 billion in damage.More

IAEM Student Members Are Invited to Vote on Proposed Bylaws Amendments
The voting area is open to learn about and vote on proposed IAEM-Global Student Council Bylaws amendments. The IAEM-Global Student Council (GSC) completed a comprehensive review of the bylaws this year. While the majority of the review has been to address issues with consistency, redundancy and clarity, the IAEM GSC Board has proposed a modification to the election of council officers (e.g., president, vice president, treasurer and secretary). Online voting began on Nov. 26, 2014, and will end on Friday, Dec. 19, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern time. All current IAEM Student Members are eligible to vote. Enter the voting area here.More

Winter weather social media toolkit now available
The Ready Campaign recommends using social media tools as a way to promote emergency preparedness. The winter weather social media toolkit includes Facebook and Twitter posts, related preparedness graphics and preparedness social media writing tips. Learn more about winter storms and extreme cold, as well as how to prepare before, during and after severe winter weather. More

Project aims to get disaster victims into homes within days
Emergency Management
The RAPIDO project, to build 20 prefabricated homes in the Rio Grande Valley, is the first of two projects that its originators hope will revolutionize not only the way housing is built after disasters, but as a way to provide low-income housing everywhere in Texas. A similar $4 million project to build 20 homes in Harris and Galveston counties is in its early stages and expected to produce its first house by March. More

FEMA announces policy updates to Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping Standards
FEMA announced the revision of 18 Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (RiskMAP) standards as part of the semi-annual maintenance process. The revisions included changes in standards implemented relative to levee Zone AR and A99 designations consistent with Section 19 of the Homeowners Insurance Affordability Act of 2014; updating maps to show a de-accredited levee through the Letter of Map Revision process; depiction of base flood elevations on flood maps; use of digital flood hazard data; and some terminology changes. FEMA also issued new guidance documents for RiskMAP and updated the related technical reference documents that define specific requirements for flood risk project deliverables. Learn more. More

FEMA seeks comments to Public Assistance Simplified Procedures Thresholds
FEMA seeks public comments from state, local, tribal and territorial governments, private non-profit organizations, and interested members of the public regarding the agency's recent revision of the Public Assistance program simplified procedures program. FEMA is seeking comments on specific questions to inform any future revisions to the project thresholds that are updated annually based on the Consumer Price Index. Comments are due on Jan. 20, 2015, and may be submitted online.More

DHS announces Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative
The Department of Homeland Security on Nov. 24 announced the launch of the 2015 Secretary's Honors Program Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative for current two- and four-year college students. Beginning in Spring 2015, more than 75 selected students will complete volunteer assignments supporting the DHS cyber mission at department field offices in over 50 locations across the United States. Through this initiative, student volunteers currently pursuing an undergraduate degree related to cybersecurity will gain invaluable hands-on experience and exposure to the cybersecurity work performed across DHS. In addition to supporting activities such as cyber threat analysis, digital forensics, network diagnostics and incident response, selected students will participate in mentoring and professional development events with DHS managers and senior leaders. Applications for the 2015 Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative will be accepted through Dec. 12, 2014. Please visit the job opportunity announcement on USAJOBS for more information about the application and selection process. More

IAEM Annual Conference photos now available
Photos taken by the professional photographer for the IAEM 2014 Annual Conference are posted here for download. The link to the photos will be active until Jan. 25, 2015, so download your choices now.More

New book examines how preparing for disaster is key to bouncing back
PBS NewsHour
Only communities that prepare for the unpredictable — from health scares to cyberattacks — can quickly bounce back. But how can we flip the paradigm for dealing with disaster? Author Judith Rodin joins Gwen Ifill for a conversation about her book "The Resilience Divided," on what defines resilience and how cities can move their focus from relief and recovery to preparedness and readiness.More

Prep courses are a great way to start your certification process
Have you thought about attending the CEM®/AEM℠ Prep Course as you prepare to start the certification process? Find out what is covered in the CEM®/AEM℠; Prep Course and join us for one of the upcoming CEM®/AEM℠ offerings:

Interested candidates should register through the IAEM website. IAEM requires a minimum of 10 registrants for the Prep Course. If you have any questions, contact CEM Administrator Kate McClimans.More

ADA National Network Learning Session 'Inclusive Emergency Planning — Lessons from the City of Los Angeles Lawsuit' Webinar to be held Dec. 11, 2014 2:30 p.m. EST
Register here for access and details about this ADA National Network Learning Session. This 90-minute webinar will provide an overview of major lessons observed as The City of Los Angeles works to strengthen its inclusion of people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs in Executive Directives, Emergency Operations Plan, departmental standard operating procedures and training. Focus will include planning processes, roles and responsibilities, resource management, agreements, community stakeholder integration, other tools for success. Examples will be provided regarding communication, mass care and sheltering, evacuation, and maintaining health.More

California mudslides and rockslides likely to resume with more heavy rainfall expected; evacuations issued
The Weather Channel
California's much-needed rainfall sparked at least three rockslides and mudslides along a burn-scarred stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway, shutting down a nine-mile section of the highway that could remain closed for days, state officials said. There's more bad news on the way — additional rainfall could lead to more dangerous slides.More

Detroit power failure raises alarms across US
USA Today
The power failure that plunged Detroit's schools, fire stations, traffic signals and public buildings into darkness reflects a larger problem of aging electrical infrastructure around the country that has worried experts for years. The chaos of unexpected power loss is all too familiar for people who work in downtown Detroit. But the problem is not isolated to one city. A series of federal and private studies raise alarm bells about the power distribution system nationally, saying it is plagued by aging equipment with high failure rates, obsolete system structures and outdated engineering.More

November 2014 shattered cold and snow records for some
The Weather Channel
November 2014 featured frequent bouts of early-season arctic air and snow, setting records in parts of the nation from the Pacific Northwest to Florida and the East Coast. Some of these were new records for the month of November, a November calendar day, a snowstorm, or the earliest in the season it has been so cold or there has been so much snow.More

WHO revises Ebola death toll, lowers numbers of deaths in Liberia
Reuters via The Huffington Post
A surge in Ebola deaths reported by the World Health Organization at the weekend arose from about 1,000 Liberian deaths wrongly ascribed to the disease, the WHO said, and were removed from an updated data set. The revised data from the World Health Organization shows the three worst hit countries have suffered 5,987 deaths, nearly 1,000 fewer than previously reported.More