IAFC Bugle Brief
Jan. 22, 2015

12 ways great leaders are different than the rest of us
If you're looking to become a great leader, you must start from the qualities that make you different from the rest. How many of these do you already model? How many have you yet to acquire? If you want to be great, start with the following.More

Millennials agree this is your single most important leadership trait
If you want to inspire and attract the next generation of workers, new research shows that nothing works like a rock-solid mission statement. Millennials think the best leaders possess an overarching sense of purpose, according to a study from consulting and accountancy firm Deloitte.More

The roots of becoming a more effective leader
Of more than 13,000 business leaders who were surveyed, only 27 percent felt very prepared to tackle what they collectively believed to be the No. 1 issue today: human capital challenges. Interestingly, when those leaders were asked how they intend to improve these challenges, four of the top 10 strategies focused on leadership.More

5 simple steps to better leadership in the New Year
By Betty Boyd
We all make New Year resolutions in our personal life, but what about our professional life? Do leaders need to make resolutions? Being a leader should not necessarily entail making resolutions, but rather establishing goals. Goal setting is providing a vision for an organization to follow. It is decisiveness — take action, and it will go a long way. So how does a leader come up with these goals?More

15 exercises to pump up your leadership skills
The Huffington Post
You take yourself to the gym, so why not strengthen your leadership muscles too? These 15 exercises list will help build your leadership muscles. For each one, think about how you handle it now, what's working and what you want to to enhance through practice. Then go for it.More

What you should do when your team's communication falls apart
Fast Company
Regardless of our roles, most of us work in teams at one time or another. If we want to achieve our goals, it takes coordination, cooperation and collaboration to keep all the moving parts moving. But what happens when the team starts to lose pace and unravel? Here are three tips to get you back on track. More

By being authentic, you may just be conforming
Harvard Business Review
In this age of authentic leadership, originality is at a premium and people perceive imitation as more fakery than flattery. The thing is, authenticity itself has become a performance — and an exercise in conformity. Take, for instance, the speeches we are used to hearing from North American and, increasingly, European senior executives. They've become more personal in recent years, but also more staged. Typically the speaker starts with an anecdote, preferably about a difficult experience that tested the executive and forged his or her leadership values.More