IAFC Bugle Brief
Feb. 10, 2014

Are you a good leader?
Once, it may have been enough for a company to find something that works and keep doing it over and over again. Today, in a marketplace of continual innovation and change, a company needs strong and strategic leadership to truly thrive. But what does strong leadership mean?More

The crucial career choices we make every day
By Mike Wokasch
Many of us are in a work routine where we get up, go to work, do our job and go home. We do this without realizing that every day we make two choices that affect our job performance, career opportunities and compensation. These choices also have deeper rooted personal and job satisfaction implications that will become obvious from this discussion.More

How successful people stay calm
The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance. TalentSmart has conducted research with more than a million people, and it found that 90 percent of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control. While there are numerous effective strategies that successful people employ when faced with stress, what follows are 10 of the best. More

How to lead as a servant
We live in a world where the chase for power is increasing. Someone is always getting thrown under the bus so another person can get ahead. The "top of the food chain" philosophy that has infected our workforce and leadership has thrived on the accumulation of power and practices to get ahead. Yet when all is said and done, have we really gotten ahead by this change?More

Providing good customer service inside your organization
In today's fast-paced, competitive marketplace, we all know that businesses must provide quality products backed by great customer service to be successful. Emergency services are no different; we're in the business of delivering essential services that meet or exceed customer expectations. Our effectiveness in this regard ultimately determines our success in maintaining community loyalty, support and trust.More

Leadership is not a solitary task
Harvard Business Review
We often think of leadership as a solitary task. Buying into Thomas Caryle's "great man" theory of history, we speak of leadership in solitary and personal terms. And certainly, history is filled with examples. But most real change is community-driven and community-focused.More