IAFC Bugle Brief
May. 22, 2014

4 simple things you can do to be a better leader
Typically the most well-respected leaders have the ability to combine leading from the front and working in the trenches alongside their team. Anyone leading a team who believes they are above getting their hands dirty won't last long. The best leaders can lead from anywhere — the top, bottom or middle.More

The 10 commandments of employee onboarding
By Mel Kleiman
It's important to remain focused, dedicated and committed to hiring the best and giving them an outstanding onboarding process that builds lasting relationships. If you follow these commandments, your organization will become just that — the best. First off, tell every promising applicant not only what's wonderful about the job and the organization, but also about what is challenging. This way, neither you nor your new hire will face an unpleasant surprise.More

Time management for the company officer
Captain William "Rob" Frampton of the Salisbury (Maryland) Fire Department, offers quick tips for task prioritization, a key process for fire service company officers. This short presentation is ideal for Kitchen Table Training in your firehouse.

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What a fire chief must do to change the culture
Fire Chief
How do you enforce a policy as a chief that you once clearly violated as a firefighter? How do you change the culture of a large organization that takes pride in its traditions, even the more dubious ones? How do you bring people at the station level to come to see that there are other ways to create team spirit and camaraderie other than hazing and unprofessional behavior? These are real questions that need to be answered, and they cannot be answered just with the statement of a policy. More

12 ways to be a great leader
Real leaders, the kind we want to follow and emulate, are rare in today's global, hyper-competitive and financially-driven world. In their place are fast-track wannabes and imposters focused on unsustainable short-term results. Instead of mentoring employees and looking for long-term solutions to lasting profitability, they seek to drive performance by bullying and focusing on personal glory over the success of the entire organization. What steps can enlightened leaders take to limit this type of behavior? More

What truly great bosses believe
The most successful bosses — and the ones employees respect and follow most easily, and who are most likely to be promoted — tend to share the following eight core beliefs. More

The best leaders are humble leaders
Harvard Business Review
In a global marketplace where problems are increasingly complex, no one person will ever have all the answers. That's why Lazlo Bock, Google's SVP of people operations, says humility is one of the traits he's looking for in new hires. "Your end goal," he said, "is what can we do together to problem-solve. I've contributed my piece, and then I step back." And it is not just humility in creating space for others to contribute, says Bock — it's "intellectual humility. Without humility, you are unable to learn."More