IAFC Bugle Brief
Jul. 8, 2015

The marathon effect of leading change
When senior managers announce a significant change, their goal is to get employees on board in the hope that they will embrace and support the change. When employees react with confusion, fear or uncertainty, or question the change, managers mistakenly see this behavior as "resisting change." They forget that they went through the exact same process. They had more time to deal with it and are now ready to move on.More

Debriefing: A simple tool that can help your team tackle tough problems
Harvard Business Review
Your team has identified an important goal to hit, challenge to be addressed or opportunity to be pursued. You call a meeting or two, set objectives, put a plan together and start to execute. Everything looks good on paper. But then your plan starts to hit some snags. More

An attitude of gratitude in the workplace
By Betty Boyd
How often do you get a thank you from anyone in your organization? Is it once a week, a month or a year? A study conducted by the John Templeton Foundation discovered that the workplace is the least likely place that someone would get a "thank you." In fact, according to the Templeton survey, 60 percent indicated "they either never expressed gratitude at work or do so perhaps once a year." So how can an organization overcome this trend and up the percentages?More

Active listening tips for leaders
Business 2 Community
The leader who actively listens to managers and employees may earn a leg up on the competition. In terms of communication and morale, this sort of attentiveness can have a major impact on a business. Here are a few tips for leaders looking to become better listeners. More

4 ways to develop a culture of respect and trust
Employee engagement is a huge challenge today that every company is trying to tackle. What makes employees happy? What keeps them around? And what can we (as leaders, entrepreneurs and fellow colleagues) do about it? The Society for Human Resource Management recently released a report stating that "respectful treatment of all employees" was the No. 1 contributor to job satisfaction.More

50 inspiring quotes on leadership for everyone
The product you build and the team you hire are important, but your ability to lead is what carries your company. With that kind of pressure, it's easy to feel stressed, lonely and overwhelmed at times. Every great leader has faced a challenge that defined their greatness, which is why we often turn to their advice when needed.More

How great leaders build trust and increase employee engagement
Have you ever done something with the best intentions only to have it backfire? Understanding how to light up the brain's reward network and stay out of the pain network can help you to avoid common pitfalls.More