IAFC Bugle Brief
Dec. 9, 2013

5 ways to refresh your leadership style
Most leaders in today's workplace could use a fresh start. They are struggling with the new demands that are being placed upon them; these include: how to lead the changing demographic shift, how to keep doing more with less and how to execute with the required speed as the marketplace continues to evolve and reinvent itself.More

Steps to finding your next top performer
"Average" employees are costing your company more money than you think. While some of these employees might have left on their own accord in the past, today they're toughing it out — and inadvertently restricting your company's performance instead of elevating it. More

5 wicked issues we can no longer ignore
There's no shortage of challenges for the fire and emergency service today. In fact, many officers find the task of keeping up with today's issues daunting and not for the faint-of-heart. It's so easy to get caught in the minutia of working toward solutions to a steady stream of problems that we often work to cure the symptom rather than fighting the illnesses.More

Increase employee satisfaction without giving a raise
A few years ago when employees became dissatisfied with their organization they would quit and get another job. Today, with placement opportunities very low and unemployment extremely high, very few people opt to quit and leave. As a result something much worse is happening within organizations. Employees "quit," but they stay. In the last year, overall job satisfaction in the U.S. has declined significantly. Employees feel stuck in their current jobs and their dissatisfaction with the organizations they work for increases.More

8 powerful ways to improve your body language
We're all students of body language. Too bad we're not students of our own body language. Here are some tips to help ensure your body language works for you and not against you.More

Articulate leadership no guarantee for effective organizational communication
By Mike Wokasch
As a society, we admire, applaud and follow articulate people who help us understand, who inspire us and who project a future of possibilities that sound better than what we have today. This skill is essential for helping a group or organization identify "what could be" while aligning people and their beliefs to work toward a common goal. Articulate leaders can also verbally resolve differences, dispel untruths and keep the naysayer at bay. So why do they sometimes struggle to get anything done?More

3 leadership must-do's for 2014
Fox Business
According to a survey published this month by Right Management, 83 percent of employees said they are actively seeking a new position for 2014. Gallup's State of the American Workplace study earlier this year found that 70 percent of workers are not engaged or actively disengaged and emotionally disconnected from their workplaces, and thus less likely to be productive.More