Forensic Nurses News
Apr. 2, 2015

April Greetings from your President Kimberly Womack

We are pleased to share highlights from this past month as it relates to your Association's government affairs and educational activities.

The Government Affairs Committee, chaired by Lovette Robinson co-hosted with the Board the 3rd annual Lobby Day on Capitol Hill. Patrick Cooney of the Federal Group and IAFN's retained lobbyist spoke to us and the staff about upcoming U.S. legislation and funding priorities affecting our members, nurses, forensic scientists and anti-violence organizations.

Click here to read more from Kimberly Womack, DHSc, ARNP-BC, SANE-A, CEN.More

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

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Best wishes to the April 2015 SANE certification examinees!

The application window for the September 2015 exams will open in June.More

2015 SAFEta Webinar Series: Knowing your training is effective: IAFN's Online SAFE training and clinical program-overview and evaluation findings

Date: Monday, April 20, 2015
Time: 2 to 3:30 p.m. EST
This session will take a closer look at the online training, clinical skills lab and evaluation findings gleaned from participation in this course. More

The IAFN Online Learning Center is offering the following 8.0 CE activity

This 8 hour Online SANE Sustainability course is taught by nationally recognized experts Jennifer Pierce‐Weeks, RN, SANE‐A, SANE‐P and Jenifer Markowitz ND, RN,WHNP‐BC, SANE‐A. The course will provide education on issues of program sustainability, including budgeting, staffing, and collaboration, as well as ongoing capacity building to SANE Program Managers. More

Special Discounts for Early Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

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Niagara Falls will turn teal to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Both the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls will be illuminated on Thursday, April 2, 2015, in observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Facilitated each April by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Sexual Assault Awareness Month educates communities and raises public awareness about how to prevent sexual assault. More

How trauma overwhelms Philly schoolkids
Philadelphia News + Opinion
During the 18 years he was a counselor at Barratt Middle School in South Philadelphia, Steven Hymans became accustomed to seeing students arrive for classes traumatized beyond their years. “There were so many homicides in the neighborhood,” Hymans said recently. “In my 18 years at the middle school, I saw a lot of trauma, a lot of neglect. I did so much grief counseling while I was there.” More

Preventing domestic violence one step at a time
By Jessica Taylor
Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence recently, and he stated that domestic violence is a public health epidemic. Biden made attendees — including doctors, nurses, social workers, etc. — aware that even though we've come a long way in the fight against domestic violence, we have to keep making sure we're working harder than ever for prevention and intervention. Of course, it takes a little bit of time to recognize domestic violence, and it's important for healthcare professionals to know the signs. More

Sexual assault testing lacking in parts of Nova Scotia: Advocates
CBC News
Advocates for sexual health services in Nova Scotia say more resources are needed, especially when it comes to sexual assault examinations. There are only two regions in the province with specialized teams trained to respond to victims' needs and do the required testing. Halifax has a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) team of 15 registered nurses. It responds to all metro hospitals within one hour of a victim reporting to triage.More

Digging up the author of Don Quixote
The Daily Beast
An important forensic investigation in Spain recently confirmed that bones buried in Madrid’s Trinitarian Convent belong to the author of Don Quixote, who died poor and forgotten almost 400 years ago. One wouldn’t want to spoil a good headline. “Cervantes has appeared! Cervantes has appeared!” proclaimed the papers. But the bad news was, well, he’s dead. And that’s just about the only thing on which all the forensic scientists actually agreed.More

Emergency physicians urge colleagues to help prevent gun violence
Medical Xpress
In an editorial posted online today in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, two practicing emergency medicine physicians from the University of California, Davis, and Brown University — both thought leaders at the forefront of finding solutions to the public health crisis of gun violence — urge their colleagues to take direct action to protect the health and safety of patients and communities.More

Lab tackles cyber criminals (and infamous Jeremy Clarkson video)
The Bucks Herald
A digital forensics firm with a branch in Aylesbury is at the heart of bringing cyber criminals to justice. Cyfor works internationally with police, law enforcement firms and top tier law firms and has been based in Aylesbury for 10 years, but the exact location cannot be revealed due to security reasons.More

Veterinarian Forensics Pathology Conference
Homicide, suicide, accidental death. Some experts are getting an update on their forensic training, but we’re not talking about humans here. The first Veterinarian Forensics Pathology Conference, where veterinarians learned how to decide if an animal was murdered, was held recently. People came from as far as Canada and Texas to learn the unique up-and-coming science that will help law enforcement and the judicial system prosecute animal cruelty crimes. Some people hope if there are experts trained in animal autopsies that it could help toughen up enforcement of cruelty laws. More

Promoting nurse resilience
By Keith Carlson
Nurses face daily situations that can powerfully challenge their personal and professional resilience. Compromised nurse resilience is one factor that contributes to nurse burnout, compassion fatigue, absenteeism and, ultimately, attrition from the profession. Resilience is not a luxury for nurses, and the forward-thinking nurse manager will monitor the nurses under her charge for signs of weakening resilience.More

Squealing on DNA: The law and secondary uses of genetic information
One of the legally and ethically problematic issues regularly debated in the context of biobanks and tissue repositories is that of its potential for forensic use. When Anna Lindh (the Swedish foreign minister) was murdered in 2003, her killer was subsequently identified by way of matching DNA traces found at the crime scene with data contained on the killer's Guthrie card (an archived heel blood test done on every child born in Sweden).More

Bars, nightclubs could play key role in preventing sexual assault
Vegas Inc
It’s Saturday night at Insert Coin(s). Hundreds of customers flock around the downtown bar’s slot machines and video game consoles. Although a bartender is busy taking patrons’ orders, he notices a man at the end of the bar whispering to a young woman. She’s had at least three margaritas, while he hasn’t had a drink. The bartender recognizes the potential danger and alerts security to keep an eye on the two. Such a precaution, after all, may prevent a sexual assault.More

House Sexual Assault Awareness Month Resolution
NAESV is excited that Rep. Tom Reed and Rep. Gwen Moore, along with 13 bipartisan co-sponsors, introduced a resolution in the House honoring April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. NAESV was pleased to work in partnership with RAINN on this resolution.More

Cindy Gladue case sends a chilling message to indigenous women
The Globe and Mail
The logic usually goes that if someone admits to injuring another person to the point that those injuries contribute to their death, the law will respond by convicting that person of a crime — the crime of murder, or manslaughter, if intent to kill cannot be proven. Not so, it seems, for indigenous women like Cindy Gladue. Last week, a jury of nine men and two women in Edmonton found Bradley Barton not guilty of Cindy Gladue’s murder, despite evidence that he had caused the wound that led to her death.More

Exhibit shows numbers of missing or murdered women in unique, way
Char-Koosta News
As one walked into the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Complex last week, a display of beautiful beaded, artistic, and unique earrings hung on a banner across the wall. One may have thought they were for sale, but if you looked closer, you would notice only one side hung off the banner; the other earring was missing. There were 1,181 earrings displayed, and each one represented an Indigenous woman or girl who is missing and/or was murdered in Canada since 1980.More

Women dominate nursing field, yet men make more
USA Today
Even in an occupation that women overwhelmingly dominate, they still earn less than men, a study of nurses found. The gender gap for registered nurses' salaries amounts to a little over $5,000 yearly on average and it hasn't budged in more than 20 years. That pay gap may not sound big — it's smaller than in many other professions — but over a long career, it adds up to more than $150,000, said study author Ulrike Muench, a professor and researcher at the University of California, San Francisco.More

It's time to change our approach to sexual assault
The Huffington Post
Author Rachelle Menn writes: At 5 o'clock in the morning, I lay awake on the floor of my friend's living room, huddled in a thin blanket. A rerun of "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" was playing on TV. I stared at the screen, not really watching the movie. All I could see was the night's events playing on endless loop before my eyes. Headphones shoved in my ears, I tried, unsuccessfully, to blare out the images. More

Sexual assault testing lacking in parts of Nova Scotia: Advocates
CBC News
Advocates for sexual health services in Nova Scotia say more resources are needed, especially when it comes to sexual assault examinations. There are only two regions in the province with specialized teams trained to respond to victims' needs and do the required testing. Halifax has a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) team of 15 registered nurses. It responds to all metro hospitals within one hour of a victim reporting to triage.More