Forensic Nursing News
May. 9, 2013

Celebrate with IAFN
This edition of the Forensic Nursing News is dedicated to the countless nurses who provide care for patients without thought to their own sacrifices. IAFN salutes our members who make a difference in the lives of their patients- who are the most vulnerable- victims and perpetrators of trauma. Join us this week in celebrating those who work tirelessly to bring compassionate, holistic care to others. Check us out on Facebook.More

IAFN members in the news
This past February, March, and April, IAFN recognized several of our members highlighted in local newspapers. These members are making a difference in their communities and paving the way for global awareness of the forensic nursing field. Brenda Puchalski, Melissa Edlin, Missy Rittinger, Kim Tweedy, Shannon Knudsen, Jessi Jones, Malinda Wheeler, Pam Terrill, Renee Pullen, Laura Comrie, Lisa Beatrez, Beth Browning, Lynn Gifford, Sheri Kembel, Leticia Sprinkle, Daphne Hauser, Kiryn Evans, and Laura Kopacz have received prestigious recognition for the work they do. IAFN thanks you. Check out their stories in the Member Community. If you know of an IAFN member that has made headlines, please share it with us.More

National Protocol 2nd Edition
The Second Edition of the National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations was just released by the US Department of Justice. Interested in finding out what the latest guidelines for practice are in the care of the patient who has been sexually assaulted? Join with IAFN's SAFEta project for a special webinar event on May 21, 2013 at 2 p.m. Eastern time, to hear about the updated recommendations. More

Pentagon report on sexual assault in the military in 2012
The New York Times
The Defense Department released its survey on sexual assault in the armed forces during the 2012 fiscal year. Below are the executive summary and a memo from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel about response and prevention. The complete report can be downloaded from the Pentagon's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office. More

How will you make a difference on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2013?
Ageless Alliance
WEAAD is coming June 15 and activities to raise awareness of elder abuse will be taking place all around the world. This year the Ageless Alliance theme for WEAAD is "Make a Difference... With Your Heart, Hands, Voice and Mind." Each of us can make a difference for older adults this WEAAD by using our hearts, hands, voices and minds to get involved and take action. More

Disability and transgender survivors webinar: Empowering providers who work with multiply-marginalized populations — May 23, 2013, 2 - 3:00 p.m. CST
This interactive webinar will dynamically engage participants with core information and statistics about who transgender people are, the types and magnitude of violence they encounter, and the key intersections between disability and traumatic experience. More

Celebrate with IAFN
This edition of the Forensic Nursing News is dedicated to the countless nurses who provide care for patients without thought to their own sacrifices. Check us out on Facebook.More

Get real, forensic scientists: the CSI effect is waning
The Conversation
You've heard of the so-called CSI effect. The exaggerated portrayal of forensic science on crime television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation influences public perception.More

Teen sexual assault: Where does the conversation start?
Cyberbullying, in particular, plays a key role in recent assault cases; social media provides the potential to amplify the reach of hurtful comments.More

Rape, betrayal, and reclaiming Title IX
The Huffington Post
This year's Sexual Assault Awareness Month has taken a different turn on college campuses. Beyond a sea of teal ribbons, a movement of survivors and allies across the country is taking action against the pervasive culture of campus sexual assault, and for the first time, the shame and silence around rape is being broken.More

Elizabeth Smart: Abstinence-only education can make rape survivors feel 'dirty,' 'filthy'
Elizabeth Smart, the young woman from Utah who made headlines around the world after she was kidnapped as a teen and held captive for nine months, is speaking out against abstinence-only education. She drew from her own experience while speaking at a recent forum on human trafficking at Johns Hopkins University and said she understood why some kidnapping victims might not run away from their captors after being raped. Smart, 25, said that after her own rape she "felt so dirty and so filthy."More

Child abuse ad shows hidden message for children
ABC News
A Spanish foundation aiming to curb child abuse has a new bus ad that shows a hidden message for children under 10 years old — or rather, children under 4-foot-4. The ANAR Foundation, which stands for Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk, has created a bus ad that shows two messages: one for adults and one for children.More

Study: Depression and domestic violence linked, but which comes first
Medical Daily
Considering the prevalence of domestic violence, it's easy to assume that intimate partner violence is the source of depression and suicidal behavior in women. New evidence, however, is showing that the relationship between IPV and depression is a more complicated one. More