Forensic Nursing News
May. 16, 2013

Lydia Schodorf-Vandiver (October 15, 1948 - May 10, 2013)
IAFN lost a loyal member and a leader in the SANE Community last week. Lydia was a certified SANE-A® and a SANE-P® for a combined period of over 15 years. “She helped to develop the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) program in the state of New Mexico and was awarded a certificate from the Governor in recognition for her accomplishments. As the clinical coordinator for the Albuquerque SANE Unit for over 15 years, Lydia personally recruited and trained dozens of nurses in the state to complete exams on women, children, and men who suffered from sexual assault and interpersonal violence.” This newsletter will be published in her honor. Read her official obituary hereMore

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Webinar: Crime laboratory backlogs: The impact on justice
Forensic Ed
Forensic science laboratories are under siege. Ever-increasing volumes of evidence are slowing the pace of investigations and criminal trials. The Census of Publicly Funded Crime Laboratories, funded by the Department of Justice and established in 2002, has systematically measured the backlog problem only to find that backlogs have increased despite federal funding aimed at fixing the problem.More

Webinar: Same-sex domestic violence: Considerations, suggestions and resources
The Fenway Insititute
This webinar, led by Jessica Newman and Cara Presley-Kimball of Fenway Health's Violence Recovery Program, will explain the unique features of same-sex domestic violence as well as the benefits of screening LGBT patients.More

Sexual assault kit backlogs: What exactly are the issues?
Civic Research Institute
Everyone concerned about untested sexual assault kits should read this excellent overview of the issues. “Untested Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases” by Nancy Ritter first appeared in Sexual Assault Report, a publication of the Civic Research Institute, which has recently made it available to the public. More

Texas bill of the week: Surviving sexual assault
The Austin Chronicle
A bill that has now passed both houses – without opposition – seeks to ease the ability of sexual assault victims to timely access the medical help they need, allowing for the collection of evidence in a rape kit.More

Lydia Schodorf-Vandiver (October 15, 1948 - May 10, 2013)
IAFN lost a loyal member and a leader in the SANE Community last week. Lydia was a certified SANE-A® and a SANE-P® for a combined period of over 15 years. Read her official obituary here More

Elizabeth Smart: Abstinence-only education can make rape survivors feel 'dirty,' 'filthy'
Elizabeth Smart, the young woman from Utah who made headlines around the world after she was kidnapped as a teen and held captive for nine months, is speaking out against abstinence-only education.More

Child abuse ad shows hidden message for children
ABC News
A Spanish foundation aiming to curb child abuse has a new bus ad that shows a hidden message for children under 10 years old – or rather, children under 4-foot-4. The ANAR Foundation, which stands for Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk, has created a bus ad that shows two messages: one for adults and one for children.More

Survey: Many US kids victims of violence, abuse
U.S. News & World Report
Children in the United States are exposed to a high rate of violence in their everyday lives, according to a new national survey. The survey found that children wander through a world of violence that runs the gamut from school bullying and playground assault to sexual abuse and domestic violence.More

More than 10 percent of US teenagers victims of dating violence
Parent Herald
Data released by the U.S Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reveals that around 10 percent of the country's teenagers face dating violence. The CDC said that the violence includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse. In physical abuse a partner can be a victim of hitting, shoving, pinching and also kicking whereas emotional abuse comprises of threatening, bullying, shaming, name-calling or isolating the partner. Victims of dating violence are also sexually abused.More

Forensic procedures amendment bill tabled in South African parliament
Legal Brief Today
The bill seeks to empower an authorised police officer, member of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, registered medical practitioner or nurse providing services to the Department of Correctional Services to take 'specified bodily samples from certain persons for the purposes of forensic DNA analysis'.More