Forensic Nursing News
May. 23, 2013

Maintain your SANE. Renew today!

You have options: 1) Take the SANE certification examination or 2) Renew by continuing education. The 2013 SANE Certification Renewal Handbook is now available online. Questions about certification renewal? Check out our FAQ or contact Andrea Cavanagh at or by phone at 410-626-7805 ext 108.More

Reserve hotel room now for our Annual Conference

The Disneyland® Hotel is the official hotel for the IAFN International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science & Practice to be held Oct. 21-24, 2013 in Anaheim, California. A group rate of $159.00/night plus tax has been negotiated for IAFN attendees! A limited number of rooms are reserved at this discounted rate. Contact the Disneyland® Hotel and book online 24/7 or call (714) 520-5005, M-F from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. Reservations must be made by Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013 or before the group rooms are sold out, so do not delay. Prevailing rates may apply after this date or when the group rooms are sold out. Conference registration opens June 3 at

Senators want to end statute of limitations on rape
The Columbus Dispatch
Rape is forever and Ohio law should be, too. That’s the opinion of two state senators who want to eliminate the 20-year statute of limitations for prosecuting rape and sexual battery. More

National protocol: Edition 2
The Second Edition of the National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations was just released by the US Department of Justice.More

IAFN double feature
IAFN's own Jennifer Pierce-Weeks, was featured in April's ENA Connection in an article entitled 5 Tips to Improve Sexual Assault Care in Your ED. IAFN Board President, Polly Campbell, was featured in the same issue as author of a column discussing Sexual Assault Awareness...More

UC researcher investigating developing role of forensics
Scoop Independent News
A University of Canterbury researcher is investigating forensics and their developing role in the justice system. Dr Heather Wolffram is investigating the psychology of juries and what problems the psychological impact of expert forensic evidence on juries means for the integrity of the New Zealand justice system.More

Thousands of child sex abuse victims
The Telegraph
More than 2,400 children and young people were confirmed to have been victims of sex abuse gangs in just 14 months, a Home Office minister has revealed. Lord Taylor of Holbeach said the figure - which he described as “dramatic” - hinted at the true scale of organised sex abuse in Britain.More

No furloughs for Pentagon's rape prevention workers
The Pentagon, facing a crisis over sexual assaults, will avoid imposing furloughs on hundreds of civilian employees who work in rape prevention programs, officials said. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has imposed 11 days of unpaid leave on most of the Pentagon's nearly 800,000 civilian workers due to automatic budget cuts. But he decided to make an exception for employees working in sexual assault prevention and response programs, said spokeswoman Cynthia Smith.More

Victims of domestic violence to get European protection
New Europe Online
The European Parliament has endorsed the European Commission's proposal for a new regulation ensuring that the protection granted to victims of domestic violence in one member state is maintained when they move or travel to another. With 602 votes in favor, 23 against, 63 abstentions, the Parliament approved the proposal for an EU-wide protection order concerning victims of violence, in particular domestic violence.More

Where have Europe's nurses gone?
At the top of a flight of stairs with no elevator in sight, registered nurse Katarzyna Kaseja leans over the rickety metal bars of a crib. Her 4-year-old patient, a ventilator tube fastened to his throat, reaches out to take her hand. "It's hard to work as a nurse in Poland," said Kaseja. Since she began her career at the Specialized Hospital for Mother and Child in the western Poland city of Poznan, little funding and outdated machinery have only been part of the problem.More

Sharp rise in jail terms for Afghan rape and abuse victims
The Telegraph
The number of Afghan women and girls jailed for fleeing sexual abuse, domestic, violence and forced marriage has increased dramatically, according to new official figures. Statistics obtained from Afghanistan's Interior Ministry by the campaign group Human Rights Watch reveal the number of women and girls convicted of 'moral crimes,' which include running away from home has increased by 50 percent in the last year from 400 to 600. More

Malaysian accused of rape marries 13-year-old victim
A 40-year-old Malaysian man has married a 13-year-old girl he was accused of raping in an apparent attempt to escape criminal prosecution for statutory rape, The Star reported. Riduan Masmud, a restaurant manager and father of four from Sabah, was in court for raping the teenage girl when he announced she had become his second wife under sharia law.More