Forensic Nurses News
Jul. 3, 2014

Forensic expertise enhances investigations

Colin Harris, a long standing member of IAFN has created a new niche for forensic nurses in Workplace Safety. His article in the Oct/Dec 2013 of the JFN entitled Occupational Injury and Fatality Investigations: The Application of Forensic Nursing Science identified a gap between medical and forensic medical knowledge. This article also provided readers with an opportunity for Continuing Education. You can also read about his WorkSafe Profile, reproduced with the permission of the WorkSafeBC here.More

International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice

Back by popular demand are the Sexual Assault Clinical Skills Labs being offered for an additional fee of $150. These labs are limited to the first 40 registrants so don't delay! These labs are designed for already trained sexual assault nurse/forensic examiners (SANE/SAFEs) who seek training in the performance of speculum examinations or precepted adult/adolescent sexual assault examinations. Five students will be paired with an experienced preceptor and gynecological teaching associate (GTA) to practice performing an external genital assessment, a speculum examination, urinary catheter technique for hymen visualization, culture collection, and sexual assault evidence recovery. More

Do you have a knack for shopping, gift-giving, or have you ever been called trendy?

What items would you like to see in the IAFN Marketplace? Are you interested in volunteering to do product research for the marketplace items? Email our Store Manager.More

Peer Review and Testimony Preparation

MD-DC Chapter Community
July 9 1500-1800

MD-DC Forensic Nursing Programs will present a variety of sexual assault and intimate partner violence cases. Dr. Jenifer Markowitz will then present testimony preparation for some of the cases presented during the peer review. More

Improving Human Trafficking Victim Identification — Validation and Dissemination of a Screening tool

Human trafficking occurs on an enormous scale in the United States, but only a fraction of victims are identified, hindering provision of victim services and prosecution of traffickers. More

Catholic U. student recounts her struggles after reporting a sex assault
The Washington Post
What happened that night in December 2012 set off a chain of events that a year and a half later pushed the Vatican’s university in America into a fierce national debate over how colleges respond to allegations of sexual assault. More

Nasty corpse smell can reveal secrets
"An odor fingerprint can be created for each stage of decomposition and possibly be used as an additional tool" to estimate time of death, or post-mortem interval (PMI), says study author Jean-Francois Focant. More

No morgue space for crime victims
South Florida Times
Corpses, the suspected victims of violent deaths, are wrapped in plastic bags or covered loosely in stained sheets. More

Free ecourse on gender and transitional justice

This e-learning course provides participants with a general introduction to the field of transitional justice from the perspective of the need for accountability for women's specific experiences of harm during conflict.More

Workplace Violence Prevention
Emergency Nurses Association
While the course is written primarily for emergency nurses the material can be applied to all healthcare providers who work in an emergency care setting.More

Online Activism for Sexual Violence Prevention
Prevent Connect
This podcast features Erin McKelle, an online activist and feminist blogger from Ohio University. More

UNICEF reaction to the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict
UNICEF welcomes commitments made at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict to stop the rape and abuse of children and women – and calls for more countries to take practical action. More

Who will make your health decisions when you are unable?
By Joan Spitrey
On Father's Day, we said goodbye to the father of the long-distance dedication, Casey Kasem. He was an American icon best known for his weekly radio countdown programs and as the voice of Shaggy in the "Scooby-Doo" cartoon series. Sadly, Kasem's legacy was tarnished by a family conflict surrounding his end-of-life decisions — all played out in the media for the world to watch. Unfortunately, these disputes are all too common. As an ICU nurse, I watched countless families have to make difficult decisions regarding their loved ones' care, especially at the end of life.More