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Aug. 23, 2012

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Illinois strip club tax will fund rape crisis centers
The Associated Press via San Francisco Chronicle
Strip clubs in Illinois will have to hand over a share of their revenues, starting in 2013, to help fund programs to prevent sexual assault and counsel victims under a law signed by Gov. Pat Quinn. The measure establishes a new tax on the clubs that will raise up to $1 million a year, helping to reverse several years of funding cuts for rape crisis centers. The legislation has also sparked debate over how strong of a link can be drawn between strip clubs and violent crime, and whether those businesses should pay out to fight the problems.More

Health experts dismiss assertions on rape
The New York Times
Rep. Todd Akin's assertion that women who are victims of "legitimate rape" rarely get pregnant provoked outrage across the political spectrum, but the views he articulated are far from new in anti-abortion circles. The idea that during rape, "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" to prevent pregnancy, as Akin said, has surfaced periodically among anti-abortion advocates over the past two decades, usually involving the term "forcible rape" to refer to what Akin called "legitimate."More

Rape or politics? Assange sex case splits Britain
Julian Assange's desperate attempt to avoid being sent from London to Stockholm to face questioning over alleged sex crimes has ignited bitter arguments in Britain over perceptions of rape. The founder of WikiLeaks has turned his legal travails into a political issue, causing a diplomatic row by taking refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy, but a growing number of critics want to focus attention back onto the allegations of sexual violence.More

Female Perspectives on Ending Sexual Violence: Survivors Helping Survivors
The Women's International Perspective
The vision of "Female Perspectives on Ending Sexual Violence" is to unite women from all over the world to document the pain they suffer as a result of sexual violence and the healing approach they have taken to grow from victim to survivor. Each installment will include photography of a female survivor and provide a platform to tell her story. More

Study: Infections among homeless could fuel wider epidemics
Homeless people across the world have dramatically higher rates of infection with tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis C and could fuel community epidemics that cost governments dear, a recent study showed. With an estimated 650,000 homeless people in the United States and around 380,000 in Britain, experts said high levels of infection would not only cause yet more poverty and distress for those without homes, but could also become a wider problem.More

Study: Curbing circumcision boosts STDs
HealthDay News
A dramatic decline in the number of circumcisions of boys born in the United States may lead to a surge in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases, a new study contends. The cost of those infections could top $4.4 billion over the course of a decade, according to a study published in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. More

ANF launches positive nursing campaign
Nursing Review
The Australian Nursing Federation has launched a national media campaign to raise community awareness of the contribution of the nursing workforce to Australia's healthcare system. Featuring a two-minute cinema ad, as well as radio and T.V. advertising, the media blitz aims to promote public trust in nursing and to raise the community profile of the profession. More