Forensic Nursing News
Oct. 17, 2013

It's worth the effort to meet 5 new people at this year's conference, says Polly Campbell, RN, BS, BA

I don’t know about you, but I’ve started the countdown to Anaheim! I am SO looking forward to seeing old friends and colleagues, attending workshops, and meeting new people. Read entire story.More

International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice

We welcome onsite registration for both the Preconference and Main Conference at the Disneyland Hotel. Check out the conference brochure and print out your registration to save time. Online, emailed and faxed registrations will no longer be accepted.More

Presenter handouts for the International Conference

Registered attendees can access the session handouts by logging into the IAFN Member Community, and clicking on the IAFN International Conference Community Library. Handouts are organized by the day of the week that the session will take place at the Conference and then under the block of time of the actual session.

Handouts posted online will not be distributed in hard copy at the Conference, so attendees that wish to have a paper copy should print them out prior to their arrival in Anaheim. Additional handouts will be added as they become available. More

Twilight Theme Park tickets

Tickets are no longer available for purchase online. Please stop by the registration desk during the conference to make your donation. The tickets can be used for a one-time admittance on a day of your choosing to either Disneyland or California Adventure after 4 p.m. or four hours before park closing whichever is earlier!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (#4N6RN) during the International Conference More

Nursing Success TV

IAFN through the National Healthcare Network is excited to present to you NSTV. It’s an inspirational program that is focused on helping nurses achieve their goals and on presenting the nursing profession with the respect it most certainly deserves. Our first episode includes advice from Dr. Phyllis Quinlan and a memorable story from Ruth Rodie, a CC/ER nurse in Arizona. Both women’s contributions are remarkable and greatly appreciated. FREE 24/7 on-demand access with no registration required. More

Autopsy video brings Penn State nursing forensics course 'to life'
Digital Journal
When an abused victim dies, a forensic nurse is often involved in collecting evidence for the legal case. To help prepare these nurse specialists, Penn State’s Forensic Evidence Collection and Preservation course will now include a first-of-its-kind video of an autopsy.More

1,000 cases of violence against women reported this year
The Sun Daily
Some 1,000 cases of violence against women have been reported to the police this year, Women's Development director-general Datin Munirah Abdullah Bajanuddin revealed today. Munirah said women bore the brunt of those suffering from stress or financial difficulties. "This is a serious issue," she said.More

Evaluating sexual assault nurse examiner programs
To help improve post-assault care for victims, communities around the country have implemented Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) programs, which offer a multidisciplinary, victim-centered response. Through these programs, specially trained nurses provide crisis intervention...More

2013 IOM Annual Meeting - The Science of Violence: Causation, Mitigation, and Prevention
The Institute of Medicine will hold its 43rd annual meeting on Oct. 20-21, 2013 in Washington, D.C. at the National Academy of Sciences Building. Sunday events are for members only. Monday's program, The Science of Violence: Causation, Mitigation, And Prevention, is open to the public. More

Complimentary new white paper on HIPAA security
net IQ
As the need to ensure the security of sensitive health information grows, security and compliance teams must look to more integrated approaches to both reduce risk and enable streamlined and efficient user workflows.More

Shutdown threatens to halt rape kits in DC
Victims of rape in Washington, D.C. may soon be unable to get sexual assault forensic evidence (SAFE) kits, often called rape kits. Washington's budget is under federal control, so if the federal government's shutdown continues much longer, some of the city's necessary programs — including those intended to help rape victims — may be temporarily discontinued due to lack of funding.More

Women and conflict in Afghanistan
Crisis Group
As the presidential election approaches in 2014, with the security transition at the year’s end, Afghan women, including parliamentarians and rights activists, are concerned that the hard-won political, economic and social gains achieved since the U.S.-led intervention in 2001 may be rolled back or conceded in negotiations with the insurgents. Afghanistan’s stabilization ultimately rests on the state’s accountability to all its citizens, and respect for constitutional, legal and international commitments, including to human rights and gender equality. There will be no sustainable peace unless there is justice, and justice demands that the state respect and protect the rights of women, half its population.More

Domestic violence goes underreported, experts say
The Valley Morning Star
While domestic abuse numbers have remained relatively steady in recent years, local experts said they believe the issue is more prevalent than is reported. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and local officials are working to increase awareness of the long-standing issue.More

Torture reforms must tackle implementation gap and end impunity
All Africa
Recently, the delegation of the World Organization Against Torture held meetings with state and civil society actors to assess the way forward in implementing the recommendations issued over the last years by the main U.N. anti-torture bodies. The mission took place only a few days after the terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall. To our organization’s there is no doubt that such a terrorist act constitutes a crime against humanity and violates the very values human rights law seeks to protect. It is vital for victims and their families to receive support, to receive adequate information about what happened to their loved ones, and that those responsible for such crimes are brought to justice within the ordinary justice process.More

Sex trafficking in India
The New York Times (opinion)
Although a brutal gang rape in Delhi last December grabbed national headlines and caused a public outcry, sex trafficking in India has not provoked the same degree of outrage. It is hard to know how many women and girls are trafficked in India, but the United States State Department, the United Nations and India’s Human Rights Commission have all identified India as a major hub in the international sex trade, a global phenomenon that may involve upwards of 27 million people. More