Forensic Nursing News
Nov. 22, 2012

IAFN Members in the News
In September and October, IAFN recognized several of our members highlighted in local newspapers. These members are making a difference in their communities and paving the way for global awareness of the forensic nursing field. Connie Housley, Amy Rivers, Jennifer Johnson, Sheila Early, Debbie Hatmaker, and Bonnie Fields have been recognized for the work they do. IAFN thanks you. If you know of an IAFN member that has made headlines, please share it with us.More

Earn Free Membership
Don't forget to take advantage of our 2012 Member-Get-A-Member campaign! Every current member of the IAFN who recruits a new, first-time paid member through the MGM campaign will receive one month's free membership added to their own term. More

Police department honors forensic nurses
The Jackson Sun
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, or SANE nurses, collect evidence on sexual assault cases and provide victim-centered health care to patients who have experienced trauma. The police department thanks and salutes the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital for supporting the SANE program. Nurses who practice these specialties go above and beyond as these specialties are in addition to their regular duties, requiring them to be on call and to come in when cases are presented.More

On being drugged: A former Loyola student recalls an eye-opening experience
The Loyola Maroon
Imagine you're having a night out with friends during the Krewe de Vieux parade at the Dragon's Den. You buy a drink from the bar. Then, in your next moment of consciousness, you're lying on the ground in Washington Square surround by five men you don't know. This horror story was the reality for a 21-year-old former Loyola student. Due to the nature of the incident, she will be referred to as Jane. She believes someone may have drugged her that previous night. More

Anger in Dominican Republic over proposal to ease punishment for sex abuse
The Washington Post
Lawmakers in the Dominican Republic are considering a proposal to reduce prison time for some domestic violence and sexual abuse crimes, sparking outrage from human rights and women's groups in the Caribbean country. The new criminal code would raise the overall maximum sentence for serious offenses from 30 to 40 years and codifies the crime of kidnapping among its many changes.More

MaleSurvivor conference examines sexual abuse in sports
The New York Times
The MaleSurvivor 13th International Conference brought together men who have been sexually abused, as well as psychologists, social workers, academics and members of the legal community. The prevalence of sexual abuse among all boys 17 and under has been variously estimated to be as low as 5 percent and as high as 16 percent. For some of the millions of children who participate in sports nationwide, and their parents, sexual assault in a sports context has its own dynamic.More

Violence against women in Latin America: Is it getting worse?
Yahoo News
Across Latin America, women are confronting a rise in brutal attacks — as advocates struggle to sustain the progress that's been made in curbing violence against women.More

Domestic violence treatment program to be launched
The Associated Press via San Francisco Chronicle
A new hospital-based domestic violence program is being launched at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. The GBMC program will be Maryland's seventh hospital-based domestic violence program designed to meet the goals of an initiative that aims to expand domestic violence services at healthcare facilities across the state through screening hospital patients, training healthcare staff and providing resources to victims of domestic abuse.More

Australia orders sex-abuse inquiry
The Wall Street Journal
Australia's prime minister ordered a federal inquiry into allegations of child sex abuse in state and religious institutions and community groups following a string of sexual-abuse accusations against priests and claims of a Catholic Church coverup.More

Man who tried to help friend may face 15 years prison
USA Today
A handyman and electronics installer who tried to help a friend he believes was being sexually assaulted now faces up to 15 years in prison because police say he improperly pointed a pistol at the two men and illegally detained them.More