Apr. 21, 2015

IAPSC members contribute to Division 28 update
SecuritySpecifiers, members of the IAPSC, and the Security Industry Association (SIA) have taken the lead in working with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) to recommend updates for the 2015 MasterFormat. MasterFormat is CSI's master list of titles and numbers used to organize specifications and other project information for most commercial building design and construction projects in North America. Recommended changes primarily affect MasterFormat Division 28, Electronic Safety and Security, but other divisions are also impacted.

Frank Pisciotta
Nearly 100 volunteers — consultants, integrators, manufacturers, have been somehow involved in this effort, including members of the IAPSC. Rene Rieder, Chad Parris, Charlie Howell and Frank Pisciotta contributed to recommended changes in a number of areas to include but not limited to access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection. IAPSC president Frank Pisciotta, CSC worked closely with Ray Coulombe of SecuritySpecifiers.com to organize all of the recommendations and assemble the written recommendations work product for CSI.

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SIA/IAPSC Architectural Graphics Standard Preview @ ISC West
During the IAPSC Division 28 session at ISC West on April 15, attendees heard from the Architectural Graphics and CAD Working Group chairman, Peter Michael of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Peter Michael delivered a presentation on the AG-01 Standard. IAPSC President Frank Pisciotta also participated on the panel. To join this working group or for more information, contact Mia Smith, ssmith@securityindustry.org.More

IAPSC presents Successful Security Consulting Workshop at ISC West
IAPSC's popular Successful Security Consulting (SSC) program was offered again this year at ISC West in Las Vegas on April 14. IAPSC members Rich Grassie, David Aggleton, Frank Pisciotta, Ken Wheatley, and John White showed attendees how to develop, market and deliver security consultant services effectively.

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President Frank Pisciotta represents

President Frank Pisciotta represents the IAPSC on stage with other industry dignitaries
at the opening ceremony for ISC West 2015.

Welcome new IAPSC Officers and Directors!

At the Annual Members' Business Meeting on Tuesday, April 21 in Napa, California, IAPSC members elected the following officers for the 2015-2016 term and board members for the 2015-2017 term:

President — Harold Gillens, PSP, CFC, CHS-III
Vice President — Alan Brockbank, CPP, CSC
Treasurer — Lynda Buel, CPP, CFE, CSC, CPTED Practitioner
Secretary — Ken Wheatley, MA, CPP
Immediate Past President — Frank Pisciotta, CSC
Director — Jack Case, CPP
Director — Ron Heil, CPP, CSC, CHS
Director — James Kelton, CISA, CRISC, CGEIT
Director — Rene Rieder, CPP, PSP, CHS-IV, CMAS

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White named one of the Top 30 Voices in Healthcare Security
Healthcare Security Consultant and IAPSC Member John M. White, CPP, CHPA, of Protection Management, LLC was recently named one of the Top 30 Voices in Healthcare Security. More

Relationships are key to emergency management
Emergency Management
If a hurricane were to prompt an evacuation in Georgia, Florida or South Carolina, emergency management officials want to make sure they are well acquainted with their colleagues in bordering states prior to starting the process.More

SIA Standards Connect Newsletter for 2015 Q1
SIA is pleased to announce SIA Standards Connect, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to standards activities impacting our industry. Through this publication, SIA Standards will leverage the relationships with other industry organizations to facilitate harmonization and interoperability industry-wide.

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Homeland Security steps up screening of aviation employees
The Department of Homeland Security tightened screening requirements for airport and airline employees, following a three-month review triggered by allegations of gun-smuggling by airline employees last year. The changes mean that all airport and airline employees traveling as passengers will have to go through TSA security screening. Aviation workers will also have to submit to a "fingerprint-based criminal history records check" every two years, until TSA can create a real-time system for criminal background checks. More

Emergency notification keeps tenants safe and protects your property
By Steven Dutro
If your tenants can stay safe when danger is nearby, it's better for everyone. You avoid tragedies, your tenants' lives are less disrupted, your property is likely to be protected, and the rent is paid. Thankfully, there is an effective, authoritative, free service available in most communities that accomplishes this. Emergency notification service, or ENS, alerts contact citizens via phone call, text and email. ENS refers to a collection of services like reverse-911, severe weather alerts and other local notices. More

Why milliennials are an information-security threat
The Wall Street Journal
Millennials like being social, and they like using technology. What some don’t recognize is how the combination of these behaviors may cause issues for organizations. Research scientist Jennifer Deal found that a majority of millennials reported that they contact co-workers through internal or external social-networking sites. And a majority reported that their contact was taking place outside of corporate systems. In other words, millennials who work together were interacting electronically outside of corporate security controls. More

Google's push to encrypt ads will improve security, but won't kill malvertising
Google plans to serve most of its ads over encrypted HTTPS connections by the end of June, a move that will protect against some ad hijacking attacks and will encourage website owners to enable encryption on their Web properties. However, malicious advertising attacks that direct users to Web-based exploits will still be possible, and because of the new encryption, it will be harder for security researchers to pinpoint their source.More

Lack of password protocols remain security's black hole
Security Info Watch
By combining a disciplined regiment of password strength retention with some key technologies, individuals can greatly reduce exposure to cyber security breaches. As simple as that may appear to be, however, examples of the negative consequences resulting from poor technological security each year continue to pile up.More

Report finds federal cybersecurity workforce insufficient
An insufficient cybersecurity workforce – propagated by inadequate recruitment and retention measures – is hampering proper defense, according to a new report. Technology to prevent cyber attacks is important, but highly skilled workers who can deal with threats are even more important, according to a report this month from the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton. The best way to remedy the problem, the report states, is to reform the civil service system through performance-based pay, a new job classification system, rewards for excellence, more hiring flexibility and a new leadership structure. More