IAVM member leads Event Safety Alliance in developing guidelines for event safety

On April 23rd, founding members of the Event Safety Alliance and officials from the NFPA, IATSE, IDHS and IOSHA met in Indiana to develop a clear, concise body of best practice guidelines for the concert and event industry.

The Event Safety Alliance formed in 2011 after multiple unfortunate events occurred at entertainment venues across the country. The Alliance is comprised of a broad range of industry professionals including staging and temporary structure manufacturers and engineers, event safety and security directors, artist production managers, private meteorological services, equipment manufacturers, industry safety training directors, event riggers, venue managers, industry standards writers, industry insurance professionals and industry attorneys.

"The efforts of the Event Safety Alliance create a turning point for the entertainment industry in the US, where all involve parties can truly work from a common and agreed upon set of standards (best practices) to produce the safest event possible, allowing all to attend, enjoy and go home safely," said Harold Hansen, CFE, Director of Life Safety & Security, IAVM.

The Event Safety Alliance has embarked on a project to adapt "The Purple Guide," a published document from the United Kingdom recognized as the standards procedures and best practices for producing an event, with the goal of creating a universally recognized set of best practices for the industry. Adapting this universally recognized set of procedures and practices will ensure everyone in the industry is working from a common set of standards in creating a safe and secure event.

A key faculty member of the International Association of Venue Manager's Academy for Venue Safety and Security (AVSS), Steven A. Adelman, Attorney, Adelman Law Group, PLLC, is one of the leaders of the Event Safety Alliance. Other leaders of the group include Jim Digby, production manager for Linkin Park, who has attended both AVSS and the AVSS Severe Weather course; Matthew Bettenhausen, AEG Vice President for Security; Tim Roberts of the Event Safety Shop in the U.K.; and James Chippendale of Doodson Insurance. In addition to Adelman and Digby, there are more AVSS alums among Event Safety Alliance members.

"On April 24, 2012 in Indianapolis, the Event Safety Alliance threw its full support behind the Indiana legislature's efforts to enhance that state's culture of safety following the tragic events of last summer. And through the collective expertise, experience, and energy of our members, including IAVM's Chairman Randy Brown of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, past Chairman John Siehl, and Director of Life Safety Harold Hansen, the Event Safety Alliance also took an important step towards the establishment of a single comprehensive best practices guide which would help operational professionals understand and meet their duty of care towards patrons and each other," said Adelman.

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