Design Industry's Top Stories
Jan. 18, 2012

Sparkling attitude
Architectural Digest
Architect David Mann's magical remake of a New York apartment. Gold and silver finishes add a Midas Touch to a luxurious duplex for magazine editor Darcy Miller Nussbaum and her family. More

Silly parent, good design is for kids
The Wall Street Journal
When you decorate a child's room, you are really just giving them a canvas. The art is their plastic toys, swimming trophies, pictures, books and hideous horse and fairy ornaments. It's similar to how grownups use accents (cushions, vases, lampshades), for the colors and patterns that are fashionable at that moment, or to satisfy a phase we're going through. More

Artful Patina
Elle Decor
One of the finest examples of British Raj architecture in the Indian city of Calcutta is the grand building on Esplanade Square that once housed Whiteaway, Laidlaw & Co., which was among the largest department stores in Asia. The structure was completed in 1903, with retail space on the first two levels and housing for military officers on the top two. Those upper floors were converted into 3,000-square-foot apartments, one of which my parents moved into in the 1970s. More

Brass: A luxury trend
Specs + Spaces
Brass, long thought to be an outdated finish, is making a resurgence among the designer elite. Finished either in a tarnished overlay or with a look of finely spun gold, the use of brass in design is adding a new, luxurious layer to metals design.More

Are you a Gucci or a Macy?
Design Biz Blueprint
The trick every day is to act with the confidence and make decisions in the way that a designer who has "arrived" would do.More

Casual Living's 2012 Fabric Survey
Casual Living
Retailers and designers alike predict in 2012 that the gray color group will grow in popularity, according to Casual Living's exclusive 2012 Fabric Survey. The survey revealed the brown color group is slipping in popularity, although it remains the top performing fabric color group for 2012 for outdoor cushions, slings/straps and decorative pillows. More

L Conceal bookshelf: Umbra's new twist on a classic
Los Angeles Times
No, it is not an anti-gravity book bookshelf. Umbra's L Conceal, shown as a pair here, is the latest twist on a minimalist design that allows books to be stacked on an invisible bracket, so they appear to float on the wall. More

What's in interior designer Shay Geyer's purse?
D Magazine
You may know design guru Shay Geyer from "Good Morning Texas" as the show's design expert, but you should know her for her design firm, IBB Design Fine Furnishings. A woman who transforms living spaces into masterpieces surely must have a beautiful spread of goodies in her bag. Take a look. More