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Feb. 4, 2015

Get Out of Your Own Way, and Raise Your Rates
One person prevents you from setting and getting much higher design fees and markups. That person isn't a competitor, critic, or customer. That person is you. You're the one who convinces yourself that you can’t charge more. You're the one who tells yourself that clients would never pay more for your design services. Or that your local market won't "bear" higher fees. Or that you simply don't have the experience or expertise to substantially raise your fees. That’s B.S.More

Build Your Design Business with a Powerful Houzz Profile
By Fred Berns
If is going to work for you, you need to put some work into it. That's one of the takeaways from a new report issued by representatives of this social media platform that connects homeowners with design and building professionals.More

Top Designers on How to Create the Perfect Color Scheme
Architectural Digest
Color has the ability to instantly transform the entire personality of a room. It’s the reason designers spend so much time flipping through paint wheels and swatch books. Pinpointing the perfect hue and finding the right combination can be tricky, but when you nail the ideal palette, the results are guaranteed to be dazzling. AD asked some of the top talents in design to share their personal tips for mastering the art of color — from deploying punchy brights to creating golden glows.More

A Backdrop for the Color Black
The New York Times
Valerie Steele approaches fashion as if it were rocket science. A chic wonk with a hearty laugh and a Ph.D. from Yale in modern European cultural and intellectual history, Dr. Steele, 59, is the longtime director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has written some 20 scholarly books on style and was a force behind a range of rigorously curated exhibits such as "Gothic: Dark Glamour" and "A Queer History of Fashion: From the Closet to the Catwalk."More

10 Home Design Trends to Ditch in 2015
CBS MoneyWatch
Part of figuring out whether to change a design element involves predicting what potential buyers might want down the line, while also considering the needs and tastes of the people who live there today. It's a balancing act for almost every homeowner's budget. The risk? That some design decisions make a home look dated before its time. Ilyce Glink talked to three interior design professionals about which trends to resist, and where they would put their renovation dollars instead. Here are 10 trends they think homeowners should steer clear of in 2015. More

Luxury Housing Growth Mirrors Growing Wealth Gap
By Archita Datta Majumdar
A new report from Oxfam shows that half of global wealth held is by 1 percent of the world's population. By next year, they will own more wealth than the other 99 percent combined. This uneven distribution of wealth has had its ripple effects, and even the housing industry has felt the tremors. More

An Apartment Whose Color Scheme Is Far From Chaotic
The Wall Street Journal
We are all drawn to certain colors. But as anyone who's braved a purple - phile's home knows, decorating your space entirely in a narrow palette can make it seem oppressive, if not mentally destabilizing. This soothing apartment on New York's Upper East Side — a theme - and-variations exercise in golden earth tones — proves it doesn't have to be that way.More

6 Major Design Trends Shaping City Life in 2015
Fast Company's Co.Design
By one oft-cited statistic, 70 percent of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050. But chances are, the cities of the future won't look quite like the places where we live today. It's up to designers — architects, urban planners, interior designers, and more — to ensure that the people-packed cities of the future are livable, prosperous, healthy places. Fast Company asked a handful of design experts how urban life is changing. Here are some of the major trends.More