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Feb. 18, 2015

Getting A Budget
Design Biz Blueprint
Many clients really don't know what the project they want will cost. But if you don't have a clear understanding of their budget and expectations, you haven't done your job. You can get a budget from a client in about 15 minutes in the first meeting if you know how to ask the right questions.More

Why Creative People Have Messy Homes
At long last we finally have an excuse for all those paper piles, cobwebs and clutter — behind all that chaos is a creative mind at work. There is an entire industry built on helping people get organized — even television shows that feature the extreme clutter of hoarders. But is it possible that these messy people are just too busy being creative, hopping from one originative idea to the next —with no time in between to clean?More

Go Bohemian in the Bedroom
Interior Design Pro
More than any other interior design concept, Bohemian can be a lifelong obsession for a well-balanced theme. The idea centers on specific memories and tastes, seemingly eclectic, and collected piece by piece rather than simply put together over a few weeks. Colorations enact a whimsical collaboration of bold and subtle, with textures ranging from soft fabrics to outrageous wood scrolls with rich depth. Bohemian is a very intimate portrayal of yourself, and putting it all together in one room can be quite a challenge. More

Making An Entrance: 20 Inspiring Entryways
Los Angeles Times
A home's entrance can make a statement courtesy of distinctive architecture or arresting decorative elements. Here, we offer samples of both from past Homes of The Times profiles. More

Don't Neglect the Personal Touch
Design Management Company
To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question. With so many social networking channels, interior design blogs, and designer directories available, where should you be putting your marketing time and efforts? Social media and online marketing can be effective tools to attract potential new clients, but they are no substitute for personal contact when it comes to developing and maintaining client relationships. More

Ready or not? Mixed signals from the millennial home market
By Michael J. Berens
The latest jobs report from the U.S. Department of Labor shows employment among 25-to-34-year-olds reaching its highest level since the end of 2008. That news set off another round of industry speculation: Are millennials finally ready to buy their first home, or are predictions of a rebound in the first-time housing market a bit premature? Experts and insiders don't agree. Here's why. More

Design Ideas From 21 Much-Loved Rooms
There are just some rooms that make your eyes light up as soon as you walk into them. Whether it's full of sunlight and comfortable furniture or impresses with the way it handles and organizes myriad things for everyday life, a single well-thought-out room in a home has the power to stick with you long after you leave it. In our Room of the Day series, we seek to profile such spaces. Here's a collection of some of the most popular rooms featured on Houzz. More

Defining the Science of Design
Interiors & Sources
As we continue to track ROI, communicate "value per square foot," and standardize our metrics on productivity, healing, and engagement, it is clear that the demand for systematic, quantifiable proof of the value of design is on the rise and here to stay. But relying on empirical evidence alone — the stuff of observable science — can lead design down a dangerous path. Designers are not actually scientists, nor are most of their clients, and well-intentioned teams run the risk of practicing a sort of pseudoscience.More