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Feb. 25, 2015

Pet-Friendly Designs
Pet ownership is increasing. Here's a sampling of homes that are way ahead of the curve, with the kinds of details that dog and cat owners will fall in love with — like showers next to outdoor areas (no muddy paw prints in the house) and lots of storage. More

Are You Closing Your Eyes to the Profit Potential in Your Past Customers?
In order to get more sales and profits from past customers, you must commit to creating "Customers For Life." It requires you to think of every customer in terms of what they can do for you today, and also what your relationship with that customer can provide in the future. This means no more "love 'em and leave 'em." You must show them how much you appreciate them, request their feedback, and have a system in place for keeping in touch with them. More

When Entrepreneurs Should Give Themselves a Raise
There's a pretty common stereotype of a tech entrepreneur these days. The idealized startup founder is young, unassuming, even a bit scruffy. More importantly, his or her success is often attributed to unwavering sacrifice, including keeping personal paychecks low and reinvesting every available penny. More

Why Are Advertisers Flocking to Interior Design Blogs?
There's been an interior design blog boom in recent years, and it's difficult to tell whether it was caused by increased advertiser interest or preceded it. These days, there are hundreds of such blogs. Because these blogs focus on home improvement, a multibillion-dollar industry, it shouldn't be all that surprising that brands have come knocking. More

Tin Tiles Create a Striking Accent Wall
There's no rule that says ceiling tiles are only allowed to dance on the ceiling. "My client loved masculine industrial style, but at the same time, he wanted his bedroom to feel really comfy," says interior designer Nina Magon. Working within a fairly small budget, the designer had the big idea of creating a unique headboard wall using inexpensive ceiling tiles. More

More Affordable Interior Design Moves Online
USA Today
Interior design has always been a luxury, reserved for a top tier of clients who pay thousands to outfit a space in their personal style. Start-up Laurel & Wolf is seeking to change that, and offer quality design services to the masses, virtually.More

8 Ways Luxury Is Being Redefined
HD Talks
The idea of luxury in hospitality is being redefined. Instead of invoking images of gilded doorways and butlers, it's now more about comfort and authenticity. Here, according to a panel of top hotel thought leaders, is how the luxury hotel and luxury guest are changing.More

1960s Silver Lake Home Retains Aesthetic of Architect Raul Garduno
Los Angeles Times
In a moment of exasperation, Ileene Bernard told her husband, Herb: "If we don't get this house, it's the last house that I'm going to look at for us." Herb now jokes that he "should have seized that opportunity" to halt their yearlong challenge of house-hunting. He didn't even like the house. "I fell in love with the house, but Herb did not like it," Ileene says. But he gave in, and since 1966 they have not just lived in the house but have been devoted to maintaining the original design by architect Raúl Garduno.More