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Mar. 19, 2014

How to Have a Eureka Moment
Harvard Business Review
For those who have to be creative on demand, stories of the ancient Greeks' muses or Newton's apple don't offer much practical advice on how to have a eureka moment of their own. Long walks or hot showers may be where we think out best ideas come from, but those are hardly available options in the middle of a crowded workday. Luckily, research has given us some insight into how eureka moments happen — and how to make them happen more often. More

The 12 Best Apps for Remodelers
Expand your smart phone or tablet's job description with apps that turn it into a tool kit, remodeling guide, and all-around design assistant. Here are a dozen apps Remodelista finds extremely useful.More

Philanthropist Edgar Bronfman's Penthouse Lists for $65 Million
Three months after the death of the mega-rich Edgar Bronfman, the children of the Canadian-born businessman/philanthropist have listed his longtime Central Park-adjacent penthouse for $65 million.More

Domino's Spring Issue is Here and It's All About Color!
So Haute
The new, Spring issue of Domino is here! … Nick Olsen is such a whiz when it comes to using color and in this Upper East Side project he worked with a neutral backdrop and utilized textiles to bring the space alive with color.More

Wallpapers Worth Sticking With
The Washington Post
These days wallpaper is on a roll (pun intended). Retailers such as CB2, West Elm, Ballard Designs, and Anthropologie, as well as a myriad of online sources — not to mention the classic trade-only sources — sell wall coverings that range in design from the dynamic to the demure, from the natural to the photo-realistic. More

Master the 'Mental Game' of Interior Design
Too many interior design professionals are open for business, but not for opportunity. They spend lots of time worrying about the increased competition, chintzy clients, shrinking profit margins and unreliable contractors. Contrast that with the upbeat perspective shared by most financially-successful interior design professionals. They're the ones who are upbeat about the business outlook, and expect and intend to succeed.More

Finger-Paint Decor: Kids' Art Adds Personal Touch
It's a conundrum many parents face: What to do with the steady flow of drawings, paintings, collages and more that children bring home from school and camp? Which are the keepers and — besides sticking them up on the refrigerator with magnets — how can you display them creatively? Mandy Rose of Carterville, Ill., loves to decorate her house … decided to combine some of her kids' work with professional pieces and family photos in a montage on her dining-room wall. She even commissioned one of the kids to create a finger-painting for an eye-catching frame she had bought. More

10 Tips to Give Your Business a Shot in the Arm — NOW!
It's so easy for a small business owner to get in a rut doing the same thing day in and day out. Here's 10 tips to give your business a shot in the arm – things to start doing today that will increase profits with new strategies that can make a significant difference tomorrow.More

HGTV Star Danielle Colding Layers Generations of Influence
Apartment Therapy
"Everything in here is from so many generations," explains Danielle Colding. At every turn there is a beautiful something and a story attached to it. Colding is not afraid to let me know that for her, "more is more" when it comes to creating a home you want to come home to. More

Florals, Updated, Return to Decor
The Associated Press via Kenosha News
After years of simple solids and geometric prints, the lowly flower is making a comeback in decor. Floral patterns have been blooming all over fashion runways in recent months, and they are slowly finding their way back into the world of home decorating, too.More

Bed of the Future: Sleeping Tomorrow by Designer Axel Enthoven
Mattress ticking manufacturer DesleeClama developed Sleeping Tomorrow, a revolutionary sleeping concept designed by renown designer Axel Enthoven that was presented as "the bed of the future" at Interzum 2013 in Cologne. This prestigious designation was given to the Sleeping Tomorrow bed not only for the organic design, but also for the state-of-the-art technical features that are creatively integrated into the patented knitted fabric – strategically designed with the central theme of optimal sleep in mind.More

The Subtle Art of Influence
Strategic influence is quickly becoming a critical skill because the nature of work is changing: success now depends on the ability to collaborate with all parts of the organization and to manage a Web of connections that spans the broader business community. It begins with networking, progresses to relationship building, and culminates in a strong bond characterized by a high level of trust and respect, to the point where the person values your opinion over most others.More

10 Things Every Man Needs At Home
ELLE Decor
The new, designer-approved, bachelor pad essentials. Fridge full of beer not included.More

Living in a Belgian Water Tower
A renovation transforms a concrete water tower into a six-story living space that rises high above the surrounding scenery. "It was dream come true for my clients since they always wanted to live in an house with a lot of character," says Mauro Brigham, the designer who developed the project's concept. "When they had the chance to buy [the water tower], they didn’t hesitate one single second."More

7 Tips to Help You Remember Names Better
PR Daily via Entrepreneur
There are plenty of techniques and tricks from business pros and memory experts to help you remember names. This article gives a brief description of some of the most effective tips.More