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Apr. 16, 2014

Prepping Your Design Conversation
By Michael J. Berens
Clients today are more demanding than ever. They think they have all the answers because they have done some searching on the Internet and watched a bit of design TV. They comparison shop right before your eyes, using their tablets and smartphones. They want to nickel and dime every product and service. They don't value your design experience or expertise. More

How to Curb the Stress Factor at Your Startup
If you're a business manager or executive, you've probably thought about how stress manifests itself at your workplace and hurts your business: absenteeism, tension at the conference table and poor morale. This is especially the case if your company is a startup. But there are other, more subtle ways that stress can sabotage your team's performance.More

11 Daring Interior-Design Moves
The Wall Street Journal
Decorators have rich inner lives. They're forever entertaining fantasies about rooms they worship and yearn to recreate, materials they dream of using and techniques they ache to try. Sometimes these ideas tack a little wide of convention, but inspired thinking usually does.More

Why Faux Flowers Are Really Chic
The Wall Street Journal
The thought of artificial flowers can conjure up some pretty gloomy images. Dusty, sun-bleached silk arrangements forgotten on windowsills. Unloved institutional decorations. Well-meaning gifts from relatives who just don't get it. But while we were busy shopping for fresh (if fleeting) peonies at the farmers' market, the seemingly uncool craft of simulating nature's blossoms has stealthily become chic. Brilliant faux blooms that defy preconceptions and last forever — the handiwork of artists and inspired floral stylists — have begun popping up everywhere from Kate Spade stores to high-end weddings.More

Heartbleeding Out: Internet Security Bug Even Worse Than First Believed
The Heartbleed Internet security bug is shaping up to be worse than researchers first realized, possibly compromising routers and other networking infrastructure for a variety of companies. Cisco, one of the world's top networking equipment manufacturers, confirmed that it's investigating dozens of its routers and video teleconferencing devices and software for the Heartbleed vulnerability. More

How Much Does Your Webpage Speed Affect Its Google Ranking?
Business 2 Community
You go onto a site and its taking ages to load; what would your reaction be? If you are sure that is the site that you are looking for, you will wait till it uploads; but if you are the impatient type you will obviously go on to some other site. It is a known fact that page speed does affect the ranking of the website. But not many delve into why this is so. Here we make an attempt to get behind why the speed of the site is so important for your website to enjoy a good ranking on the search engine result page. More

5 Top Reasons Why Homeowners Renovate
By Christina Mogk
If you're going to live in a space, why would you not want to love where you live? Make it your own. That could translate into a large-scale renovation project. But it could also be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint and hanging some artwork or photos. If you want to upgrade or redesign your home, according to Houzz, odds are high that your renovation desire stems from one of the five root causes.More

Excellent Tips for Spring Inspired Bedrooms
Spring is a great time to refurbish your home. It brings with it lovely color schemes that range from tranquil shades to lively hues. While most people spruce up their living rooms in spring, they forget about the bedrooms. If you are decorating this year, don't make the same mistake. Use vivid patterns, energetic motifs, and bursts of color to create the perfect spring bedroom.More

Neybers — A New Way to Play with Interior Design
Design You Trust
Neybers is a mix between a game and a community, where anyone can decorate rooms with photos of real life products. Users can play with over thousands of products from more than 500 fantastic interior design brands, stores and designers from all around the world.More

Ray Kappe-Designed Multilevel House in Los Angeles
Los Angeles architect Ray Kappe built a multilevel house for his family back in 1967, and the results still resonate today.More

Will Future Apartments Really Nix Bathrooms and Kitchens?
Big news, people: According to German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, all those micro homes out there without bathrooms or kitchens actually have the right idea — as these unnecessary luxuries are soon to be nixed from the average apartment floor plan. More

6 Ways to Deal With Frustrating People
One of the biggest challenges in business is having to work with lots of people who don't always see things the same way or share motivations. Diversity of opinion can be very helpful, but so often these people will intentionally or unintentionally slow you down or block your way. Regardless of their intent, one way or another you still have to resolve their concerns to move forward.More